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David Baddiel

Auteur van Jews Don’t Count

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Bevat de naam: David Baddiel

Fotografie: Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

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Jews Don’t Count (2020) — Auteur — 276 exemplaren, 9 besprekingen
Bedtijd (1996) 217 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Whatever Love Means (1999) 199 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Parent Agency (2014) 177 exemplaren, 8 besprekingen
The Secret Purposes (2004) 153 exemplaren, 5 besprekingen
The Person Controller (2015) 127 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Birthday Boy (2017) 103 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
AniMalcolm (2016) 98 exemplaren
Head Kid (2018) 68 exemplaren
The Death of Eli Gold (2011) 41 exemplaren
The God Desire (2023) 36 exemplaren
Future Friend (2019) 32 exemplaren
The Taylor Turbochaser (2019) 32 exemplaren

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I did not like this for many reasons, but they are far too numerous to list. TLDR: the author and I disagree on what Jewish identity is and if racialization should even be a goal. Also, I hate Twitter.
Eavans | 8 andere besprekingen | Feb 4, 2024 |
Mi rosszabb annál, ha nem válik valóra, amit kívánunk? Talán csak az, ha mégis... Barry Bennett roppant unalmasnak és túlzottan szigorúnak tartja a szüleit, azt pedig végképp nem tudja megbocsátani, hogy ezt a nevet választották neki. Azonban, amikor másik szülők után fohászkodik, még csak nem is sejti, hogy tökéletes apát és anyát találni nem olyan egyszerű, mint az elsőre tűnik.

A Roald Dahl Funny Prize-díjas illusztrátor,Jim Field és a humorista David Baddiel könyve Roald Dahl és David Walliams rajongóinak kötelező olvasmány.… (meer)
Gabriyella | 7 andere besprekingen | Jan 3, 2024 |
I received an ARC of The Parent Agency and from the synopsis it sounded like a fun read and it truly was. Barry hated his name, hated the way his parents were, they were boring, and they always too his twin sisters side on everything. He was 9 years old coming up to 10 and his parents wouldn't allow him to do things his friends were doing. After asking his parents for a James Bond party and getting the hump he goes to his room and strange things start happening. He arrives in the Parent Agency. This agency is run by kids and the kids can choose who they want to be their parents. A fantastic idea so Barry thought. But after trying out 5 sets of parents he still couldn't decide who he wanted to be his parents because although some things were good with the ones he had tested it wasn't all that brilliant for him.
I was giggling like a school girl reading this. The names of the characters, their manourisms, place names it was all funny and great fun.
Everytime I picked the book up for a five minute read I found myself still reading 45 minutes later. I was truly hooked.

This is the first book I have read from David Baddiel as an author and I will definitely be looking out for more from him.
… (meer)
StressedRach | 7 andere besprekingen | Jun 14, 2023 |
A very interesting read that will certainly make you reevaluate what you see and read in the media. I thought some parts of the book were weak but I think that’s due to it being a short read and some points not being expanded on. Definitely worth reading overall.
1 stem
thewestwing | 8 andere besprekingen | Aug 12, 2022 |



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