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David Guymer

Auteur van Ferrus Manus: Gorgon of Medusa

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I became fan of the First while reading excerpts from the black book about them. I have to say that after reading this book my level of respect for the First just went up.

They are the First legion in many ways. While rest of Legions are specialists by nature (Salamanders - the ultimate survivalists and sappers, Imperial Fists - fortification builders, Alpha Legion - the ultimate infiltrators and ambushers etc) Dark Angels were always the core - Legion made to cover all the angels and be capable to execute operations in all manner of ways, from special operations to engagement with "forbidden" weaponry. They are both masters of aerial and land combat utilizing tanks and heavy gunships and battalions of infantry but also very capable to use part of that force as a scalpel against specific target (human or not) through its various internal orders.

I have to admit that my head was somewhat dizzy with all of the internal teams within normal Legion organization and its hidden orders and sub-orders. But I think that this is just something that found its echo in Alpha legion at the later stage - while enemy is presented with the standard Legion forces he is constantly kept off balance because of specialized troops that might be working for months in his rear areas, shielded by anonymity provided by masses of "regular" troops. If captured no single Legionnaire can provide any additional information because everything is compartmentalized and on the need to know basis, one squad of infiltrators does not know that heavy rad weapons troop is using them as a cover in order to obliterate enemies HQ or provide point of entry for other Legion forces. Ordinary Legionnaire can be just that but on other hand can be master assassin, or specialist for fighting just that specific type of threat and thus with access to myriad of deadly tools that can destroy continents or even planets if required. one does not know if person in front of him is walking nuclear device.

One additional parallel to Alpha Legion is that First is not a "builder" Legion. They are not put in place to build conquered planets (like Imperial Fists or Ultramarines for example) nor are there in theater of operations because they can slug it through toxic wastelands (Death Guard) or are just psychos with axes and thirst for blood and terror (World Eaters and Night Lords). Sole role of First (as is with Alpha) is war and destruction of enemy - whatever that enemy might be. Once done First just moves on to new battlefield.

As such they are just extension of Lion, the most enigmatic of the Primarchs. Unlike Apharius and Omegon though, Lion is executing operations in a relatively simple manner, when direct confrontation is required he will strike in same way Ultramarines would. He is not trying to extend the conflict for artistic purposes. His goal is simple - identification and destruction of enemy, usually to the point where nothing is left of the enemy. What makes him specific is that he rarely does anything in a direct way, everything takes place indirectly through small movements in planning, that trigger specific orders to activate and plan their actions with cumulative effect resulting in combat actions where enemy dies by cuts of thousands blades.

To enable all of this secrecy is required, levels of knowledge split into inner circles so there is no single point of failure that might compromise the Legion's actions and open Legion to devastating blow. While he loves his sons, Lion is aware that fraternization with the forces might compromise the entire endeavor so he encourages his own troops to understand the power of knowledge and enforce the need-to-know within the Legion's secretive organizations. Does this create perfect atmosphere for subversive work? Definitely (Luther proves it), but also prevents the enemy from achieving full control over the Legion. While some parts might fall, the entirety will survive to continue the fight. I think First was based on some tenants that were predominant in the early days of the Imperium, where too public martial structure could be destroyed from within with time. As a matter of fact I would not be surprised that these were activities utilized by Emperor's forces to begin with so First was created in a way to ensure these weaknesses are taken care of.

Khrave are in this way near perfect counterpart to First Legion (Khrave actually act as Alpha Legion would) - enemy looking to unravel every enemy secret, infiltrating so deep that enemy is not aware agents are in their midst, and then strike in a way that would destroy the entire enemy contingent. But against the force that does not have true center such victory is hardly (if at all) achievable.

Very interesting book, lots of bits and pieces about the Legion's lore and Lion himself. At the end not much is revealed but I think that was the goal considering the Primarch and Legion presented here. Some comments say that First is presented here as best and that author might have over exaggerated a bit how First is mighty and capable. I would not agree because losses amount here, everything from star-ships to planetary defenses is in peril and lives are lost (just consider the final battle with Titans). I think that book perfectly illustrates the way Legion works, how its inner circles act and contribute to the main task at hand. I did not come out of it with image of First as The Legion, more of a Legion that is a force capable of executing actions it's sister Legions might not even know how to start with due to their specialization, and being able to survive even the most vicious attack on its infrastructure and survive and rebuild because there is just no single point of failure available to the enemy.

As is case with all the other books in the series, this is not so much book about Primarch but about the Legion he leads (and therefore becomes an extension of him).

Highly recommended for fans of W40K and Primarchs in general.
… (meer)
Zare | 1 andere bespreking | Jan 23, 2024 |
Lion engages in behind-enemy-lines operations against the Traitors. Goal is to bleed the enemy and force him to bind his forces chasing the raiders instead of focusing on the main push towards Terra.

But as it is always case with Lion and the 1st Legion motives are not clear (I especially liked one of the "quotes" at the start of the chapters in which Alpharius says he could never read and predict Lion El'jonson).

Since Lion enjoys the complete mystery and wants to keep the situation totally compartmentalized rift slowly shows up in the 1st Legion forces he commands - while some want to move towards Terra, others are solely interested in survival of Caliban. Everybody misses crucial part of the puzzle [except the Lion] and this stress starts to show up because nobody knows what is supposed to be a correct move. Lion expertly plays on the 1st Legion's finely tuned "distrust everyone and everything" instinct in a way that nobody questions any of his decision [even when he turns against his allies from Mechanicum].

As it is always case these read-my-mind approaches to management and leadership leads to big troubles. Especially in cases when any voice questioning or against the Lion's decision might bring decapitation into play. As can be expected due to this people tend to get hesitant to voice their opinions.

Good novella, showing that Lion is loyal to the Emperor, but first and foremost he is loyal to himself and to secrets he harbors. In comparison Alpharius is very transparent. Watchers in the dark are equally frustrated because they cannot make the Dark Angels act - whatever they say 1st legion treats as half-truths or even lies because they are fed half-truths and conflicting information themselves all the time. I guess that after a while one starts to consider every information as incomplete and then just follows on with the majority.

I hope we get more (full novel size) stories about the 1st very soon. They are truly interesting force.

Highly recommended to all fans of Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy.
… (meer)
Zare | Jan 23, 2024 |
Short and kinda bittersweet. Iron Hands trying to do the right thing in a GrimDark universe, but the ending is a foregone conclusion and there isn't anything particularly engaging.
RatGrrrl | Dec 20, 2023 |
Kavinay | 1 andere bespreking | May 7, 2023 |


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