75 Books Challenge for 2021

Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2021. You don't have to begin on January 1! Some members just list their titles and authors while others post a mini-review of each book. It's all up to you. It turns out we care less about the numbers than we do about the exchange of book info and the community of readers.

New folks, start here: Welcome To New Friends

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VastgezetWelcome to New Friends69 ongelezen / 69DanJlaf, oktober 7
VastgezetMessage Board74 ongelezen / 74drneutron, vrijdag 2:00pm
Social Distancing Readathon #83 - October 15 - 1710 ongelezen / 10AnneDC, Vandaag 4:19pm
Lori (thornton37814) Reads 75 + ??? More in 2021 - Thread 4168 ongelezen / 168FAMeulstee, Vandaag 4:16pm
richardderus's fourteenth 2021 thread262 ongelezen / 262quondame, Vandaag 4:12pm
Barbara (Ameise1)'s world (2)143 ongelezen / 143FAMeulstee, Vandaag 4:12pm
CDVicarage (Kerry) completes the decade220 ongelezen / 220FAMeulstee, Vandaag 4:10pm
Anita's (Figs) Reading in 2021! Third thread.190 ongelezen / 190FAMeulstee, Vandaag 4:08pm
Read till mid March10 ongelezen / 10FAMeulstee, Vandaag 3:59pm
Amber's (scaifea) Thread #2661 ongelezen / 61alcottacre, Vandaag 3:59pm
Katiekrug Reads and Reads and Reads Some More - Part 16224 ongelezen / 224katiekrug, Vandaag 3:59pm
MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Tenth Cotillion107 ongelezen / 107alcottacre, Vandaag 3:46pm
Streamsong #4; Heading into Fall181 ongelezen / 181alcottacre, Vandaag 3:42pm
Curioussquared continues 2021 with some books: part 3219 ongelezen / 219alcottacre, Vandaag 3:34pm
LovingLit hits the books | thread 3122 ongelezen / 122richardderus, Vandaag 3:31pm
Mikail's Book Challenge (OMBWarrior47)11 ongelezen / 11OMBWarrior47, Vandaag 3:30pm
2021*3: Lizzie Reads with New Hope156 ongelezen / 156BLBera, Vandaag 3:23pm
Whisper1 Seventh thread of 202120 ongelezen / 20streamsong, Vandaag 3:23pm
Beth's (BLBera) Pages in 2021 - Chapter 5156 ongelezen / 156BLBera, Vandaag 3:21pm
Happy Hour at The Monster Club- mstrust's #5 (Autumn & Halloween)145 ongelezen / 145mstrust, Vandaag 3:19pm
Take It or Leave It Challenge - October 2021 - Page 1107 ongelezen / 107alcottacre, Vandaag 3:14pm
fuzzi Made it To 2021...Part 2 (wow!)212 ongelezen / 212thornton37814, Vandaag 3:14pm
Jim (drneutron) Reads: Volume 5247 ongelezen / 247richardderus, Vandaag 2:57pm
Mark's Reading Place: Chapter Sixteen90 ongelezen / 90richardderus, Vandaag 2:54pm
Mahsdad's (Jeff) 2021 Thread - Q433 ongelezen / 33richardderus, Vandaag 2:47pm
Joe's Book Cafe 10 2021231 ongelezen / 231richardderus, Vandaag 2:37pm
Roni Recovers and Reads in 2021: 5rd Edition256 ongelezen / 256richardderus, Vandaag 2:34pm
karenmarie: a new normal with lots of books - XII33 ongelezen / 33richardderus, Vandaag 2:33pm
Caroline's 2021 Reading Hammock (part 3)195 ongelezen / 195Caroline_McElwee, Vandaag 2:31pm
The 2021 Nonfiction Challenge Part X: Heroes and Villains in October32 ongelezen / 32benitastrnad, Vandaag 2:26pm
Alcott Acre's More Board Games Than Books188 ongelezen / 188richardderus, Vandaag 2:25pm
In Memoriam130 ongelezen / 130alcottacre, Vandaag 2:04pm
Newby ChrisG Reads 75+ in 202159 ongelezen / 59ChrisG1, Vandaag 2:00pm
Berly Turns the Page #647 ongelezen / 47Familyhistorian, Vandaag 1:43pm
hredwards 2021 List Five20 ongelezen / 20hredwards, Vandaag 1:25pm
Juli (SuziQoregon) Reads - Thread 159 ongelezen / 59SuziQoregon, Vandaag 1:18pm
Mamie's 2021 Madness, page 8248 ongelezen / 248Crazymamie, Vandaag 1:18pm
Familyhistorian’s Keeping Positive Thoughts for a Year of Change – Part 861 ongelezen / 61Familyhistorian, Vandaag 1:17pm
Chatterbox Welcomes 2021: Act II133 ongelezen / 133alcottacre, Vandaag 12:48pm
JonRob's 2021 Reads79 ongelezen / 79JonRob, Vandaag 12:39pm
PAUL C'S SECOND HOME - PART 2076 ongelezen / 76elkiedee, Vandaag 12:19pm
Bonnie (brenzi) Reads to 75 and Beyond - 2196 ongelezen / 196RebaRelishesReading, Vandaag 12:07pm
Mary (bell7) Reads Diversely and Globally in 2021 - thread #773 ongelezen / 73MickyFine, Vandaag 12:05pm
Humouress in 2021; fourth quarter (thread 4). To 75 ... and beyond81 ongelezen / 81humouress, Vandaag 11:33am
Cariola Is Back for 2021 Reading Adventures84 ongelezen / 84Cariola, Vandaag 11:11am
Mdoris (Mary) reads in 2021 #239 ongelezen / 39mdoris, Vandaag 10:37am
bluesalamanders 202191 ongelezen / 91MickyFine, Vandaag 10:36am
Shelley (jessibud2) Will Read Anywhere, chapter 3215 ongelezen / 215jessibud2, Vandaag 10:32am
Connie is back, part 392 ongelezen / 92connie53, Vandaag 9:36am
Anita (FAMeulstee) goes there where the books take her in 2021 (10)79 ongelezen / 79FAMeulstee, Vandaag 9:20am
(Sir)Thomas way through 2021 with friends and books (Part 3)66 ongelezen / 66scaifea, Vandaag 7:34am
Terri (tymfos) tries to take a bite from her TBR pile in 2021121 ongelezen / 121thornton37814, Vandaag 7:31am
foggidawn's Thread of Mystery 2021, Vol. 3112 ongelezen / 112scaifea, Vandaag 7:30am
Laura (lauralkeet)'s 75 in 2021 - Part 6216 ongelezen / 216lauralkeet, Vandaag 7:10am
DianaNL post lockdown - 254 ongelezen / 54PaulCranswick, Vandaag 5:22am
Ursula Is ... Back? (Part 2)184 ongelezen / 184PaulCranswick, Vandaag 5:21am
John Simpson - Back to the Normal Reads No 570 ongelezen / 70PaulCranswick, Vandaag 3:30am
Copperskye (Joanne) Reads in 2021 II148 ongelezen / 148alcottacre, Vandaag 1:30am
SilverWolf28's 2021 Books, part 256 ongelezen / 56PaulCranswick, Gisteren 11:22pm
Social Distancing Readathon #82 - October 8 - 1028 ongelezen / 28SilverWolf28, Gisteren 11:12pm
amanda4242's second thread44 ongelezen / 44PaulCranswick, Gisteren 10:27pm
Susan/quondame has her nose in a book 2021 - 4188 ongelezen / 188Berly, Gisteren 8:12pm
RebaRelishesReading in 2021 - #4 summer's here214 ongelezen / 214benitastrnad, Gisteren 7:52pm
klobrien2 Karen O's Book-a-Rama 2021 Part II92 ongelezen / 92klobrien2, Gisteren 7:09pm
Ron Begins the Beguine249 ongelezen / 249RBeffa, Gisteren 6:27pm
British Author Challenge October 2021: Narrative poetry21 ongelezen / 21amanda4242, Gisteren 5:37pm
Oregon Visitors!!35 ongelezen / 35Berly, Gisteren 4:44pm
Oberon's Second Thread of 202161 ongelezen / 61Oberon, Gisteren 2:35pm
SandDune’s Retirement Reads - Part 4237 ongelezen / 237SandDune, Gisteren 2:19pm
Berly Turns the Page #5210 ongelezen / 210Berly, Gisteren 2:00pm
Elkiedee Tries Again - Reads, Reviews and Rants for 202195 ongelezen / 95PaulCranswick, Gisteren 1:17pm
Lynda(Carmenere)'s Book Resort - 2256 ongelezen / 256Carmenere, Gisteren 12:42pm
Bekka's back for 2021260 ongelezen / 260richardderus, Gisteren 11:40am
Amber's (scaifea) Thread #25269 ongelezen / 269scaifea, Gisteren 10:56am
Laytonwoman3rd's THIRD 2021 Reading Thread. See What I Did There?157 ongelezen / 157laytonwoman3rd, Gisteren 10:17am
HanGerg is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel in 202165 ongelezen / 65PaulCranswick, Gisteren 9:49am
Bryony (BBGirl55) Travels in Time and Space122 ongelezen / 122PaulCranswick, Gisteren 9:48am
PawsforThought reads in 2021236 ongelezen / 236PaulCranswick, Gisteren 9:44am
Deedledee is hoping for better things in 202191 ongelezen / 91Deedledee, Gisteren 8:58am
Lunacat has a baby but tries to read anyway53 ongelezen / 53PaulCranswick, Gisteren 7:35am
souloftherose's 2021 reading for comfort195 ongelezen / 195PaulCranswick, Gisteren 7:24am
lyzard's list: Reading many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore in 2021 - Part 5233 ongelezen / 233PaulCranswick, Gisteren 7:22am
Meanderer-ing through 202170 ongelezen / 70PaulCranswick, Gisteren 7:16am
The Bookseller Käthe's Reading Log in 2021 (5)87 ongelezen / 87PaulCranswick, Gisteren 5:54am
EllaTim reading in 2021. Spring, and summer too.220 ongelezen / 220PaulCranswick, Gisteren 5:44am
Sir Furboy's 75 books in 2021162 ongelezen / 162PaulCranswick, Gisteren 5:37am
Kerry (avatiakh) continues to read in 2021 #2137 ongelezen / 137PaulCranswick, Gisteren 4:41am
Adrienne (fairywings) tries to keep up in 2021144 ongelezen / 144PaulCranswick, Gisteren 3:23am
HelenNZ resets for 202129 ongelezen / 29PaulCranswick, Gisteren 3:18am
CassieBash Continues the Challenge: More Eclectic and Sometimes Disturbing Reads164 ongelezen / 164CassieBash, woensdag 10:25pm
torontoc- reading and maybe seeing films in 2021131 ongelezen / 131torontoc, woensdag 10:01pm
TIFFIN'S Second for 202126 ongelezen / 26alcottacre, woensdag 8:48pm
PAUL C'S SECOND HOME - PART 19293 ongelezen / 293PaulCranswick, woensdag 8:18pm
Ellen (EBT1002) reads her way to retirement - 5189 ongelezen / 189Familyhistorian, woensdag 7:34pm
ffortsa reads and hopes in 2021 - still149 ongelezen / 149alcottacre, woensdag 7:16pm
London's Gin Palace238 ongelezen / 238alcottacre, woensdag 7:13pm
karenmarie: a new normal with lots of books - XI300 ongelezen / 300alcottacre, woensdag 4:00pm
Yoyogod's 2021 Reads102 ongelezen / 102yoyogod, woensdag 3:44pm
Whisper1 sixth thread of 2021157 ongelezen / 157Whisper1, woensdag 3:11pm
Paul S in 2020 plus 1 - second thread11 ongelezen / 11Ameise1, woensdag 6:41am
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