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Anne Ross (1) (1925–2012)

Auteur van The Life and Death of a Druid Prince

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Dr Anne Ross, who lives in Wales, is one of Britain's leading Celtic scholars


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Algemene kennis

Officiële naam
Feachem, Anne Ross
Pseudoniemen en naamsvarianten
Grant, Anne
Northumberland, England, UK
Plaats van overlijden
Llandre, Wales, UK
Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK
Southampton, England, UK
Devizes, Wiltshire, England, UK
Llandre, Wales, UK
University of Edinburgh (PhD|Celtic studies)
University of Edinburgh (MA)
Celtic scholar
Feachem, Richard (husband)
West Highland Survey
University of Edinburgh, School of Scottish Studies
University of Southampton
University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
Korte biografie
Anne Ross was a distinguished Gaelic-speaking Celtic scholar and archeologist. She earned her MA and PhD degrees at the University of Edinburgh and was a senior research fellow at the School of Scottish Studies there. She was a research fellow in Archaeology at the University of Southampton before becoming a professor at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Her many publications included the classic works Pagan Celtic Britain (1967) and Folklore of the Scottish Highlands (1983), as well as Life and Death of a Druid Prince (1991).



I read this book a few years ago so have consulted notes made at the time:

This was a follow on from the BBC documentary 'The Body in the Bog'. Interesting but I could only go so far with the conclusions which in a lot of places took theory/speculation and treated it as established fact. In fact someone wrote a review that pretty much sums up what I thought along those lines - target="_top">… (meer)
kitsune_reader | 5 andere besprekingen | Nov 23, 2023 |
This coverage of the general Celtic folklore in relation to Welsh mythology and legend is not bad. It covers a wider than what probably would be possible scope of such folklore in the limitations of its length. Anne writes with a personal reference to much of her subject matter having visited the places she mentions and retelling the stories she is told by people she knows. The let down is the lack of consistent referencing throughout, possibly a publishing flaw, but I struggled to make note of where the material came from and some explanation of the original intention. The numeric referencing without text became obscure. Sometimes I didn't know whether Anne was paraphrasing a written text or writing verbatim. The only other issue I had with the book as a whole was that it is written like a dissertation and not an analysis, the need for an ambiguous conclusion on partly contemporary views I felt unnecessary, indeed I felt there need not be a conclusion at all. The last niggling thing is that Anne writes that examples will follow or details will be mentioned further along and they are so minimal it might not have been worth telling the reader so.

However like a lot of contemporary writing on such things I feel it necessary to divine the source, but Anne reproduces lovely tales she has garnered from people she has spoken to, so perhaps at the end of the day, she upholds and contributes to the oral tradition that is the focus of the book in the first place.
… (meer)
RupertOwen | Apr 27, 2021 |
The life and death of a Druid prince is the story of the Lindow man who was found in a peat bog in the early 1980's; other bodies were found in the same location and all were at least 1000 years old or more. The authors, Anne Ross and Don Robins, both experts in Celtic England and the Druids, have taken the bare "bones" of the story and hypothesized the rest. All we really know from the remains found is that he was a relatively healthy male in his 20s wearing nothing but an armband. He was brutally killed, using torture devices, and his last meal was identified. Ross and Robins have gone beyond the facts to posit a story about a Druid priest or other high ranking official from Ireland named Llovernio who came to England during the dark time when the Romans battled the Celts in Britain. Through a retelling of ancient history as well as a multitude of maps, the authors make their case. I believe it is a well crafted story, not fact.

In addition to the maps and the many illustrations, there is a bibliography and index. The text is not footnoted, as it would have been if this were a serious scholarly work. The bibliography has many books of interest listed, all published before 1989. There are many newer articles and books including a recent one by The British Museum. If you want to know the real facts about the Lindow man, you need to read more than this book.
… (meer)
1 stem
fdholt | 5 andere besprekingen | Aug 13, 2019 |
If you are looking for exhaustive detail about what is known of Celtic religion in the British Isles this is the book for you. the author lists and describes possible cult sites, depictions of deities and the animals both real and mythical associated with them. The summarizes some tales that may contain information about pre-Christian beliefs despite not having been recorded until Christian times. One chapter is devoted to what is know of the Celtic cult of the head, another to the horned god. There are over 200 line drawings of artifacts and over 90 black and while photographs. Each chapter has end note;, the book has a bibliography and an index. While full of information, the book is very dry, the sort of work that can be used for reference, or read a few pages at a time. Ross originally published this work in 1967, This 2005 edition does not appear to have been revised in to include more recent studies. In the introduction to this edition Ross describes recent work in the field as augmenting rather than altering her work.… (meer)
ritaer | 2 andere besprekingen | May 20, 2019 |

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