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Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910)

Auteur van Anna Karenina

Bevat de namen: Tolstoï, Tolostoj, Tolstoi l, Tolstoy L, L. Tolstoj, Leo olstoy, Lev Tostoj, 1828-1910., Lev Tolsoj, L. Tolstoy ... (zie volledige lijst), Leo Tostoy, Tolstoï l, Lev Tolstoi, Lev Tolstoy, L. Tolstoï, Lev Tolstoi, Leo Tolstoj, Leo Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy, Lew Tolstoj, Lew Tolstoi, Leo Tolstoy, L. Tolstòj, Lev Tolstoj, Leo Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoj, Lew Tolstoj, Lav TOLSTOJ, Leo Tolstoi, Lev Tolstoy, Lew Tolstoi, Lev Tolstoi, Leo Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoi, L Ṭolstoy, Lev Tolstoj, L N Tolstoy, L.N.Tolstoĭ, Leo Tolstóy, Leo Tolstoï, Lev Tolstói, Leo Tolstóy, L.N. Tolstoy, lyof tolstoy, Tolstoi Leon, Leon Tosltoi, Tolstoi Lyof, Leone Tostoi, Lew Tołstoj, Leo Tołstoj, Leo Tolstoï, Lev Tolstoï, Lev Tolvstoi, L.N. Tolstoj, Tolstoj Léo, Lev Tolsztoj, TOLSTOY LEON, L.N. Tolstoj, Liev Tolstoi, Leo Tolstory, Lyon Tolstoi, Lev Tolstòj, Lev Tolstój, L.R. Tolstoi, Leo Tolostoy, L.N. Tolstoi, Lev Tolstói, Liev Toltói, Lev Tolsztoj, Lev Tólstoi, Liev Tolstoi, Lyof Tolstoi, Lleó Tostoi, Lev Tolvstoi, Léon Tolstoy, L. N. Tolstoi, Leone Tolstoj, Ljew Tolstój, Leao, Tolstoi, Leono Tolstoj, Léo Tolstój, Lleó Tolstoi, Leone Tolstoi, Leone Tolstoi, Tolstoï Leon, Leon Tolstói, León Tolstoy, Léon Tolstoi, Count Tolstoy, Léon Toltoï, Count Tolstoy, Léon Tolstoi, León Tolstoy, tolstoy Leone, Liev Tolstói, Leon Tolstói, Leon Tolstoï, Leone Tolstoj, León Tolstoi, León Tolstoi, Liev Tolstói, Leone Tolstoj, Lleó Tolstoi, Lew N. Tolstoi, Lev N. Tolstoj, Leão Tolstói, Tolstoi Leo N., Leo N. Tolstoj, Léon Tolstoî, Lev N. Tolstoj, León Tolstoï, LEÓN TÓLSTOI, Lev N. Tolstoi, Lew N. Tolstoj, León Tolstói, Lev N. Tolstoi, Leo by Tolstoy, Leo N. Tolstoy, Lev N. Tolstoy, Ļevs Tolstojs, Leo N. Tolstoj, Lew N. Tolstoi, León Tolstói, Leo N. Tolstoi, Léon Tolstoï, Lyof N Tolstoy, By Leo Tolstoy, Leão Tolstói, Liev N. Tolstoy, Liev N. Tolstoi, Leo N. Tolstóy, Levas Tolstojus, Leon N. Tolstoj, Lev N. Tolstói, トルストイ, Lev N. Tolstói, Lyof N. Tolstoi, Lyof N. Tolstoy, Graf Leo Tolstoj, Leon. N. Tolstoy, Lyof N. Tolstoï, León N. Tolstoi, Graf Leo Tolstoy, León N. Tolstoy, graf Lev Tolstoi, Tolstoy Leo Graf, graf Leo Tolstoy, Graf Leo Tolstoi, graf Leo Tolstoy, graf Leo Tolstoi, Liev N. Tolstói, graf Leo Tolstoy, Lev Tolstoï, Count Leo Tolstoy, Count Tolstoy Leo, Leon Tolstoï, Count Leo Tolstoy, Count Leo Tolstoi, Graaf Leo Tolstoj, Count Lev Tolstoy, Lev Tolstoi, graf, Count Leo Tolstoi, Graaf Leo Tolstoi, graf L.N. Tolstoj, Count Leo Tolstoy, Graaf Leo Tolstoi, Count L N Tolstoi, Tolstoï Leon, Count Leo Tolstoi, Leo Tolstòy, Conde Leon Tolstoi, Comte Leon Tolstoi, count lyof tolstoi, Lev Tólstoi, Count Lyof Tolstoi, Lev Tolstój, Л. Толстой, Lev Tolstói, Tolstoy Graf Leo N., TOLSTOY LEO NIKOLAY, Tolstoi León, Tolstoy Leo Nikolai, León Tolstoi, Comte Tolstoi Léon, Leo Nikolaj Tolstoj, Leo Tolstoy/Tolstoi, LÉON TOLSTOI, Tolstoi Léon, לב טולסטוי, Leon Tolstói, Liev Tolstói, Count Leonid Tolstoi, Count Lev N. Tolstoy, Count Lev N. Tolstoy, Comte Léon Tolstoï, Count Leo N. Tolstoi, Толстой Лев, Лев Толстой, Lev Nkolaevic Tolstoj, Толстой Л.Н., Лев Толстой, Л.Н. Толстой, Л.Н. ТОЛСТОЙ, Лав Толстој, Lev N. Tolstói, ל.נ. טולסטוי, Count Lyof N. Tolstoi, retold by Lev Tolstoy, Count Lyof N. Tolstoy, Leo N. Tolstóy, Lev Nokolaevic Tolstoj, Nicolaevic Lev Tolstoj, Liev N. Tolstói, Л. Н. Толстой, Tolstoj Lev Nikolaevic, Л. Н. Толстой, Lev Nicolaevic Tolstoj, Count Lyof N. Tolstoï, Lev Nikolaevic Tolstoj, Lev Nikolaevic Tolstoj, Lev Nikolayich Tolstoy, Lev Nikolaevi? Tolstoj, Leo Nikolaevic Tolstoj, Tolstoi Lev Nikolaevich, Lew Nikolaevich Tolstoi, Лев Толсто́й, Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi, Lev Nicolaievic Tolstoi, Lev Nicholaevic Tolstoj, Lev NikolaeviD Tolstoj, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaivich Tolstoy, Lev Nicolaevici Tolstoi, Leo Nikoleyvich Tolstoy, Leo Nikoleyvich Tolstoy, Lev Nikolajevic Tolstoi, Lev Niolaievitx Tolstoi, Lev Nikolaevic Tolstoï, Lev Nikolajevic Tolstoj, ΛΕΩΝ ΤΟΛΣΤΟΪ, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi, Lev Nikolaevič Tolstoj, L. Nikolajevič Tolstoj, Lev Nicolaevič Tolstoj, Lev Nikolaevic Tolstòj, TOLSTOÏ Léon, Lav Nokplajevič Tolstoj, Leon Nikolaevich Tolstoi, Lev Nikolayeviç Tolstoy, Lev Nikolaevič Tolstòj, Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy, Léon Tolstoï, Leo Nikolaevitch Tolstoy, Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoi, Lev Nicolaievich Tolstoi, Lev Nikolaevics Tolsztoj, Leo Nikolaivitch Tolstoi, Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoj, Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoï, Lev Nikolaievich Tolstoi, Tolstoi Tolstoy, Lyof N., Lev Nikolaevitch Tolstoj, Lev Nikolàevič Tolstoj, Lev Nikilayevich Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Nikolajević Lav Tolstoj, Leon Nikolaieich Tolstoi, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstói, Lev Nikolaevič Tolstoĭ, Lev Nikolaievich Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoi; Leo Tolstoy, Lyof Nikolaivitch Tolstoi, Lev Nikolaievich Tolstoï, Lev Nikolaevič̌ Tolstoy, Leon Nikolaievich Tolstoi, Leon Nikolaievich Tolstoi, Lev Nikolaevič Tolstoi, Count Leo Tolstoy Tolstoy, TOLSTOI COUNT LEO NIKOLAI, Lyof N. Tolstoi (Tolstoy), Lev Nikolajevics Tolsztoj, Lev Tolstoi (Leo Tolstoy), TOLSTOI Lev Nikoláievich, Lev Nikolajewitsj Tolstoj, Leo Tolstoy; Lev Tolsztoj, Liev Nikolaievich Tolstoi, Leo Nicholeyevich Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaievitch Tolstoy, Lev Nikolaevitch Tolstoï, Lev Nikolatevitsj Tolstoj, Lev Nikolaewitsch Tolstoi, Léo Tolstój, Lev Nikolaevitch Tolstöi, Lev Nikolàevič Tolstòj, Ljef Nikolajewitsj Tolstoj, León Tolstói, גרף לב טולסטוי, Tolstoy: Leo; Tolstoi: Leo, Lev Nikolaevitch Tolstöi, Leo Nikolajewitsch Tolstoj, Lew Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi, Léon Tolstói, Count Leo Tolstoy] Tolstoi, Lev Nyikolajevics Tolsztoj, Lev Nikoláievich Tolstói, Liev Nikolayevich Tolstói, Lev Nikoláyevich Tolstóy, Leon Nikolaevitch Tolstoï, LEV NİKOLAYEVİÇ TOLSTOY, Leon Nicolaievitch Tolstoi, León Nicolaievich Tolstoy, Leon Nikolayevitch Tolstoi, Liev Nikoláievich Tolstói, Leon Nikolaievitch Tolstói, Ljef Nikolájewitsj Tolstoj, Tolstoi; León Nicolaievitch, León Nikoláievich Tolstói, লেভ তলস্তয়, Ljev Nikolájewitsj Tolstój, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoï, Lev NikolaeviÏc Tolstoj, Liév Nikoláievitch Tolstói, graf Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoĭ, Léon Nikolaïevitch Tolstoï, Leo N. Tolstoi/ Leo N. Tolstoj, Count Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Lav Nikolajevič Tolstoj, Л.Н. граф Толстой, Lyof N. = Tolstoy Tolstoi, Leo, Comte Léon Tolstoï, Lev Nikolaeviéc Tolstoj, Count. Lev Nikolaevich TOLSTOI, Léon Nikolaïévitch Tolstoï, লেভ তলস্তয়, Count. Leo Nicolaevitch Tolstoy, Graf Leo Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi, Leo Nikolajewitsch Graf Tolstoi, Leo N. Lev N. / Tolstoi Tolstoj, Lew Nikolajewitsj Graaf Tolstoj, লেভ তলস্তোয়, Liev Nikolayevich Tolstói, Lev Nikolaevitch Tolstöi, Léon (Lev Nikolaevitch] Tolstoï, Lyof N. Tolstoi [Tolstoy] Tolstoy, 1828-1910 Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy, Liev Nicolaievitch Tolstoi (1828-1910), Schriftsteller Lev Nikolaevič Tolstoj, לב ניקוליביץ טולסטוי, לב ניקוליביץ טולסטוי, Illustrated by A. Pakhomov Lev Tolstoi, לב ניקוליביץ' טולסטוי, Лев Николаевич Тостой, Lév Nicoláievitch Tolstói (1828-1910), Толстой Лев Николаевич, Лев Николаевич Толстой, Лев Николаевич Толстой, לב ניקוליביץ' טולסטוי, Comte Lev Nicolaïevitch Tolstoï (1828-1910), grāfs Лев Николаевич Толстой, Leo Tolstoy Translated by Louise Maude with an int, Count Lyof N. Tolstoi (Leo Tolstoy); Nathan Haskell Dole (trans), Лев Толстой, граф, 1828-1910. Л.Н. Толстой., Leo Translated And With An Introduction By Edmonds Tolstoy, Rosemary, Лев Николаевич (Tolstoy Толстой, Lev Nikolaevich), Lev Nikolaevič [Verfasser] Schaffgotsch Tolstoj, Xaver [Mitwirkender], Leo Tolstoy, graf, 1828-1910 ***NOTE: THIS IS A "PRINT ON DEMAND" VERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL BOOK***
Bevat ook: Tolstoi (1)

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103,103 (113,555)1,80982 (4.1)528
Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy was born on September 9, 1828 in Russia. He is usually referred to as Leo Tolstoy. He was a Russian author who is regarded as one of the greatest authors of all time. Leo Tolstoy is best known for his novels War and Peace (1869) and Anna Karenina (1877). Tolstoy's fiction includes dozens of short stories and several novellas such as The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Family Happiness, and Hadji Murad. He also wrote plays and numerous philosophical essays. Tolstoy had a profound moral crisis and spiritual awakening in the 1870's which he outlined in his work, A Confession. His literal interpretation of the ethical teachings of Jesus, centering on the Sermon on the Mount, caused him to become a fervent Christian anarchist and pacifist. His ideas of nonviolent resistance which he shared in his works The Kingdom of God is Within You, had a profund impact on figures such as Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. On September 23, 1862 Tolstoy married Sophia Andreevna Behrs. She was the daughter of a court physician. They had 13 children, eight of whom survived childhood. Their early married life allowed Tolstoy much freedom to compose War and Peace and Anna Karenina with his wife acting as his secretary and proofreader. The Tolstoy family left Russia in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and the subsequent establishment of the Soviet Union. Leo Tolstoy's relatives and descendants moved to Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the United States. Tolstoy died of pneumonia at Astapovo train station, after a day's rail journey south on November 20, 1910 at the age of 82. (Bowker Author Biography) Count Leo Tolstoy was born in 1828 on the family estate of Yasnaya Polyana in the Tula province. He married in 1862 & was the father of 13 children. Tolstoy managed the estate of Yasnaya Polyana & ran its peasant schools, while writing his great novels, "War & Peace" (1869) & "Anna Karenina" (1877). He died in 1910. (Publisher Provided) — biografie van Anna Karenina… (meer)
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De dood van Iwan Iljitsj 4,943 exemplaren, 141 besprekingen
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Tolstoi's Essay 3 exemplaren
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Jeunesse suivi de souvenirs. (Auteur) 3 exemplaren
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Genclik 3 exemplaren
Histórias De Bulka 3 exemplaren
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Romanzi brevi 3 exemplaren
Posthumous works 3 exemplaren
Little stories (Auteur) 3 exemplaren
Life 3 exemplaren
Yalanci Iliskiler 3 exemplaren
Ljucern 3 exemplaren
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Family Happiness 2 exemplaren
Quarante ans 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
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Memórias 2 exemplaren
DRAMEN 2 exemplaren
Three tales 2 exemplaren
The Great Bear 2 exemplaren
Dvě smrti 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
El Poder 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Anna Karenina 2 exemplaren
Punarutthan 2 exemplaren
Recuerdos 2 exemplaren
Letters and essays (Auteur) 2 exemplaren
Rozprávky a bájky 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Guerre et paix (Auteur illustré) 2 exemplaren
Lebensstufen 2 exemplaren
Nouvelles 2 exemplaren
Aabitsajutte 2 exemplaren
Tolstoy on art (Auteur) 2 exemplaren
Sobranie sochineniˆi (Auteur) 2 exemplaren
Anna Karenina : Derde deel (Auteur) 2 exemplaren
De roggekorrel 2 exemplaren
Romanzi e racconti 2 exemplaren
Rusia. Volumen 2 (Medewerker) 2 exemplaren
Le chemin de la vie 2 exemplaren
Journal intime (1853-1865) (Auteur) 2 exemplaren
La ratoncita-niña y otros cuentos 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Too Dear! 2 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
Contes i Faules 2 exemplaren
Obras selectas, I 2 exemplaren
Religiösa skrifter 2 exemplaren
The Candle 2 exemplaren
Salto 2 exemplaren
Furst Nechljudof 2 exemplaren
Detyam 2 exemplaren
Dio - unu por ĉiuj 2 exemplaren
Unu animo en ĉiuj 2 exemplaren
Ma Religion 2 exemplaren
War & Peace 2 exemplaren
Resurrection 2 exemplaren
Katia 2 exemplaren
Sevastopol 2 exemplaren
Au Caucase 2 exemplaren
L'Esclavage Moderne 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
What is Art? 2 exemplaren
El musico Alberto 2 exemplaren
Théâtre complet 2 exemplaren
Mørkets makt 2 exemplaren
Put' zhizni 2 exemplaren
Contes 2 exemplaren
Aforismos 2 exemplaren
Anna Karenina 2 vol 2 exemplaren
Insan Ne Ile Yasar 2 exemplaren
Tolstoy's Words to Live by 2 exemplaren, 2 besprekingen
War and peace 1 2 exemplaren
Den store uret 2 exemplaren
Les Cosaques 2 exemplaren
Tri rakontoj 2 exemplaren
Verhalen 2 2 exemplaren, 1 bespreking
Icimizdeki Seytan 2 exemplaren
Itiraflarim 2 exemplaren
War and Peace II 2 exemplaren
A Tortura da Carne 2 exemplaren
Tales Of Tolstoy 2 exemplaren
Retratos de Nazaré 2 exemplaren
Sivastopol (ciltli) 2 exemplaren
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Мать 1 exemplaar
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Ne Mortigu! 1 exemplaar
Холстомер 1 exemplaar
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L'évasion 1 exemplaar
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Anna Karenina IV. 1 exemplaar
Resurrection 1 exemplaar
Anna Karenina 3 1 exemplaar
Anna Karenina 2 1 exemplaar
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SEYTAN 1 exemplaar
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Sivastopol 1 exemplaar
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Bir Gencin Drami 1 exemplaar
Dirili 1 exemplaar
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Çocukluk 1 exemplaar
Itiraf 1 exemplaar
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La vibora 1 exemplaar
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Resurrección II 1 exemplaar
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On socialism (Auteur) 1 exemplaar
Hadji Murad (Auteur) 1 exemplaar
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The end of the age 1 exemplaar
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Croesus and Fate 1 exemplaar
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Ĥodinka 1 exemplaar
Mećava 1 exemplaar
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Krug čitanja 1 exemplaar
Ne ubij ! 1 exemplaar
Uppståndelse I 1 exemplaar
Kaukasusfangen 1 exemplaar
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Kósakkarnir 1 exemplaar
Das Leben 1 exemplaar
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Lew N. Tolstoj 1 exemplaar
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Briefe (1848-1910) 1 exemplaar
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Quale scuola? 1 exemplaar
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Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (9 September 1828 – 20 November 1910), usually referred to in English as Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian writer who is regarded as one of the greatest authors of all time. He received multiple nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature every year from 1902 to 1906 and nominations for Nobel Peace Prize in 1901, 1902 and 1910 and the fact that he never won is a major Nobel prize controversy.

Born to an aristocratic Russian family in 1828, he is best known for the novels War and Peace (1869) and Anna Karenina (1877), often cited as pinnacles of realist fiction. He first achieved literary acclaim in his twenties with his semi-autobiographical trilogy, Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth (1852–1856), and Sevastopol Sketches (1855), based upon his experiences in the Crimean War. Tolstoy's fiction includes dozens of short stories and several novellas such as The Death of Ivan Ilyich (1886), Family Happiness (1859), and Hadji Murad (1912). He also wrote plays and numerous philosophical essays.

In the 1870s Tolstoy experienced a profound moral crisis, followed by what he regarded as an equally profound spiritual awakening, as outlined in his non-fiction work A Confession (1882). His literal interpretation of the ethical teachings of Jesus, centering on the Sermon on the Mount, caused him to become a fervent Christian anarchist and pacifist. Tolstoy's ideas on nonviolent resistance, expressed in such works as The Kingdom of God Is Within You (1894), had a profound impact on such pivotal 20th-century figures as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Tolstoy also became a dedicated advocate of Georgism, the economic philosophy of Henry George, which he incorporated into his writing, particularly Resurrection (1899).

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Leo Tolstoy's boek A Confession was beschikbaar via LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

Leo Tolstoy's boek Leo Tolstoy's 20 Greatest Short Stories was beschikbaar via LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

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Leo Tolstoy wordt momenteel beschouwd als één auteur. Als een of meer werken geschreven zijn door verschillende maar gelijknamige auteurs, ga dan je gang en splits de auteurs.


Leo Tolstoy is samengesteld uit 370 namen. Je kunt namen analyseren en onderscheiden.

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