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Margaret Wise Brown (1910–1952)

Auteur van Goodnight Moon

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Margaret Wise Brown was born on May 10, 1910 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, to Robert Brown, a Vice President at American Manufacturing Company and Maud Brown, a housewife. She attended school in Lausanne, Switzerland for three years, before attending Dana Hall in Wellesley, Massachusetts for toon meer two years. In 1928, she began taking classes at Hollis College in Virginia. In 1935, Brown began working at the Bank Street Cooperative School for student teachers. Two years later, her writing career took off with the publication of "When the Wind Blows." Over the course of fourteen years, Brown wrote over one hundred picture books for children. Some of her best known titles include Goodnight Moon, Big Red Barn and Runaway Bunny. Margaret Wise Brown died on November 13, 1952 of an embolism following an operation in Nice, France. (Bowker Author Biography) toon minder

(eng) Golden MacDonald, Juniper Sage, Timothy Hay, and Kaintuck Brown are pen names of Margaret Wise Brown.

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Goodnight Moon (1947) 18,195 exemplaren
The Runaway Bunny (1942) 7,590 exemplaren
Big Red Barn (1956) 3,938 exemplaren
The Important Book (1949) 2,197 exemplaren
The Little Island (1946) 1,932 exemplaren
Het gouden ei (1947) 1,590 exemplaren
Home for a Bunny (1956) 1,505 exemplaren
I Like Bugs (1999) 1,440 exemplaren
De kladderkatjes (1949) 1,051 exemplaren
De hondenmatroos (1981) 906 exemplaren
Christmas in the Barn (1952) 793 exemplaren
De bonten beestjes (1946) 784 exemplaren
Two Little Trains (1949) 779 exemplaren
The Little Scarecrow Boy (1998) 691 exemplaren
Bunny's Noisy Book (2000) 595 exemplaren
The Whispering Rabbit (1992) 567 exemplaren
Red Light, Green Light (1944) 554 exemplaren
Wait Till the Moon is Full (1948) 486 exemplaren
A Pussycat's Christmas (1949) 468 exemplaren
Seven Little Postmen (1952) 455 exemplaren
The Diggers (1993) 413 exemplaren
The Little Fir Tree (1954) 398 exemplaren
The Dead Bird (1809) 388 exemplaren
Pussy Willow (1951) 381 exemplaren
A Child's Good Night Book (1943) 338 exemplaren
Ik hou zo van... (1954) 332 exemplaren
The Golden Sleepy Book (1948) 318 exemplaren
On Christmas Eve (1961) 316 exemplaren
Another Important Book (1999) 304 exemplaren
Sneakers, the Seaside Cat (1955) 285 exemplaren
Goodnight Little One (1656) 282 exemplaren
The Train to Timbuctoo (1951) 277 exemplaren
The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin (2003) 270 exemplaren
My World of Color (2002) 262 exemplaren
The Moon Shines Down (2008) 256 exemplaren
The Noisy Book (1567) 254 exemplaren
Fox Eyes (1977) 254 exemplaren
Count to 10 With a Mouse (1613) 254 exemplaren
Nibble Nibble: Poems for Children (1675) 235 exemplaren
Two Little Gardeners (1951) 233 exemplaren
Sunshine and Snowballs (2013) 212 exemplaren
Around The World We Go (2012) 204 exemplaren
Good Day, Good Night (2017) 195 exemplaren
The Little Fireman (1952) 189 exemplaren
The Fish With the Deep Sea Smile (1988) 177 exemplaren
Goodnight Songs (2014) 175 exemplaren
Where Have You Been? (1878) 171 exemplaren
Sleep Tight, Sleepy Bears (2012) 163 exemplaren
A Child's Good Morning Book (1995) 156 exemplaren
The Quiet Noisy Book (1993) 153 exemplaren
Love Songs of the Little Bear (2001) 148 exemplaren
Away in My Airplane (2013) 146 exemplaren
Don't Frighten the Lion (1942) 144 exemplaren
Sleepy ABC (1953) 138 exemplaren
The Good Little Bad Little Pig (2002) 138 exemplaren
I Like Fish (Step into Reading) (2014) 136 exemplaren
The Indoor Noisy Book (1803) 129 exemplaren
Baby Animals (1941) 127 exemplaren
Little Donkey Close Your Eyes (1995) 125 exemplaren
The Summer Noisy Book (1951) 122 exemplaren
Mouse of My Heart: Picture Book (2001) 112 exemplaren
Wheel on the Chimney (1954) 109 exemplaren
The Wonderful House (1950) 106 exemplaren
Vijf brandweermannetjes (1948) 103 exemplaren
A Home in the Barn (2018) 89 exemplaren
The Dirty Little Boy (2001) 88 exemplaren
A Child is Born (2000) 87 exemplaren
The Country Noisy Book (1704) 84 exemplaren
The Winter Noisy Book (1947) 79 exemplaren
North, South, East, West (2017) 72 exemplaren
The Noon Balloon (1814) 71 exemplaren
The Noisy Book Board Book (2017) 68 exemplaren
When the Wind Blew (1977) 65 exemplaren
The Fathers Are Coming Home (2010) 65 exemplaren
All The Little Fathers (2015) 63 exemplaren
The Sleepy Little Lion (1947) 62 exemplaren
The Margaret Wise Brown Treasury (2013) 62 exemplaren
Animals in the Snow (1839) 61 exemplaren
David's Little Indian (1956) 60 exemplaren
The Dream Book (1990) 59 exemplaren
Young Kangaroo (1993) 58 exemplaren
The Seashore Noisy Book (1941) 57 exemplaren
Sailor Boy Jig (2002) 55 exemplaren
Animal Tales: A Little Golden Book Collection (2004) — Auteur — 51 exemplaren
The Sleepy Men (1854) 51 exemplaren
The Days Before Now (1994) 48 exemplaren
Little Chicken (1943) 48 exemplaren
Little Lost Lamb (1945) 47 exemplaren
Dokter Pijpekop, de poppendokter (1952) 42 exemplaren
The Golden Birthday Book (1989) 42 exemplaren
Het dikke agentje (1950) 39 exemplaren
The Three Orphan Kittens (1995) 38 exemplaren
Sheep Don't Count Sheep (2003) 37 exemplaren
Willie's Adventures (1954) 36 exemplaren
Bumble Bee (1999) 33 exemplaren
Jingle Paws (2014) 33 exemplaren
The Happy Little Rabbit (2016) 33 exemplaren
Three Little Animals (1956) 28 exemplaren
The Steamroller: A Fantasy (1974) 24 exemplaren
The Tickly Spider (2017) 21 exemplaren
De kleine indiaan (1954) 21 exemplaren
Be Brave, Little Tiger! (2018) 21 exemplaren
Walt Disney's The Ugly Duckling (1994) 21 exemplaren
The Old Mill (1994) 20 exemplaren
Robin's Room (2002) 19 exemplaren
Two Little Miners (1949) 19 exemplaren
Goodnight Bear (2004) 16 exemplaren
Farm and City (1944) 14 exemplaren
Walk With Me (2018) 12 exemplaren
The Duck (1953) 12 exemplaren
Whistle for the train (1956) 12 exemplaren
The Little Brass Band (1948) 11 exemplaren
The Little Bunnies (2017) 10 exemplaren
Love Song of Winter (2002) 10 exemplaren
Love Song of Autumn (2002) 9 exemplaren
Love Song of Summer (2002) 9 exemplaren
Goodnight Bunny (2005) 8 exemplaren
The Cloud Song (2018) 8 exemplaren
I'm straight straight Aruita (1984) 7 exemplaren
Love Song of Spring (2002) 6 exemplaren
Our Growing World (1944) 6 exemplaren
The First Story (1947) 6 exemplaren
Night and Day (1942) 5 exemplaren
The Little Cowboy (1949) 5 exemplaren
La cosa più importante (2018) 4 exemplaren
Animals Plants and Machines (1944) 4 exemplaren
Little Frightened Tiger (1953) 4 exemplaren
The Little Farmer (1948) 4 exemplaren
The Polite Penguin. (1941) 4 exemplaren
Little Golden Book Kitten Tales (2017) 3 exemplaren
Black and white 3 exemplaren
The Big Fur Secret 2 exemplaren
The Hidden House 2 exemplaren
Lille kanin vil du være min (1972) 2 exemplaren
L'ocell mort 1 exemplaar
The Day the First Walnut Fell (1994) 1 exemplaar
Pieni uninen kani 1 exemplaar
Una camera tutta per me (2003) 1 exemplaar
Captain Kangaroo's Storybook (1963) 1 exemplaar
The streamlined pig 1 exemplaar
They all saw it 1 exemplaar
The children's year 1 exemplaar
Oi, mikä talo! 1 exemplaar
The Noisy Bird Book 1 exemplaar
Big dog, little dog 1 exemplaar
Springtime Stories 1 exemplaar

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Algemene kennis

Pseudoniemen en naamsvarianten
MacDonald, Golden
Sage, Juniper
Brown, Kaintuck
Hay, Timothy
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Plaats van overlijden
Nice, France
Oorzaak van overlijden
an embolism, shortly after surgery for an ovarian cyst
New York, New York, USA
Hollins College
children's book author
Strange, Michael (partner)
Korte biografie
Margaret Wise Brown wrote hundreds of books and stories before she died at the age of 42 after surgery for a burst appendix. She published under her own name as well as under several pen names including Timothy Hay, Golden MacDonald, Juniper Sage, and Kaintuck Brown. According to a Web site dedicated to her, before Margaret began writing books for children, fairytales and fables dominated the world of illustrated stories. But Margaret, or Brownie, as her friends called her, wrote with the then "new" idea that children would rather read about their own lives instead. Many of her books are considered classics of the genre.
Golden MacDonald, Juniper Sage, Timothy Hay, and Kaintuck Brown are pen names of Margaret Wise Brown.



Book with strange combination suggestions in Bug Collectors (september 2019)


Twelve songs from picture book legend Margaret Wise Brown, creator of such childhood classics as Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, are paired with illustrations from twelve different contemporary illustrators in this posthumous (by many years) collection. Contributing illustrators include luminaries like Caldecott medalist Sophie Blackall and two-time Caldecott Honor winner Melissa Sweet, as well as personal favorites like Carin Berger (who is actually the reason I sought this title out). The book includes a CD by Tom Proutt and Emily Gary, who have put the songs in this collection to music...

Margaret Wise Brown has had quite a posthumous publishing career, with so many of her stories and books seeing print long after her death in 1952, thanks to an extensive cache of papers she left with her sister, which were then subsequently discovered by Amy Gary, author of the biography In the Great Green Room: The Brilliant and Bold Life of Margaret Wise Brown, and the editor of the Margaret Wise Brown Estate. Gary provides the introduction to Goodnight Songs, setting out this history, and describing how Brown had turned to song-writing, in her later years. As mentioned, I sought this one out because I am an admirer of Carin Berger's work, and she was a contributing illustrator, but as it happens I was familiar with all twelve illustrators, and have enjoyed their work elsewhere, just as I enjoyed it here. I appreciated the myriad of illustrative styles on display, and I found the songs engaging. That said, I don't think I would have been as engaged, if I didn't read the songs with the CD, reading first, and then again while listening to the music. I've seen a few unfavorable reviews of this one, and they invariably describe these selections as "poems." While the can certainly be taken that way, it's pretty clear they weren't written simply as poems, but as actual songs, and were meant to be accompanied by music. When experienced this way, they are very taking, and Proutt and Gary are to be commended for their musical arrangements. Recommended to picture book readers looking for a good collection of original lullabies and goodnight songs.
… (meer)
AbigailAdams26 | 7 andere besprekingen | Nov 27, 2023 |
ASSG.Library | 117 andere besprekingen | Nov 21, 2023 |


1940s (2)


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