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For discussion of LibraryThing's unique "Common Knowledge" feature—a sort of "fielded wiki" available on work and author pages—and our more conventional wiki, WikiThing.

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Dates and periodicals6 ongelezen / 6Nicole_VanK, Gisteren 6:01am
CK author occupations : how liberally interpreted?30 ongelezen / 30lilithcat, dinsdag 9:17am
Nationality best practices89 ongelezen / 89lilithcat, dinsdag 9:15am
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Notes on calendar and chronology?7 ongelezen / 7birder4106, september 7
Author gender consistency25 ongelezen / 25norabelle414, augustus 20
How to move an author from unknown to living or dead18 ongelezen / 18karenb, juli 13
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Work Relationships and "Is an abridged version of"4 ongelezen / 4anglemark, juni 16
Odd behaviour in drop-downs8 ongelezen / 8MarthaJeanne, juni 12
Related films not related to the book - question15 ongelezen / 15lilithcat, juni 5
Is there a quick way to identify duplicates?6 ongelezen / 6LascaSartoris, juni 3
Ha, Got it!8 ongelezen / 8karenb, mei 28
History of a field in Common Knowledge8 ongelezen / 8DuncanHill, mei 25
Collections Wiki Update/Discussion Thread64 ongelezen / 64E-Bookworm, mei 16
cover uploaded upside-down10 ongelezen / 10ulmannc, april 21
Contribution newbie8 ongelezen / 82wonderY, maart 3
Events: 'The' or No 'The'3 ongelezen / 3lilithcat, februari 15
Combining 2 copies of a book3 ongelezen / 3MarthaJeanne, februari 1
CK author legal names9 ongelezen / 9Cynfelyn, december 2020
QUESTION: how do I combine a manually added book to a work?12 ongelezen / 12justchris, december 2020
Searching CK for author birth months?1 ongelezen / 1frithuswith, december 2020
Other Authors and anthologies.15 ongelezen / 15andyl, december 2020
Date Format for Author Lives3 ongelezen / 3gabriel, november 2020
Search by Entry Date3 ongelezen / 3MarthaJeanne, november 2020
Editing a series title3 ongelezen / 3Cynfelyn, oktober 2020
Related Places Question7 ongelezen / 7parlerodermime, september 2020
A Treacherous Country by K.M. Kruimink4 ongelezen / 4pamelad, september 2020
Cause of death field best practices24 ongelezen / 24konallis, september 2020
QUESTION : Data that is overwritten and/or disappears in author biographies4 ongelezen / 4r.orrison, september 2020
Anthology contributors in "People/Characters"11 ongelezen / 11lilithcat, september 2020
Bad Edits9 ongelezen / 9gilroy, september 2020
Characters as spoilers16 ongelezen / 16Aquila, september 2020
Author CK3 ongelezen / 3karenb, september 2020
Please add title to Creative Minds Biographies Series2 ongelezen / 2lilithcat, augustus 2020
Any possibility of adding "Related works" to Common Knowledge?5 ongelezen / 5MarthaJeanne, augustus 2020
Pseudonym vs Author Name4 ongelezen / 4r.orrison, augustus 2020
Top 2,000 Common Knowledge contributors9 ongelezen / 9gilroy, juli 2020
CK: The more you know....23 ongelezen / 23MarthaJeanne, juli 2020
Help please... book error10 ongelezen / 10karenb, juli 2020
CK Helper Badge3 ongelezen / 3littleone1996, juli 2020
Misuse of Alternative Titles?4 ongelezen / 4aspirit, mei 2020
Locked icon for "Series (with order)" edits8 ongelezen / 8bunnerz, mei 2020
This item has been locked ?!?6 ongelezen / 6timspalding, mei 2020
Mis-use of book description box2 ongelezen / 2karenb, mei 2020
Should this be Publisher Series? Do I need to transfer them back to ordinary Series?2 ongelezen / 2MarthaJeanne, mei 2020
People/Character names & dates10 ongelezen /, mei 2020
The 1918-19 Flu Outbreak6 ongelezen / 6lorax, mei 2020
Merging of two LibraryThing accounts3 ongelezen / 3Alberto511, april 2020
Browsing library collection by patrons2 ongelezen / 2MarthaJeanne, april 2020
Book "summary" of 1,700 words.8 ongelezen / 8TFleet, maart 2020
Blurbers49 ongelezen / 49greytone, januari 2020
EAN is not ISBN7 ongelezen / 7SandraArdnas, januari 2020
Adding fields in cataloging record, and modify fields display in the search result8 ongelezen / 8CtrSacredSciences, januari 2020
Type size3 ongelezen / 3bluepiano, januari 2020
Work to Work-Contains8 ongelezen / 8lorax, januari 2020
Members Count on Work5 ongelezen / 5MarthaJeanne, november 2019
Book Dimensions18 ongelezen / 18bnielsen, november 2019
Canonical Author Names70 ongelezen / 70MarthaJeanne, november 2019
Multiple Copies of Title, different publication dates3 ongelezen / 3lorax, oktober 2019
Sorting awards categories: follow awards, or be consistent?7 ongelezen / 7karenb, september 2019
Types of links on author pages5 ongelezen / 5aspirit, september 2019
Wrong library description11 ongelezen / 11lilithcat, augustus 2019
What order to list omnibus editions within series lists?42 ongelezen / 42norabelle414, augustus 2019
What does the green checkmark mean?4 ongelezen / 4AnnieMod, augustus 2019
Sorting Problem3 ongelezen / 3wd40sw, juli 2019
Characters with name changes2 ongelezen / 2lorannen, juni 2019
How the report false book entries14 ongelezen / 14PhaedraB, juni 2019
What is the workbench?3 ongelezen / 32wonderY, april 2019
Award for music: add to printed music or recording?17 ongelezen / 17lilithcat, april 2019
Collections2 ongelezen / 2MarthaJeanne, april 2019
Author Note7 ongelezen / 7aspirit, maart 2019
Dont you like this people/characters?6 ongelezen / 6gilroy, februari 2019
Valentine's Day Heart Hunt2 ongelezen / 2Taphophile13, februari 2019
How to revert a Wiki edit?7 ongelezen / 7r.orrison, februari 2019
Practice with series editors8 ongelezen / 8bluepiano, december 2018
A book, a ballet, and a film9 ongelezen / 9auntmarge64, december 2018
Author Combinations22 ongelezen / 22sloreck, november 2018
Link rot4 ongelezen / 4lorannen, november 2018
information being deleted46 ongelezen / 46Lyndatrue, oktober 2018
Wrong titles as default12 ongelezen / 12PawsforThought, oktober 2018
The Great American Read41 ongelezen / 41gilroy, oktober 2018
Sinéad O'Connor2 ongelezen / 2norabelle414, oktober 2018
Series to Delete27 ongelezen / 27lorannen, oktober 2018
Series Being Changed to Publisher Series25 ongelezen / 25r.orrison, oktober 2018
Desiderata12 ongelezen / 12bergs47, oktober 2018
Horror Short Story2 ongelezen / 2lilithcat, oktober 2018
Why Aren't Published Reviews Regulated?12 ongelezen / 12lilithcat, september 2018
Boundaries of the work4 ongelezen / 4Crypto-Willobie, augustus 2018
Backup list of books from LibraryThing to Excel. Is it possible?4 ongelezen / 4bnielsen, augustus 2018
Name Change, No Disambiguation Notice2 ongelezen / 2amanda4242, juli 2018
Common Knowledge first words13 ongelezen / 13WeeTurtle, juli 2018
pseudonym genders112 ongelezen / 112timspalding, juni 2018
Question: How to Fix Google Books Quick Link4 ongelezen / 4lesmel, mei 2018
How Do You Track Your "Published Reviews" ?22 ongelezen / 22elenchus, maart 2018
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Making a separate entry for a short story from a novel13 ongelezen / 13JalenV, februari 2018
Misunderstanding about works and contains/contained - much fixing needed5 ongelezen / 5anglemark, januari 2018
Awards for Omnibuses and such11 ongelezen / 11vpfluke, januari 2018
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