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The group for classical musicians of any form (instrumentalists, vocalists, conductors, composers), fans of classical music, and people who are interested in learning more!

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What music-related book are you reading now?2 ongelezen / 2Tess_W, september 24
Countertenors--yay or nay?16 ongelezen / 16LolaWalser, september 22
Current Events/Concerts5 ongelezen / 5genesisdiem, september 21
Cataloguing CDs on LibraryThing12 ongelezen / 12Tess_W, september 21
'What’s wrong with the classical concert experience in the 21st century?'11 ongelezen / 11Tess_W, juli 10
Charles Rosen books1 ongelezen / 1GaryMcGath, juni 2020
Pavarotti documentary1 ongelezen / 1KennyUpstairs, oktober 2019
Beethoven analysis2 ongelezen / 2Elfsilbler, augustus 2019
Cataloging sheet music15 ongelezen / 15lesmel, mei 2019
Music for Steinbeck's The Moon is Down1 ongelezen / 1Ephemeralda, november 2017
Recommend a Tchaikovsky biography?1 ongelezen / 1Meredy, september 2017
Best place for free classical music mp3 downloads7 ongelezen / 7Diane-bpcb, december 2016
Literature on the German lied tradition1 ongelezen / 1defaults, juli 2016
50 Greatest Composers - Goulding - Beginner's listening program1 ongelezen / 1richardbsmith, juli 2016
Do you play an instrument?29 ongelezen / 29defaults, juli 2016
Recording of "The Merry Widow" ballet versus opera?15 ongelezen / 15clong, oktober 2015
What was the title of my piano book?5 ongelezen / 5Meredy, augustus 2015
What do you listen to when you're working?1 ongelezen / 1awsexton, december 2014
What is your favorite classical music to listen to while reading?21 ongelezen / 21tames, december 2014
The Future of Classical Music - Is It Doomed?26 ongelezen / 26theabbottsmusick, maart 2014
Scarlatti question10 ongelezen / 10HarryMacDonald, oktober 2013
The Black Pirate - Mortimer Wilson's music.5 ongelezen / 5alaudacorax, augustus 2013
Sibelius's Karelia Suite - why 'Intermezzo'?4 ongelezen / 4elenchus, juni 2012
Anyone catalog CDs & DVDs on LibraryThing?6 ongelezen / 6alaudacorax, juni 2012
Happy birthday, Johann!2 ongelezen / 2Barton, april 2011
Pandora anyone?4 ongelezen / 4Feurmann, januari 2011
Last Night of the Proms1 ongelezen / 1Barton, september 2010
Pumpkin Club10 ongelezen / 10Thrin, augustus 2010
The state of the orchestra field (in the U.S., anyway)1 ongelezen / 1clong, juli 2010
Conductors30 ongelezen / 30Thrin, juli 2010
Classical Music Message Board75 ongelezen / 75cappybear, juni 2010
Best Classical Concert You've Ever Attended27 ongelezen / 27weirdwordnerd, mei 2010
Orchestra! with Dudley Moore and Solti now available1 ongelezen / 1tames, januari 2010
Today on Radio 31 ongelezen / 1antimuzak, december 2007
Testimony3 ongelezen / 3perodicticus, juli 2007
Elgar's 150th1 ongelezen / 1antimuzak, juni 2007
The Future of Classical Music - Is It Doomed?1 ongelezen / 1jjneill, januari 2007
The Future of Classsical Music - Is It Doomed?1 ongelezen / 1jjneill, januari 2007
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