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Ben Bova, Ben Bova was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began writing fiction in the late 1940's and continued to pursue his careers in journalism, aerospace, education and publishing. Bova received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Temple University, 1954, a master of arts degree in communications from the State University of New York, 1987, and a doctorate in education from California Coast University, 1996. Dr. Bova worked as a newspaper reporter for several years and then joined Project Vanguard, the first American satellite program, as a technical editor. He was manager of marketing for Avco Everett Research Laboratory and worked with scientists in the fields of high-power lasers, artificial hearts and advanced electrical power generators. Dr. Bova has taught science fiction at Harvard University and at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, where he also directed film courses. He has written scripts for teaching films with the Physical Sciences Study Committee in association with Nobel Laureates from many universities. Dr. Bova has served on the advisory board of Post College and the Editorial Boards of the World Future Society. He is President Emeritus of the National Space Society and a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society. He is also a charter member of the Planetary Society and a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Nature Conservancy, the New York Academy of Sciences and the National Space Club. He is a former President and a charter member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He was honored by Temple University as a Distinguished Alumnus in 1981 and in 1982 was made an Alumni Fellow. In 1994, his short story "Inspiration" was nominated for the Nebula Award. "The Beauty of Light" was voted one of the best science books of the year in 1988 by the American Librarians' Association and they hailed "Moonrise" as best science fiction novel in 1996. Other titles include "Moonwar," "Mars," and "Brothers," which all combine romance and adventure with the scientific aspect of exploring the future of technology and its effect on individuals and society. "Immortality" and "Assured Survival" deal with technology being used to solve economic, social and political problems. "Immortality" goes further in examining biomedical breakthroughs that could extend a person's life by hundreds of years while being able to always remain physically young. His works include The Aftermath, Mars Life, and Leviathans of Jupiter. Ben Bova was a prolific science fiction author. He wrote over a hundred books and short stories. He also was an editor who worked on some of science fiction's best-known publications. He died on November 29, 2020 at the age of 88. (Bowker Author Biography) — biografie van Mars… (meer)
Mars 1,559 exemplaren, 22 besprekingen
Venus 851 exemplaren, 13 besprekingen
Jupiter (Auteur) 740 exemplaren, 15 besprekingen
De Kolonie 721 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Return to Mars 652 exemplaren, 11 besprekingen
Moonrise 651 exemplaren, 8 besprekingen
Orion 627 exemplaren, 11 besprekingen
Moonwar (Auteur) 596 exemplaren, 8 besprekingen
The Precipice 566 exemplaren, 10 besprekingen
The Exiles Trilogy 530 exemplaren, 5 besprekingen
Privateers 518 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
Voyagers 503 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
Saturn 453 exemplaren, 10 besprekingen
The Rock Rats 414 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
Millennium 397 exemplaren, 7 besprekingen
Titan 384 exemplaren, 14 besprekingen
Voyagers II: The Alien Within 371 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Mercury 352 exemplaren, 9 besprekingen
As on a Darkling Plain 337 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Vengeance of Orion 327 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
The Silent War 318 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
Powersat (Auteur) 315 exemplaren, 8 besprekingen
Cyberbooks 312 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
The Winds of Altair [1983 expanded version] 296 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
The Kinsman Saga 282 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Dueling Machine 278 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
The Starcrossed 265 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Voyagers III: Star Brothers 265 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
The Peacekeepers 263 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Trikon Deception 262 exemplaren, 7 besprekingen
Orion In The Dying Time 254 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Aftermath 253 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Kinsman 251 exemplaren
Mars Life (Auteur) 246 exemplaren, 11 besprekingen
Death Dream 244 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Empire Builders 242 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Orion Among the Stars 226 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
THX 1138 220 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Test of Fire 218 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
New Earth 210 exemplaren, 15 besprekingen
Aliens and Alien Societies (Redacteur) 209 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
Leviathans of Jupiter 181 exemplaren, 12 besprekingen
Sam Gunn, Unlimited 180 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Farside 177 exemplaren, 14 besprekingen
Brothers 167 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Escape Plus 159 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Sam Gunn Omnibus 158 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
City of Darkness 157 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Multiple Man 154 exemplaren
The Green Trap 147 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
To Save the Sun 143 exemplaren
Analog Science Fiction Science Fact (Redacteur) 141 exemplaren
Forward in Time 137 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Star Watchman 137 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Tales of the Grand Tour 128 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
The Hittite 127 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
The Best of the Nebulas (Redacteur) 122 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Weathermakers 121 exemplaren
The Watchmen 120 exemplaren
The Return: Book IV of Voyagers 118 exemplaren, 5 besprekingen
To Fear the Light 115 exemplaren
Able One 114 exemplaren, 5 besprekingen
Battle Station 111 exemplaren
Triumph 111 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Gremlins Go Home (Auteur) 110 exemplaren
Death Wave (Star Quest Trilogy) 102 exemplaren, 8 besprekingen
Sam Gunn Forever 101 exemplaren
Future Crime 94 exemplaren
The Immortality Factor 93 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
Twice Seven: Stories 92 exemplaren
Exiled from Earth 91 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Nebula Awards Showcase 2008 (Redacteur) 90 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
Welcome to Moonbase 89 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Transhuman 88 exemplaren, 7 besprekingen
Out of the Sun 83 exemplaren
Carbide Tipped Pens: Seventeen Tales of Hard Science Fiction (Redacteur; Medewerker) 81 exemplaren, 5 besprekingen
The Best of Analog (Redacteur) 80 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
The Astral Mirror 80 exemplaren
Mars, Inc.: The Billionaire's Club 79 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
First Contact : The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Redacteur) 73 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Power Play 73 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
Prometheans 72 exemplaren
Hour of the Gremlins (Auteur) 71 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Challenges 70 exemplaren
End of Exile 69 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Apes and Angels (Star Quest Trilogy) 68 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
The High Road 66 exemplaren
Flight of Exiles 65 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Story of Light 63 exemplaren
The Asteroid Wars 62 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Many Worlds of Science Fiction (Redacteur) 61 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Orion and King Arthur 58 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
When the Sky Burned 58 exemplaren
Survival (Star Quest Trilogy) 53 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Laugh Lines 48 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Rescue Mode 48 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Analog Annual (Redacteur) 45 exemplaren
The Star Conquerors 42 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
Analog Yearbook (Redacteur) 40 exemplaren
Power Surge: A Novel 35 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Uranus (Outer Planets Trilogy) 35 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
The Best of Omni Science Fiction (Redacteur) 31 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Space Station Down 29 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
My Favorites: A Collection of Short Stories 28 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
Exiles (Redacteur; Introductie) 28 exemplaren
Earth (The Grand Tour) 27 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Aliens (Redacteur) 27 exemplaren
The Best of Bova: Volume 1 26 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Closeup: New Worlds 26 exemplaren
The Next Logical Step 24 exemplaren
Escape! 22 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Best of Omni Science Fiction #2 (Redacteur) 21 exemplaren
Neptune (Outer Planets Trilogy, 2) 20 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Novella : 3 (Redacteur) 19 exemplaren
Analog 9 (Redacteur) 18 exemplaren
Colonie (Tome 2) 14 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Viewpoint 14 exemplaren
Sam Gunn Jr. 14 exemplaren
The Best of Omni Science Fiction No. 4 (Redacteur) 13 exemplaren
In Quest of Quasars 13 exemplaren
Power Challenges 12 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Ben Bova 12 exemplaren
The Analog Science Fact Reader (Redacteur) 10 exemplaren
The New Astronomies 10 exemplaren
Colonie T1 9 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Titan X. 8 exemplaren
Titan XIII. (Redacteur) 8 exemplaren
Titan XII. 7 exemplaren
Titan 11 7 exemplaren
Titan XIV. 7 exemplaren
Inspiration 7 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Mount Olympus 7 exemplaren
Brillo 6 exemplaren
Galerij der Giganten 6 (Redacteur) 6 exemplaren
A Duel In the Somme 5 exemplaren
Titan - 16 5 exemplaren
Zero Gee 4 exemplaren
Remember Caesar 4 exemplaren
Das Beste aus OMNI 1 (Redacteur) 4 exemplaren
Life As We Know It 4 exemplaren
Workshops in space 3 exemplaren
The System 3 exemplaren
Peacemakers 2 exemplaren
Moon Rise 2 exemplaren
Conspiracy Theory 2 exemplaren
Omni Magazine April 1982 (Editorial Director; Introductie) 2 exemplaren
Analog II 2 exemplaren
Matrix Man 2 exemplaren
A Long Way Back 2 exemplaren
Sam Below Par 2 exemplaren
Acts of God 1 exemplaar
Mars Life 3 1 exemplaar
Los fabricantes del tiempo 1 exemplaar, 1 bespreking
The Amazing Laser 1 exemplaar
Weathermakers,The 1 exemplaar
The Weathermen 1 exemplaar
Rescue Mode 1 exemplaar
Alvorada Lunar 1 exemplaar
Trans Human 1 exemplaar
Shock In Trust 1 exemplaar
Floodtide [Orion] 1 exemplaar
The Kingdom Come 1 exemplaar
Moon Race 1 exemplaar
Uses of Space 1 exemplaar
Waterbot 1 exemplaar
Test in Orbit (SS) 1 exemplaar
Milenio 1 exemplaar
The uses of space 1 exemplaar
The Sightseers {short story} 1 exemplaar, 1 bespreking
Etre ou ne pas 1 exemplaar
The Analog Book 1 exemplaar
Marsmenschen 1 exemplaar
How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy (Voorwoord) 1,690 exemplaren, 29 besprekingen
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (Introductie, sommige edities) 1,410 exemplaren, 33 besprekingen
Again, Dangerous Visions (Medewerker) 949 exemplaren, 11 besprekingen
In the Days of the Comet (Introductie, sommige edities) 801 exemplaren, 15 besprekingen
Foundation's Friends: Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov (Introductie) 500 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventeenth Annual Collection (Medewerker) 491 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Partners in Wonder (Medewerker) 452 exemplaren, 5 besprekingen
The Edge of Tomorrow (Voorwoord, sommige edities) 419 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Dwergsterren (Medewerker) 379 exemplaren, 6 besprekingen
The Hard SF Renaissance: An Anthology (Medewerker) 322 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Study War No More: A Selection of Alternatives (Medewerker) 244 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The War of the Worlds: The Deluxe Illustrated Edition (Nawoord) 178 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Dragons of Darkness (Medewerker) 166 exemplaren, 3 besprekingen
9th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F (Medewerker) 146 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Nebula Award Stories 9 (Medewerker) 136 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Stellar #4: Science-Fiction Stories (Medewerker) 120 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Tombs (Medewerker) 114 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
The Universe (Medewerker) 113 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
The Best Science Fiction of the Year #2 (Medewerker) 104 exemplaren
Nebula Awards Showcase 2007 (Medewerker) 102 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
2020 Vision (Medewerker) 101 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Combat SF (Auteur) 101 exemplaren
World's Best Science Fiction: 1965 (Medewerker) 97 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Christmas Stars (Medewerker) 94 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Armageddon (Medewerker) 93 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Science Fiction Today and Tomorrow: A Discursive Symposium (Medewerker) 86 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Future City (Medewerker) 85 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Catastrophes! (Medewerker) 84 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The First Omni Book of Science Fiction (Medewerker) 83 exemplaren
Nebula Winners Fifteen (Medewerker) 81 exemplaren
Holt Anthology of Science Fiction (Medewerker) 76 exemplaren
Best SF: 1967 (Medewerker) 67 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
In the Field of Fire (Medewerker) 66 exemplaren
Rod Serling's Other Worlds (Medewerker) 58 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Moon Shots (Introductie) 54 exemplaren
The Second Science Fiction Megapack (Auteur) 51 exemplaren, 4 besprekingen
Laughing Space: An Anthology of Science Fiction Humour (Medewerker) 50 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
A Pocketful Of Stars (Medewerker) 46 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Before They Were Giants: First Works from Science Fiction Greats (Medewerker) 46 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Captain Empirical (An Analog Book) (Redacteur) 45 exemplaren
Blueprint for Space, Science Fiction to Science Fact (Medewerker) 39 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Nuclear War (Medewerker) 39 exemplaren
The Williamson Effect (Medewerker) 38 exemplaren
New Voices I: The Campbell Award Nominees (Introductie, sommige edities) 31 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Cosmic Laughter; Science Fiction for the Fun of It (Auteur) 30 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Top Science Fiction: The Authors' Choice (Medewerker) 27 exemplaren
Intergalactic Mercenaries (Medewerker) 25 exemplaren
Mission: Tomorrow (Medewerker) 19 exemplaren
Kosmische rampen (Voorwoord, sommige edities) 15 exemplaren
Commando Brigade 3000 (Medewerker) 14 exemplaren
Free Short Stories 2013 (Medewerker) 12 exemplaren
Galaxy Science Fiction 1969 January, Vol. 27, No. 6 (Auteur) 11 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Tales in Space (Medewerker) 11 exemplaren
Showcase (Medewerker) 10 exemplaren
Alien Encounters (Introductie) 8 exemplaren
Thrilling Wonder Stories - Summer 2007 (Medewerker) 7 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Das große SF - Film - Lesebuch (Autor, sommige edities) 5 exemplaren
Omni Magazine January 1985 (Medewerker) 3 exemplaren
Omni Magazine February 1985 (Medewerker) 3 exemplaren
Thrilling Science Fiction, April 1974 (Medewerker) 3 exemplaren
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Born in 1932, Ben Bova was a long time editor association of the review of S-F, Analog. Author of several novels of which THX 1138 that the cinema made famous. (J' read, 1980)

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