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Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

Auteur van The Complete Poems: Anne Sexton

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Anne Sexton (1928-1974) is one of the most influential & frequently discussed American poets. She lived all her life in the Boston area. (Publisher Provided) Poet Anne Sexton was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1928. She attended Garland Junior College for a year and at nineteen, married Alfred toon meer Muller Sexton II. After the birth of her first daughter in 1953 and her second daughter in 1955, Sexton suffered mental breakdowns, which included attempting suicide on her birthday in 1955. She had been diagnosed with postpartum depression. Both times she was hospitalized at Westwood Lodge and it was there that her doctor got her to pursue her interest in writing poetry. She enrolled in a poetry workshop at the Boston Center for Adult Education in 1957, which is where she met fellow poet, and soon to be close friend, Maxine Kumin. Sexton then wrote "To Bedlam and Part Way Back" (1960), "All My Pretty Ones" (1962), and in 1966, Sexton won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry for "Live or Die." Sexton wrote about controversial subjects, which included abortion and drug addiction. As with many other "confessional" poets, Sexton wrote of emotional anguish which came from her battle with mental illness. In 1974, she lost that battle and committed suicide. (Bowker Author Biography) toon minder
Fotografie: Portrait of Anne Sexton by Elsa Dorfman

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The Complete Poems: Anne Sexton (1981) 1,973 exemplaren
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The Awful Rowing Toward God (1975) 209 exemplaren
All My Pretty Ones (1962) 140 exemplaren
The Death Notebooks (1974) 130 exemplaren
45 Mercy Street (1976) 110 exemplaren
The Book of Folly (1972) 101 exemplaren
To Bedlam and Part Way Back (1960) 91 exemplaren
Joey and the birthday present (1971) 45 exemplaren
The wizard's tears (1975) 13 exemplaren
Anne Sexton Reads (1992) 13 exemplaren
[Two poems] 12 exemplaren
Eggs of Things (1963) 12 exemplaren
Kreupel hart : gedichten (2001) 8 exemplaren
Poesie 5 exemplaren
Poemas de amor (2009) 4 exemplaren
[Four poems] 4 exemplaren
Una come lei e altre poesie (2010) 4 exemplaren
L'estrosa abbondanza (1997) 4 exemplaren
Att bära en människa (1976) 4 exemplaren
Sanningen de döda vet : dikter (2014) 4 exemplaren
Transformaciones (2021) 3 exemplaren
[Five poems] 3 exemplaren
Poetry of Anne Sexton 3 exemplaren
Com ella (OSSA MENOR) (2011) 3 exemplaren
Locas, locas mujeres (2013) 2 exemplaren
Poems 2 exemplaren
Six poems 2 exemplaren
[Three poems] 2 exemplaren
More Eggs of Things 2 exemplaren
Liebesgedichte : Gedichte (1995) 2 exemplaren
Cries of the Spirit. A Celebrarion of Women's Spirituality (1991) — Medewerker — 2 exemplaren
The wedding night 1 exemplaar
With you gone 1 exemplaar
Words 1 exemplaar
You're Gonna Miss Me (1995) 1 exemplaar
La zavorra dell'eterno (2016) 1 exemplaar
El asesino y otros poemas (1996) 1 exemplaar
After Auschwitz 1 exemplaar
Cinderella 1 exemplaar
Izabrane pjesme (2015) 1 exemplaar
Wanting to die 1 exemplaar
Kilitli Kapılar 1 exemplaar
L'Estrosa abbondanza (1997) 1 exemplaar
The touch 1 exemplaar
Four 1 exemplaar
Didn't know 1 exemplaar
Dancing the jig 1 exemplaar
The breast 1 exemplaar
The hoarder 1 exemplaar
Bestiary U.S.A. 1 exemplaar
The house 1 exemplaar
Sweeney 1 exemplaar
Somewhere in Africa 1 exemplaar
A small journal 1 exemplaar
Santa 1 exemplaar
Red roses 1 exemplaar
Love song 1 exemplaar
Late poems 1 exemplaar

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Algemene kennis



Anne Sexton in Legacy Libraries (juli 2014)


Poemario no que non hai poemas de amor, pero si de pasión, de desamor, de autocoñecemento, sexo, e depresión. Anne Sexton é unha artistaza.
Orellana_Souto | Oct 1, 2023 |
“Give me your skin
as sheer as a cobweb,
let me open it up
and listen in and scoop out the dark.”

Dark, poetic, and at times humorous retellings of Grimms' Fairytales? We love her, folks.
cbwalsh | 16 andere besprekingen | Sep 13, 2023 |
I really wanted to replace this book with a selection of her poetry which I could get for free somehow, which I wouldn’t feel bad doing as I’ve paid before and anyway I suppose that the dead are in it for fame, right. But I guess it’s not something that I needed—along with everything else today, ha—so I don’t know. But I do remember how Anne made me feel, and I know how I feel about that now. She wasn’t Anne Bradstreet, which is where the critics were midcentury, and where as a body they still probably are now, even if they wear the masque of the practitioners of poetry today who probably think Anne is—well, I mean, she is dead. But she did live, and although Anne is both The Girl Herself, and you know, some psycho white girl, I do think that we all know what it’s like, even if generally we successfully try not to know, right.

I don’t know. “My uncontrolled thoughts are not to be feared.” (Esther Hicks). I never wanted to be Midcentury Marcellus, you know, but I didn’t get that when I actually read Anne, which is why I’d almost like to read her again, even though I can’t really afford the time & money investment of “school”-y books anymore, and don’t quite place the same value as I once did on that stage in the life cycle, right….

(sigh, rattling around in a disturbed way inside the robot) We live; we die; we’re happy; we get angry; we’re subtle; we’re emotional…. We’re not robots….

We’re ducks.
… (meer)
goosecap | 17 andere besprekingen | Aug 15, 2023 |
Anne Sexton had an extraordinary impact on me when I was first introduced to her poetry in my teenage years. Although she differs greatly from Emily Dickinson, the subject matter of death is one that transfixed them both, as well as me. Sexton may seem an odd next transition after Dickinson, but it SO worked for me. To this day, her poetry still hits me viscerally and I'm stunned by her intimacy. "Her Kind" is still my favorite poem of all.
Andy5185 | 17 andere besprekingen | Jul 9, 2023 |



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