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Margaret and Audrey Tarrant6 ongelezen / 6abbottthomas, februari 17
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What books do you buy for baby showers, etc.61 ongelezen / 612wonderY, oktober 2020
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**What Are You Reading to your children now - or to yourself. Children's books through young adult87 ongelezen / 87nrmay, augustus 2015
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variations on Cinderella3 ongelezen / 3Keeline, januari 2015
Free book recomandations for a 5 year old15 ongelezen / 152wonderY, oktober 2014
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Any recommendations for a 13-year-old girl who doesn't like to read much, but wants to read a "teen"9 ongelezen / 92wonderY, maart 2014
Recommendations: chapter books about mice16 ongelezen / 162wonderY, maart 2014
The Pink Maple House3 ongelezen / 3SaintSunniva, maart 2014
Tasha Tudor3 ongelezen / 3MerryMary, maart 2014
children's books illustrators9 ongelezen / 9amysisson, maart 2014
Please (PLEASE!) help me find this book!4 ongelezen / 4gautherbelle, november 2013
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Books for 5th Graders49 ongelezen / 49jenmarqt, december 2012
Priceless Experience7 ongelezen / 7Perkinhob, oktober 2012
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Suggestions for precocious 4-year old girl11 ongelezen / 11krazy4katz, september 2012
LibraryThing Mock Newbery and Caldecott Group1 ongelezen / 1foggidawn, augustus 2012
3rd grade mother daughter book club- need title suggestions4 ongelezen / 4AygsWithLaygs, juli 2012
Help finding beautiful French children picture books1 ongelezen / 1Comatoes, april 2012
Looking for picture books about children who must carry water1 ongelezen / 1deweybook, april 2012
new reader book suggestions?1 ongelezen / 1annekiwi, oktober 2011
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Children's picture books that counter stereotypes and possible biases?1 ongelezen / 1mnihon, augustus 2011
Any Patricia Polacco fans?19 ongelezen / 19CurrerBell, juli 2011
help with book identification3 ongelezen / 3homeschoolmom, januari 2011
Help needed identifying book8 ongelezen / 8Sakerfalcon, januari 2011
New Picture Books40 ongelezen / 40Chelanne, oktober 2010
Books for Babies.8 ongelezen / 8Chelanne, oktober 2010
Fifth Graders10 ongelezen / 10Chelanne, oktober 2010
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book series26 ongelezen / 26sparrowbunny, augustus 2010
Funny Chapter/YA Book for 10 yr. Old Read Aloud6 ongelezen / 6shelf-employed, augustus 2010
Books with Social Studies curriculum connections (elementary)6 ongelezen / 6lnewlun, juni 2010
Need books about South Africa or Africa2 ongelezen / 2sparrowbunny, mei 2010
Movies & TV Shows Made Into Books5 ongelezen / 5skullduggery, april 2010
Australian Children's Lit1 ongelezen / 1jaseD, maart 2010
Suggestions for Read Aloud Books9 ongelezen / 9homeschoolmom, februari 2010
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YS librarians: Census or Olympics storytime ideas?1 ongelezen / 1shelf-employed, januari 2010
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Library Listening Centers2 ongelezen / 2Mud, december 2009
what is your favorite children book of all time?31 ongelezen / 31read-a-lots2, december 2009
Group combination proposal error1 ongelezen / 1digifish_books, december 2009
Laurie Halse Anderson1 ongelezen / 1Maidas9, december 2009
Adding reading level info to LT records - how to automate?1 ongelezen / 1luria_academy_bklyn, november 2009
Can't remember the title/ author; help!1 ongelezen / 1sweetdissident, november 2009
What makes you cry?72 ongelezen / 72MarthaSteward64, november 2009
Books for Teens?29 ongelezen / 29simocat, november 2009
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Lemony Snicket5 ongelezen / 5phoenix718, september 2009
Looking for Babysitters Little Sister series by Ann Martin7 ongelezen / 7gkmiller4, september 2009
Chapter book Suggestions11 ongelezen / 11theretiredlibrarian, september 2009
Let me introduce Shroobear1 ongelezen / 1dlinseman52752, augustus 2009
Essential books for a kid under 10's bookshelf48 ongelezen / 48Maidas9, juli 2009
Any budding children's book authors out there?8 ongelezen / 8Maidas9, juli 2009
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Children on LT?15 ongelezen / 15raising_a_reader, december 2008
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Looking for information7 ongelezen / 7megkrahl, juni 2008
Please help...preschooler8 ongelezen / 8jhedlund, april 2008
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