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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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VastgezetPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!24 ongelezen / 24amanda4242, zondag 10:11pm
VastgezetGeneral help and topic title change requests44 ongelezen / 44amanda4242, zaterdag 8:46pm
VastgezetAnnouncements42 ongelezen / 42sparemethecensor, woensdag 7:46pm
YA/CHildrens book1 ongelezen / 1Gabluvbks, Vandaag 1:21pm
Fiction: Girl sent to island for being sick2 ongelezen / 2pjfarm, Vandaag 9:51am
Astronauts return to Utopia3 ongelezen / 3arednalie, Vandaag 9:03am
CHILDREN'S STORY BOOK (RUSSIAN) FROM 1980s1 ongelezen / 1Ray123456, Vandaag 6:59am
Dark fantasy about the rainbow bridge1 ongelezen / 1LaurieBee3, Vandaag 5:17am
Contemporary romance, Irish main characters, a firefighter and redhead1 ongelezen / 1endall, Gisteren 9:32pm
Childs book - African/amer family. sad child. bird flew off. bold warm colors1 ongelezen / 1bmoeller, Gisteren 7:29pm
Fiction, war book, strong southern(?) dialect2 ongelezen / 2d_perlo, Gisteren 4:04pm
Family of skilled people solving crimes. Unusual last name of family.2 ongelezen / 2sueelleker, Gisteren 1:42pm
Found: Classic scifi book alien abduction.5 ongelezen / 5gregbry, Gisteren 12:16pm
Pirate Romance2 ongelezen / 2Pookie07, Gisteren 12:15pm
Found: YA Dystopian number tattoos/replacement/important family4 ongelezen / 4juels, Gisteren 10:02am
Found: A children's book about 4(?) kids who think they're reincarnated and were evil in their past lives8 ongelezen / 8traviswj, Gisteren 7:48am
Found: girl cheats on boyfriend with his brother5 ongelezen / 5remee, Gisteren 6:15am
Found: Fantasy book series - group of characters go on quest3 ongelezen / 3Jamesmm, Gisteren 4:07am
Western Fiction Trickshooter LGBT woman disguised as man2 ongelezen / 2BooksellerRuth, Gisteren 3:22am
Mystery/Suspense: Woman runs away to start new life in small town, maybe in the south?1 ongelezen / 1MargieLL, Gisteren 2:03am
Help Finding Teen Fantasy Book With Green-Eyed Girl1 ongelezen / 1KendallN, zondag 10:04pm
Adult Fiction, Morphing Creature, Kidnapped Girl1 ongelezen / 1littlerhum, zondag 4:31pm
abused student morphs into a barn swallow to run away from life1 ongelezen / 1bookie2323, zondag 2:26pm
Romance novel set around an hurricane in Key West Florida1 ongelezen / 1Addietive, zondag 12:06pm
Children's book boy with red wagon and bb gun going on adventures around his house1 ongelezen / 1vprzybyl, zondag 10:01am
Found: teen romance book i forgot the name of3 ongelezen / 3lokifin, zondag 8:47am
I'm trying to find the name of a book I fell in love with back in middle school.3 ongelezen / 3Caramellunacy, zondag 5:56am
Swamp's Soul Captured (Children's Horror Book)1 ongelezen / 1C.J.8, zondag 2:42am
Coming of Age middle school girl 90s-00s book3 ongelezen / 3merrystar, zaterdag 10:51pm
help3 ongelezen / 3collie50, zaterdag 8:45pm
Historical Romance1 ongelezen / 1collie50, zaterdag 8:38pm
help me find a book3 ongelezen / 3Aquila, zaterdag 8:29pm
Comedic (?) short stories about misunderstandings1 ongelezen / 1BlueRam7, zaterdag 6:34pm
historical romance1 ongelezen / 1cher_chelsea, zaterdag 5:34pm
YA fantasy book (I think?) about a lost princess with scar on face, fire killed her family?1 ongelezen / 1Fern_Evans, zaterdag 4:58pm
Fantasy Novel - Magic powers set in village, read in last 10 - 15 yrs1 ongelezen / 1ReadingRN, zaterdag 3:03pm
RIVAL WITCH AND WIZARD FAMILY4 ongelezen / 4stephaniepaires, zaterdag 2:13pm
Summer camp fiction before 19961 ongelezen / 1yehbex9678, zaterdag 10:35am
Middle Grade Realistic Fiction- pink cover4 ongelezen / 4pattonsauce, zaterdag 8:38am
Fantasy book about man who inherits medieval kingdom in other world, becomes king3 ongelezen / 3beichst, zaterdag 8:31am
Depression Prohibition Era Outlaws23 ongelezen / 23Bargle5, zaterdag 6:56am
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice64 ongelezen / 64Bargle5, zaterdag 6:54am
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer29 ongelezen / 29Bargle5, zaterdag 6:53am
Horror Book, Possibly 2, from 70s-80s (Spoiler Ahead)18 ongelezen / 18Bargle5, zaterdag 6:52am
Portnoy's Complaint Knockoff18 ongelezen / 18Bargle5, zaterdag 6:51am
Graphic novel about 4 fairytale characters as kids that i cant remember the name of3 ongelezen / 3Sen_Tuar, zaterdag 12:28am
Found: Orphan learns Matthew 5, inherits poor plot of land, works in coal mine, refuses rich landowner trying to annex5 ongelezen / 5sdgathman, zaterdag 12:14am
Horror book from the 80s1 ongelezen / 1HorrorGirl42368, vrijdag 10:48pm
Romance: Hero's daughter is being bullied1 ongelezen / 1renniks, vrijdag 9:05pm
Historcial Romance2 ongelezen / 2renniks, vrijdag 8:58pm
Period romance with paranormal twist2 ongelezen / 2renniks, vrijdag 8:08pm
Apocalypse novel in California1 ongelezen / 1jasminetaber, vrijdag 7:20pm
Regency romance2 ongelezen / 2renniks, vrijdag 5:19pm
80s children fiction picture book with scene of community members in courtroom G.Washington era hair and attire2 ongelezen / 2AVauters, vrijdag 4:45pm
Possibly Shapeshifters??4 ongelezen / 4beyondthefourthwall, vrijdag 4:35pm
Regency romance, beauty and the beast retelling6 ongelezen / 6renniks, vrijdag 3:17pm
Historical Romance2 ongelezen / 2renniks, vrijdag 3:10pm
Old book from 60's1 ongelezen / 1mayofthevalley, vrijdag 1:13pm
Seattle?/high schoolers/poisoning/mystery3 ongelezen / 3Kaysiereads, vrijdag 12:34pm
Found: YA Story about a girl who sees ghosts10 ongelezen / 10eoverkamp, vrijdag 12:05pm
Body Swap Mystery1 ongelezen / 1Kastenberry, vrijdag 10:39am
Shattered5 ongelezen / 5aspirit, vrijdag 10:16am
book boys built rollercoaster called shoot to shoot3 ongelezen / 3beichst, vrijdag 9:23am
girl works for secret organization that saves fairy tale characters and creatures and tired of it2 ongelezen / 2pattonsauce, vrijdag 9:19am
Louisiana bayou, teenage pregnancy, adoption, mystery/romance3 ongelezen / 3aspirit, vrijdag 9:07am
Looking for a Children's Picture Book About a Crow that became beautiful and then plucked it's feather's out2 ongelezen / 2pattonsauce, vrijdag 9:06am
Young English lady life during WWII, obsessed with rich lady across the street1 ongelezen / 1Tessa.Pup, donderdag 9:51pm
Romance- the main character is a scientist and she doesn’t get out much so her brother says she should reach out to his2 ongelezen / 2chrandra, donderdag 9:25pm
Found: YA fiction with teenage pirate named catherine3 ongelezen / 3LaurynDJ, donderdag 9:05pm
current book I found at Costco - Contemporary San Fran - a new Grim Reaper is being trained.7 ongelezen / 7SeattleMetaphysical, donderdag 8:17pm
YA Fiction about girl and French man1 ongelezen / 1Tiasaurus, donderdag 4:18pm
helph with historical romance1 ongelezen / 1collie50, donderdag 3:41pm
YA Fantasy Series1 ongelezen / 1AnimalRocker, donderdag 3:39pm
Sci-Fi or Space Opera -- War with chalk?6 ongelezen / 6Termas, donderdag 3:23pm
Self-realization Maybe pre 20021 ongelezen / 1jloeb, donderdag 12:09pm
90s or early 2000s book about Woman Vigilante1 ongelezen / 1reader_reader, donderdag 10:57am
YA novel from the 1980s with a pizza eating contest2 ongelezen / 2beyondthefourthwall, donderdag 9:49am
Romance-Mills and Boon/Harlequin(presents or modern)-Possibly secretary in title1 ongelezen / 1ashcal, donderdag 1:15am
Missing title of book2 ongelezen / 2lilithcat, woensdag 10:46pm
Cheesy Murder Mystery from 2005-20151 ongelezen / 1Recoil1999, woensdag 10:16pm
looking for title2 ongelezen / 2lesmel, woensdag 8:23pm
Post-apocalyptic Military SF set in Africa5 ongelezen / 5MiguelSanchez, woensdag 6:58pm
Children's comedic allegory about a conquistador who talks to his helmet to get answers1 ongelezen / 1jp0, woensdag 3:31pm
boy whose parents are dark lords?3 ongelezen / 3JH00000, woensdag 2:56pm
American & Russian Presidents Are 2 Witnesses from Revelations1 ongelezen / 1flatsfish, woensdag 1:17pm
muckrakes - silos - novel written in the 60s2 ongelezen / 2juels, woensdag 11:24am
horror, i think it's based on the amityville house?2 ongelezen / 2TuxedoCat, woensdag 10:54am
Sci fi book mid 80s3 ongelezen / 3beichst, woensdag 9:53am
Red book cover. Fantasy/Adventure genre. Set in village. Orphan girl Protagonist1 ongelezen / 1ChoZenBullet, woensdag 8:16am
Book about a wealthy female cat burglar1 ongelezen / 1BeejayA, woensdag 3:34am
Fantasy Erotica, Read in 2015; A woman w\ black wings in a big city has sex with men2 ongelezen / 2aspirit, dinsdag 7:50pm
Each chapter has quotes7 ongelezen / 7emublaine, dinsdag 7:36pm
little boy dies and has to pass over1 ongelezen / 1Caroous, dinsdag 5:33pm
Please help me....2 ongelezen / 2lilithcat, dinsdag 5:13pm
1970's mystery for young readers3 ongelezen / 3Kas1968, dinsdag 3:38pm
Found: Fairy Tale4 ongelezen / 4TuxedoCat, dinsdag 3:11pm
Elementary Book Series4 ongelezen / 4juels, dinsdag 12:32pm
Found: Short Story Set in India Read in English Class3 ongelezen / 3sadafkadir, dinsdag 9:13am
Help wanted3 ongelezen / 3rarm, dinsdag 8:51am
Found: I read this book in middle school and haven't been able to find it since.3 ongelezen / 3Rachel95, dinsdag 4:02am
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