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Charles Kingsley (1819–1875)

Auteur van De waterkindertjes : een sprookje voor een landkind

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Charles Kingsley, a clergyman of the Church of England, who late in his life held the chair of history at Cambridge University, wrote mostly didactic historical romances. He put the historical novel to new use, not to teach history, but to illustrate some religious truth. Westward Ho! (1855), his toon meer best-known work, is a tale of the Spanish main in the days of Queen Elizabeth I. Hypatia: New Foes with Old Faces (1853) is the story of a pagan girl-philosopher who was torn to pieces by a Christian mob. The story is strongly anti-Roman Catholic.. Hereward the Wake, or The Watchful Hereward the Wake, or The Watchful (1866) is a tale of a Saxon outlaw. The Water-Babies (1863), written for Kingsley's youngest child, "would be a tale for children were it not for the satire directed at the parents of the period," said Andrew Lang. Alton Locke (1850) and Yeast (1851) reflect Kingsley's leadership in "muscular Christianity" and his dramatization of social issues. (Bowker Author Biography) toon minder
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Yeast (1851) 46 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Poems (1884) 36 exemplaren
Two Years Ago (1857) 31 exemplaren
At Last (1871) 22 exemplaren
Andromeda and other poems (1858) 10 exemplaren
Discipline and Other Sermons (1890) 10 exemplaren
The Roman and the Teuton (1881) 10 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Glaucus, or The Wonders of the Shore (1855) 9 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
The Heroes / The Water Babies (1856) 9 exemplaren
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Two Years Ago, Volume I (1881) 8 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
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The Hermits (1875) 6 exemplaren
David (2012) 5 exemplaren
Twenty-Five Village Sermons (1849) 5 exemplaren
Prose idylls, new and old (1873) 5 exemplaren
The Gospel of the Pentateuch (2012) 5 exemplaren
The song of the river 5 exemplaren
Historical Lectures and Essays (2012) 5 exemplaren
Sermons for the Times (2011) 5 exemplaren
Daily thoughts (2007) 5 exemplaren
Plays and Puritans (2011) 4 exemplaren
Town Geology (2012) 4 exemplaren
Alton Locke vol. 2 (1898) 4 exemplaren
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Sir Walter Raleigh and His Time (2011) 4 exemplaren
Hereward the Wake (vol 2) (2007) 3 exemplaren
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Hereward the Wake (1970) — Original work — 2 exemplaren
Women and Politics (2011) 2 exemplaren
Sermons on National Subjects (2012) 2 exemplaren
Two Years Ago, Volume II. (2012) 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Westward Ho (1936) 2 exemplaren
Electric Machinery, 7th edition (2013) 2 exemplaren
Miscellanies 1 exemplaar
"Young And Old" 1 exemplaar
Westward ho! — Original novel — 1 exemplaar
Sermons to Dispel Anxiety (2006) 1 exemplaar, 1 bespreking
Charles Kingsley (2010) 1 exemplaar
Village Sermons 1 exemplaar
The Heroes # 10 1 exemplaar
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The story reveals a lot about who Charles Kingsley really was, a good person with a lot of interests. The Bio included was taken from a lot of his wife's writings about him. Some of his poetry is included at the back and there is a list of titles in the King's Treasuries Series from spine number 231 to 258.
gmillar | 48 andere besprekingen | May 3, 2024 |
Tom, an ill-treated chimney-boy, jumps into a cool stream to clean the soot off himself - and becomes a water baby, cleaner and happier than he has ever been, in a fairy world under river and sea. Meeting beautiful and frightening creatures, Tom travels to the Other-end-of-Nowhere on an unforgettable voyage of discovery.
PlumfieldCH | 48 andere besprekingen | Apr 30, 2024 |
Simon Vance did a fabulous job narrating this dear classic. I had to pick this up after reading Mother Carey's Chickens with my book group. A very old fashioned morality tale. I was a little startled to have an otter be evil and whales to be bad guys. Interesting how these animals have come to be more friendly and acceptable. I enjoyed it.
njcur | 48 andere besprekingen | Jan 16, 2024 |
Words cannot express the depths of my loathing for this story. The only redeeming thing about this particular volume is that it has lovely painted illustrations by Jessie Willcox Smith (but the drawings on every page rarely match the story). The fantasy/political commentary that Lewis Carroll perfected so beautifully 10 years later is a disaster of disjointed obnoxiousness in Kingsley. He is the king of the run-on sentence. His story-telling reminds me of a six year old little boy on a fast-moving train describing everything he sees without pausing for breath. For 400 miles.

Besides the fact that it's just a horribly-written piece of mind-numbing blathering, it angered me in other ways. Kingsley was a preacher but he obviously thought he was too smart for his Bible. The story is very pro-evolution ("water is the mother of all living things"). In fact, the story gives us a good look at how the theory of evolution caused the church to fall away. Kingsley is writing to families and at least two generations grew up influenced by this popular book until its racist bits moved it, rightfully so, to the back of the classic literature shelf. It's funny (in a sad way) how ignorant "learned" people can sound talking about science contrary to reason.

One thing, ONE, actually intrigued me: the reference to the Cheshire Cat. I thought this was a creation of Carroll's, but it's not even a creation of Kingsley's. In fact, "grinning like a Cheshire Cat" had been a popular phrase for awhile and is believed to have it's roots in an 18th century cheese brand who used a smiling cat as its logo.

To top it all off, biographical research tells me he insulted Nathaniel Hawthorne. That's an immediate dismissal from me. He and Mark Twain (who insulted Jane Austen) can go pick their arrogant noses in a corner somewhere and let the masters remain.

I suppose if there's anything positive to be said on the story it's that Kingsley takes the side of the underdog in many conversations on social injustice. Many of the Water-Babies are like Tom---neglected and orphaned children who are given a better (after)life. But why would a Christian preacher mention Heaven and the Lord? Oh no...Kingsley brings them back to the primordial soup from which they began.

At least I crossed another book off my 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list. However, I think I could have died happily not wasting my time on this drivel.
… (meer)
1 stem
classyhomemaker | 48 andere besprekingen | Dec 11, 2023 |



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