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How to Sign Up for LibraryThing for Publishers

Create an account at

  • Open a new browser tab or page so you can follow these instructions and sign up at the same time
  • Go to
  • Under "Become a Member", click Join Now.
  • Choose a member name and type it in the box. Note: member names cannot have spaces, so "PublisherName" is a valid member name, while "Publisher Name" is not.
  • Choose a password.
  • Enter an email address. This is important as we need a way to contact you if there are questions about your publisher account.
  • Change type to "organization."
  • Click "Join Now".

Already have a LibraryThing account? Sign in and go here, then pick up the instructions at the second bullet under "Set up your publisher information" below.

Captcha gauntlet

  • To verify you're not a spambot, we have you type in the author to a random book cover
  • Type the author's name into the text box and press Submit. If it's hard to read, you can always ask for another cover. Capital letters don't matter.

Define your account as a publisher account

  • On the account settings page, find where it says Type.
  • Choose publisher from the second drop-down menu, next to "organization".
  • Click save changes.

Set up your publisher information

  • Return to the Edit profile and settings page.
  • Click Publisher link on left sidebar.
  • Click add publisher/imprint. (Start here if you already have a LibraryThing account).
  • Type in the name of your publishing label, then click add.

Add details

From the Your Publishers/Imprints page, click Page link for the imprint you want to edit first.

Click Edit next to the imprint name, and fill out the details:

  • General settings:
    • Your homepage URL
    • A description of your press
    • Your press's Twitter account (no @ symbol needed)

Optional stuff

Add other imprints

  • If you have other imprints you'd like to manage, you can add them here by clicking "add publisher/imprint" again.

Your Catalog Settings

Set where links should go. Most publishers have some sort of ISBN-parameterized URL, or a way of searching that searches by ISBN—if you're not sure, leave it blank, or email

  • Click Edit.
  • To make the ISBN-parameterized URL work for any book, put XXX where the ISBN should go.
  • Choose whether you use ISBNs with 10 or 13 digits.
  • Click Save.


  • Click Edit
  • Upload an image file here

Upload/Transfer titles

Choose one of the following:

To upload a simple list of IBSNs, click Upload catalog titles

  • You'll need a file with a list of ISBNs—almost any format of text (.csv and .txt work best).
  • Click Upload file
  • Look at the top of the page -- it should say "(number) ISBNs uploaded"
  • Check to see if the number of ISBNs we saw in the file matches how many there should be. If not, email

To transfer ONIX files to LibraryThing via FTP, click Set up FTP Transfer

  • Enter FTP server, username, and password
  • Choose pickup frequency
  • Click Save

Almost done!

Now at the top of the page, there should be a link to your Publisher Page on LibraryThing.

  • Click to look at your publisher page
It's going to look empty at first. Our computers need some time to organize the information you gave us. We also have to approve your account.

Once your page is approved and the data has been added:

  • Take a look at it, make sure it looks right
  • If not, email

How to feature specific titles:

  • Look at the current titles section.
  • Click titles in the grey box to make the list show as text rather than cover images
  • After the title and author, you'll see (add to featured). Click this link to add the book to the Featured Titles section
  • If you'd like to remove a book from the featured titles section, click on (Featured) and this will remove it


Contact Meg at ( with any questions.

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