Purely Programmers

Deze groep is officieel gaan sluimeren. Zo gaat dat. Als je deze groep wilt laten herleven, of een nieuwe groep maken over het zelfde onderwerp ga naar deze pagina.

A group for programmers, software developers and those interested in computer languages. Or just those who have books on the subject.

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Sorting through programming books6 ongelezen / 6kiparsky, mei 2020
Recommendations on books on Parsing Techniques and Context-Free Languages6 ongelezen / 6SamHobbs, augustus 2017
I'm looking for a new language21 ongelezen / 21SamHobbs, augustus 2017
Reverse engineering algorithms?6 ongelezen / 6timspalding, augustus 2015
Most Useful Programming Languages44 ongelezen / 44vy0123, december 2013
Ruby books8 ongelezen / 8crisafugate, mei 2013
Which LISP?19 ongelezen / 19crisafugate, mei 2013
Not quite believing him...3 ongelezen / 3dukedom_enough, februari 2012
beautiful bug4 ongelezen / 4PaulFoley, februari 2012
Keeping track of on/offs without index-only tables?3 ongelezen / 3PaulFoley, september 2011
Any good books on data structures5 ongelezen / 5bvs, september 2011
Starting to lay out a web app and need to decide on language11 ongelezen / 11frogman2, maart 2011
LibraryThing Developer Profile suggestion2 ongelezen / 2AbeerHussain, januari 2011
Made my day4 ongelezen / 4Amtep, mei 2010
history of computing10 ongelezen / 10kukulaj, april 2010
bathsheba.com is looking for a business manager3 ongelezen / 3sunny, januari 2010
iPhone / iPod touch drone1 ongelezen / 1sunny, januari 2010
Lean Development5 ongelezen / 5RoboSchro, oktober 2009
looking for a good wpf book1 ongelezen / 1ethanw, september 2009
mashups and web services1 ongelezen / 1Willie_Dynomite, september 2009
building a website need advice2 ongelezen / 2Makis, september 2009
Ajax, Web 2.0, and a little .NET?5 ongelezen / 5Makis, september 2009
Most common repeated strings10 ongelezen / 10Makis, augustus 2009
Survey of Programming Languages7 ongelezen / 7bvs, juli 2009
R books3 ongelezen / 3kevinmcguinness, juni 2009
random reading6 ongelezen / 6MMcM, mei 2009
programming interview books7 ongelezen / 7jrandrews, mei 2009
New to coding7 ongelezen / 7jrandrews, mei 2009
Recreational programming!23 ongelezen / 23timspalding, april 2009
A newbie's question10 ongelezen / 10utoxin, februari 2009
My new favorite language2 ongelezen / 2sarahemmm, december 2008
asp.net3 ongelezen / 3zwoolard, november 2008
COBOL vs Teh Governator5 ongelezen / 5WholeHouseLibrary, augustus 2008
LibraryThing 1 / Gmail 05 ongelezen / 5timspalding, augustus 2008
Help on a book-titles algorithm16 ongelezen / 16lilithcat, juli 2008
Outlook tasks5 ongelezen / 5mirmir, mei 2008
Next programming book29 ongelezen / 29modalursine, januari 2008
Open Source Software for small libraries?3 ongelezen / 3PaulFoley, januari 2008
VBA and SQL book recommendations3 ongelezen / 3M_Bartley, november 2007
Can you donate any technical books to Vanuatu?1 ongelezen / 1felius, oktober 2007
Hierarchical Tags??3 ongelezen / 3s_givon, april 2007
"Auto-tagging" - Take existing tags to tag your books12 ongelezen / 12QuesterofTruth, maart 2007
Interesting uses of the LibraryThing data?4 ongelezen / 4WorldMaker, maart 2007
All time favourite programming book1 ongelezen / 1tfhank, januari 2007
Purely Programmers Message Board34 ongelezen / 34serbook, januari 2007
studying LT members' use of tags7 ongelezen / 7WhimsyWinx, november 2006
A picture for the group page16 ongelezen / 16felius, augustus 2006
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