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Deze groep is officieel gaan sluimeren. Zo gaat dat. Als je deze groep wilt laten herleven, of een nieuwe groep maken over het zelfde onderwerp ga naar deze pagina.

From the just left-of-center to progressive radicalism, a forum to discuss those books and authors which help to shape, change, mold, or support political and social values & beliefs.

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What's happening in 2017?3 ongelezen / 3nansunn, januari 2019
Tucker Carlson18 ongelezen / 18applemcg, september 2017
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4th of July (and beyond) reading1 ongelezen / 1TooMuch, juni 2016
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The Bush Administration: A Comix Book or a Horror Novel?27 ongelezen / 27JNagarya, juli 2013
Books you want the next President to take to the White House92 ongelezen / 92JNagarya, juni 2013
Revolution Is a Dinner Party -- The Rise of Rogue Pluralism in China2 ongelezen / 2lilithcat, maart 2013
American "Fiscal Cliff"1 ongelezen / 1MaureenRoy, januari 2013
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Call for Submissions to progressive SF mag1 ongelezen / 1moretales, april 2012
Keith Olbermann out at Current. Any opinions?1 ongelezen / 1jseger9000, april 2012
Author chat on AARP, Social Security, Medicare1 ongelezen / 1frederickrlynch, maart 2012
what`s going on where you are ?49 ongelezen / 49nickhoonaloon, januari 2012
Future of Social Security and Medicare1 ongelezen / 1frederickrlynch, januari 2012
Dystopian II31 ongelezen / 31lawecon, december 2011
Dystopian254 ongelezen / 254JBD1, december 2011
Social Justice Theory1 ongelezen / 1Illiniguy71, december 2011
The CIA killed JFK9 ongelezen / 9krolik, december 2011
Wickedary1 ongelezen / 1MaryChase, december 2011
Unwelcome Topics30 ongelezen / 30AsYouKnow_Bob, december 2011
Dystopian books with parallels to today25 ongelezen / 25quartzite, oktober 2011
My Progressive Novel8 ongelezen / 8JohnGNelson, oktober 2011
Progressive vs. Liberal (?)46 ongelezen / 46lawecon, oktober 2011
How do liberals feel about this book4 ongelezen / 4barbarajcornett, mei 2011
a novel about hell-th insurance1 ongelezen / 1IanWoollen, april 2011
Books that can Make a Difference? (Please Recommend)65 ongelezen / 65thejazzmonger, maart 2011
Progressive blogs - use this space to alert the world to `blogs with a message`.37 ongelezen / 37thejazzmonger, maart 2011
Have you read [The Monster] by [[Michael W. Hudson]]? What did you think?5 ongelezen / 5Just1MoreBook, januari 2011
Keith Olbermann muzzled for donations1 ongelezen / 1geohistnut, november 2010
"Marlena's Journal" Telling It Like It Is In - Minnesota Not So Nice4 ongelezen / 4JNagarya, september 2010
NEW POLITICAL CARTOON BOOK6 ongelezen / 6Papiervisje, juli 2010
which is more important - right, credit or altruistic?3 ongelezen / 3skoobdo, mei 2010
So what's "Progressivism" anyway?10 ongelezen / 10perdondaris, mei 2010
The Spirit Level4 ongelezen / 4skoobdo, mei 2010
Palestine2 ongelezen / 2cougar_c, april 2010
Poverty & Homelessness3 ongelezen / 3quartzite, april 2010
12 Popular Conservative Bumper Stickers57 ongelezen / 57perdondaris, april 2010
The Illustrated Tea Party Dictionary4 ongelezen / 4JNagarya, april 2010
Crash Course in Politics?38 ongelezen / 38perdondaris, maart 2010
Progressive publishers11 ongelezen / 11zerode, maart 2010
Anyone else disappointed in Obama?103 ongelezen / 103perdondaris, maart 2010
Iran4 ongelezen / 4perdondaris, maart 2010
War on Poverty5 ongelezen / 5perdondaris, maart 2010
Palin Caught Scribbling Notes on Hand9 ongelezen / 9JNagarya, februari 2010
End of Health Care Reform?10 ongelezen / 10Lunar, januari 2010
The conviction of Richard Nixon50 ongelezen / 50JNagarya, november 2009
NPR Poll2 ongelezen / 2Lunar, oktober 2009
Children's book recommendations?29 ongelezen / 29sweetdissident, september 2009
Hirst and Thompson and globalization11 ongelezen / 11teesside_dazza, juli 2009
Progressive Policy Successes Since 198029 ongelezen / 29geneg, juli 2009
Progressive Periodicals31 ongelezen / 31triviadude, juni 2009
Gay marriage in Iowa61 ongelezen / 61FicusFan, juni 2009
What book shall I buy ?23 ongelezen / 23Lunar, april 2009
Express your liberal opinions and fight it out with conservatives on a subjective wiki1 ongelezen / 1francoamericanrt, maart 2009
Sheri Berman v. Michael Harrington9 ongelezen / 9nickhoonaloon, maart 2009
A belief of mine....48 ongelezen / 48hume, februari 2009
Political discussion board3 ongelezen / 3krolik, februari 2009
Obama breaks bread with George Will, William Kristol and David Brooks.13 ongelezen / 13clamairy, januari 2009
Obama's Inaugural Address34 ongelezen / 34clamairy, januari 2009
Moving beyond the mainstream dialog - reflections on March 19th in DC10 ongelezen / 10nickhoonaloon, januari 2009
Political Conservatives complaining about Dawkins' Billboards is silly...5 ongelezen / 5clamairy, januari 2009
Guantanamo Bay Life after Bush5 ongelezen / 5DugsBooks, november 2008
What conservative pundits do you read/watch/listen to?23 ongelezen / 23JNagarya, november 2008
Obama 30 minute commercial13 ongelezen / 13NeverStopTrying, oktober 2008
Can you come up with a caption for this picture?32 ongelezen / 32JNagarya, oktober 2008
McCain hack Rick Davis, or Serial Killer reconstituted?3 ongelezen / 3KidSisyphus, september 2008
The backlash has finally begun!18 ongelezen / 18KidSisyphus, september 2008
Pigs in Lipstick, and the Two Faces of McCain8 ongelezen / 8kawika, september 2008
What we talk about when we talk about God30 ongelezen / 30Arctic-Stranger, september 2008
Republican Convention Snarkfest 2008: Pushing the Nasty Meter into the Red-Zone20 ongelezen / 20maggie1944, september 2008
Tired of Clinton vs. Obama?11 ongelezen / 11krolik, mei 2008
Charlton Heston2 ongelezen / 2EmScape, april 2008
Dickipedia - not about detectives6 ongelezen / 6Allama, maart 2008
Message to Ralph Nader2 ongelezen / 2dodger, februari 2008
Latest debate: Did they draw any blood?26 ongelezen / 26jseger9000, januari 2008
Lets have an open and free debate43 ongelezen / 43dixiereader, december 2007
Dear knee-jerk English Only people:31 ongelezen / 31bereader, december 2007
Dennis and the U.F.O15 ongelezen / 15jseger9000, december 2007
The news is making me sick19 ongelezen / 19Arctic-Stranger, oktober 2007
Bush vetos CHIP2 ongelezen / 2Truthseeker013, oktober 2007
Finally. News that doesn't make me sick! Al Gore Awarded Nobel Peace Prize15 ongelezen / 15dchaikin, oktober 2007
The MORE loyal oppostion - Third Parties28 ongelezen / 28geneg, oktober 2007
Which way for democracy ?86 ongelezen / 86MissTrudy, oktober 2007
Pro and Con3 ongelezen / 3nickhoonaloon, oktober 2007
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Group read?21 ongelezen / 21margd, oktober 2007
How to encourage democracy in the world?50 ongelezen / 50BGP, oktober 2007
Gun Control22 ongelezen / 22Truthseeker013, september 2007
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War Profiteering23 ongelezen / 23nickhoonaloon, september 2007
Communists and Nazis48 ongelezen / 48wyrdchao, september 2007
"And the next President of the United States is..."48 ongelezen / 48wyrdchao, september 2007
A new book group to the left of P&L!, but the right of RL...1 ongelezen / 1BGP, september 2007
Hilary and the Constitution8 ongelezen / 8reading_fox, september 2007
What I just heard on CNN20 ongelezen / 20wyrdchao, augustus 2007
Biomedical ethics6 ongelezen / 6januaryw, augustus 2007
The site picture36 ongelezen / 36geneg, augustus 2007
reconstruction scandals in iraq4 ongelezen / 4geneg, juli 2007
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