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Take reviewing a step further. Pick two books and compare them. Did you love one book and hate the other? Or love both despite (or because of) their differences? How was the subject matter similar? Did the authors come to radically different conclusions about the same topic? Were the subjects different but the authors' attitudes or styles intriguingly similar?

OnderwerpOnderwerpBerichtenNieuwste bericht 
Thomas de Quincey and Dickens18 ongelezen / 18DebbieLoJacono-V5556, september 2021
Slaughterhouse Five / Ode on a Grecian Urn20 ongelezen / 20VLombardi, januari 2017
Orwellian vs. Kafkaesque35 ongelezen / 35bluepiano, juni 2015
Old-Fashioned Biographical Novels12 ongelezen / 12bluepiano, december 2014
The Book Thief and The Guernsey Litereary & Potato Peel Pie Society4 ongelezen / 4TheWriteRoomPress, oktober 2013
Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights51 ongelezen / 51Nickelini, maart 2013
fredia kayo and janis joplin5 ongelezen / 5berthirsch, februari 2013
The Mysteries of Udolpho & Twilight4 ongelezen / 42wonderY, november 2011
Dumbledore vs. Gandalf2 ongelezen / 2reading_fox, november 2010
How to Compare and Contrast Two Books3 ongelezen / 3KCato, augustus 2010
Wise Blood / End of the Affair1 ongelezen / 1JimmyChanga, juli 2010
The Middle East: Novels27 ongelezen / 27SigmundFraud, juni 2010
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People / Moby Dick5 ongelezen / 5slickdpdx, november 2009
Robert Bolano and Jack Kerouac12 ongelezen / 12luxvk, juli 2009
Harry Potter/Wizard's Hall16 ongelezen / 16mjreads, juli 2009
Villette/House of Mirth2 ongelezen / 2margad, juli 2009
Girl,interrupted & One flew over the cuckoos nest6 ongelezen / 6margad, juli 2009
Blood Meridian/The Road29 ongelezen / 29berthirsch, juni 2009
Dystopian Literature37 ongelezen / 37margad, juni 2009
A Handful of Dust / The Cherry Orchard2 ongelezen / 2margad, juni 2009
A Virginia Woolf Trio25 ongelezen / 25milprad, mei 2009
The Picture of Dorian Gray / Frankenstein6 ongelezen / 6margad, maart 2009
House of Leaves/Moby Dick17 ongelezen / 17margad, maart 2009
Hemingway and Le Carré (it rhymes!)2 ongelezen / 2margad, januari 2009
Alias Grace and the French Lieutenant's Woman5 ongelezen / 5margad, juni 2008
Welcome New Members1 ongelezen / 1margad, juni 2008
What are you reading?8 ongelezen / 8margad, juni 2008
"The Double/Notes from the Underground" Dostoevsky4 ongelezen / 4margad, mei 2008
Embers/Gilead13 ongelezen / 13margad, mei 2008
Dean Koonts: Early and Late Works3 ongelezen / 3margad, mei 2008
Migration - Banks/Levy4 ongelezen / 4margad, april 2008
McCullough, Philbrick (...and a smattering of Larson)9 ongelezen / 9Clueless, april 2008
Austen and Dickens3 ongelezen / 3margad, maart 2008
Knight (Gene Wolfe) / Sword of Truth (Terry Goodkind)3 ongelezen / 3lewispike, maart 2008
Diary/Rosemary´s Baby/"The Shadow over Innsmouth"5 ongelezen / 5margad, maart 2008
Doctor Zhivago and Transit of Venus9 ongelezen / 9islandgalcal, maart 2008
The POW Books, "The Special Prisoner" and "Day'4 ongelezen / 4margad, maart 2008
The POW books, "The Special Prisoner" and "Day'1 ongelezen / 1michaelbartley, maart 2008
The PO'1 ongelezen / 1michaelbartley, maart 2008
His Majesty's Dragon (Naomi Novik) / Dragon Rider Series (Anne McCaffrey)3 ongelezen / 3elbakerone, februari 2008
Journal of Curious Letters/Harry Potter27 ongelezen / 27margad, februari 2008
Handmaid's Tale / Swallows of Kabul4 ongelezen / 4PghDragonMan, februari 2008
The Quiet American / Bright Shining Lie4 ongelezen / 4berthirsch, februari 2008
Small Introduction25 ongelezen / 25margad, februari 2008
Kepler/Joan of Arc12 ongelezen / 12margad, januari 2008
Hunger/The Arabian Nightmare5 ongelezen / 5margad, januari 2008
On the modernistic in Argentine literature.27 ongelezen / 27margad, januari 2008
Shakespeare and Dickens8 ongelezen / 8MyLoveForAugustus, december 2007
City of Saints and Madmen / Viriconium7 ongelezen / 7ragwaine, december 2007
Silence of the Lambs/Heartsick1 ongelezen / 1margad, december 2007
Night / Man's Search for Meaning6 ongelezen / 6maggie1944, december 2007
Jane Eyre/Wide Sargasso Sea12 ongelezen / 12margad, december 2007
Lullaby/My Work is Not Yet Done8 ongelezen / 8CarlosMcRey, november 2007
How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read22 ongelezen / 22margad, november 2007
[A Thousand Splendid Suns] and [Grapes of Wrath]2 ongelezen / 2margad, november 2007
Home Before Dark/Dream Catcher2 ongelezen / 2margad, november 2007
Haunted/Hyperion/City of Saints and Madmen8 ongelezen / 8margad, november 2007
Notes On Mao: Jung Chang and Jon Halliday: "Mao, the unknown story"/Phillip Short: "Mao, a life"2 ongelezen / 2margad, oktober 2007
Lolita/Silence of the Lambs38 ongelezen / 38margad, oktober 2007
The Sound of Waves / Their Eyes Were Watching God28 ongelezen / 28keigu, oktober 2007
Ideas16 ongelezen / 16keigu, oktober 2007
Crime and Punishment/Tell-Tale Heart/Picture of Dorian Gray3 ongelezen / 3margad, oktober 2007
The groups ranking7 ongelezen / 7margad, oktober 2007
Choke / Odd Thomas2 ongelezen / 2margad, oktober 2007
Suttree/Tortilla Flat16 ongelezen / 16rufustfirefly66, oktober 2007
Robber Brides & Grooms: Eudora Welty vs. Margaret Atwood3 ongelezen / 3Nickelini, oktober 2007
'Flowers of Algernon' and 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime'21 ongelezen / 21kiwidoc, oktober 2007
The Shining/Hour of the Wolf4 ongelezen / 4margad, oktober 2007
The Dharma Bums/Siddhartha/Altered States/Teddy6 ongelezen / 6berthirsch, oktober 2007
Dickens/Pasternak19 ongelezen / 19margad, oktober 2007
Richard Brautigan / Theodore Roethke9 ongelezen / 9TheresaWilliams, september 2007
Hurricanes/Catcher in the Rye5 ongelezen / 5margad, augustus 2007
Anna Karenina / War and Peace34 ongelezen / 34margad, augustus 2007
Remembrance of Things Past vs. In Search of Lost Time4 ongelezen / 4jhevelin, augustus 2007
Dracula/The Woman in White33 ongelezen / 33margad, juli 2007
The Dante Club/ The Poe Shadow8 ongelezen / 8Bookmarque, juli 2007
Brave New World/ Oryx and Crake11 ongelezen / 11Bookmarque, juli 2007
Harry Potter and Animorphs2 ongelezen / 2margad, juli 2007
Iran20 ongelezen / 20existanai, juli 2007
HP and TP8 ongelezen / 8margad, juli 2007
Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War / What's the Matter with Kansas2 ongelezen / 2margad, juli 2007
Octavian Nothing / Northanger Abbey8 ongelezen / 8margad, juli 2007
McEwan [Spoilers]3 ongelezen / 3kiwidoc, mei 2007
World War II Novels - Pick two27 ongelezen / 27writestuff, mei 2007
Austen and Bronte6 ongelezen / 6margad, april 2007
Ishiguro/Ishiguro/Ishiguro/Ishiguro18 ongelezen / 18emily_morine, april 2007
A Woman in Berlin/Gone With The Wind27 ongelezen / 27Cateline, april 2007
Novels Compared12 ongelezen / 12margad, april 2007
Farthing by Jo Walton and The Plot Against America by Philip Roth9 ongelezen / 9geneg, april 2007
David Malouf1 ongelezen / 1margad, april 2007
Russia in the Stalin years.38 ongelezen / 38kencf0618, april 2007
Nabokov/Nabokov17 ongelezen / 17almigwin, april 2007
Goethe/Nabokov10 ongelezen / 10Cateline, april 2007
[Lonesome Dove] compared to [The Stand] (Spoilers for both novels)8 ongelezen / 8margad, maart 2007
MacMillan: Paris-China3 ongelezen / 3John, maart 2007
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