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VastgezetPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!35 ongelezen / 35amanda4242, januari 19
VastgezetGeneral help and topic title change requests126 ongelezen / 126amanda4242, januari 19
VastgezetAnnouncements46 ongelezen / 46humouress, augustus 2021
Help! Can't remember name of Pre-1985 Sci-Fi Book2 ongelezen / 2bookel, Vandaag 12:08am
HUSBAND DOESNT WANT KIDS ROMANCE BOOK1 ongelezen / 1Lexi12182012, Gisteren 11:07pm
Found: YA Fantasy Romance Scarred Musician Saves the Princess3 ongelezen / 3ewoerth, Gisteren 10:58pm
YA book about ghosts in a blizzard6 ongelezen / 6bookel, Gisteren 8:22pm
sci fi male character with nickname "lion face"1 ongelezen / 1pitchfw, Gisteren 8:22pm
Found: Book about time travel (sort of)5 ongelezen / 5MissSquish, Gisteren 6:44pm
If fire go out devil will come1 ongelezen / 1hannah0605, Gisteren 6:23pm
Find that book2 ongelezen / 2lilithcat, Gisteren 6:11pm
Found: YA Fantasy/Romance Man kidnapped by Fae6 ongelezen / 6ewoerth, Gisteren 5:36pm
book with black and white cover about orphans??2 ongelezen / 2saskia17, Gisteren 2:09pm
Can't find this book name or anything3 ongelezen / 3jollyavis, Gisteren 12:35pm
Children's book 80s/90s1 ongelezen / 1Carrico1986, Gisteren 12:25pm
Children's book 1980s black girl birthday3 ongelezen / 3MelissaDallaryan, Gisteren 10:23am
Mystery Book Set in Michigan?1 ongelezen / 1Conway928, donderdag 10:47pm
teen romance zombie creepy5 ongelezen / 5evadidonato, donderdag 8:29pm
Found: YA/Children's series of novels set in Thatcher's London featuring a street gang4 ongelezen / 4brizzzy, donderdag 7:26pm
Found: Science fiction for teens a monkey human hybrid starts a revolt4 ongelezen / 4ratakaskuchi, donderdag 4:07pm
I've searched without any luck, please help2 ongelezen / 2rentck, donderdag 2:05pm
Fiction; Female Protagonist, Adopted, Middle East, Circassian, California, Doctor1 ongelezen / 1N2Books04, donderdag 2:03pm
Romance: Harlequin heroine is dumped by her ex1 ongelezen / 1Bibliophili, donderdag 1:37pm
A girl who visits the Taj Mahal is abducted1 ongelezen / 1Karlo88, donderdag 12:36pm
Romance: writer woman's affair with an unknown man at the Venice Carnival1 ongelezen / 1Karlo88, donderdag 12:32pm
Romance Hero and heroine have short fling, she's pregnant, he lied about his name1 ongelezen / 1renniks, donderdag 12:21pm
Romance Hero thinks heroine is dead and moves on with her best friend1 ongelezen / 1renniks, donderdag 12:14pm
Science fiction romance2 ongelezen / 2renniks, donderdag 12:05pm
Adult Romance Mystery Victorian2 ongelezen / 2renniks, donderdag 11:04am
Found: mystery/suspense, guy follows a deer to a castle on his property that is not on the map5 ongelezen / 5MiloradT, donderdag 10:50am
Romance: Hero marries heroine to get shares1 ongelezen / 1renniks, donderdag 9:53am
Found: Historical romance, hero is traumatized, always wear gloves6 ongelezen / 6renniks, donderdag 9:49am
90s bestseller young woman, relation mother. Tree-something?9 ongelezen / 9MagdalenaWD, donderdag 9:15am
Found: Sci-Fi Short story, living bombs sent to kill Earth.13 ongelezen / 13bnielsen, donderdag 5:36am
Regency romance, talented painter accused of murdering husband2 ongelezen / 2leennnadine, woensdag 10:58pm
Only remember the cover2 ongelezen / 2lemonraindrops, woensdag 9:51pm
Found: Realistic fiction a girl whose brother died4 ongelezen / 4vorkosigan, woensdag 6:17pm
Young Adult Book about two young boys who grew up during Columbine1 ongelezen / 1mcurry40, woensdag 2:46pm
Fantasy book (1990s or before) with dragons that rule cities5 ongelezen / 5humouress, woensdag 1:30pm
Hardback Children's Book About a Boy Searching for his Dog23 ongelezen / 23bookel, woensdag 5:13am
Scifi, teen clones, memory serum, compass direction names1 ongelezen / 1Kyle_Miller, dinsdag 11:15pm
Children's Picture Book.3 ongelezen / 3oculi, dinsdag 11:04pm
Fiction, Set during Ellis Island times. Trilogy?2 ongelezen / 2tesslouise, dinsdag 9:31pm
Found: Adult sci-fi humans use neural link to control robots4 ongelezen / 4beichst, dinsdag 8:58pm
Reverse Harem fantasy series1 ongelezen / 1Morrana, dinsdag 8:07pm
romance book made possibly 1970's31 ongelezen / 31lesmel, dinsdag 6:52pm
Princess pearls stolen1 ongelezen / 1willowbranch, dinsdag 4:05pm
Women's Fiction, British Author, 3 female friends1 ongelezen / 1Florentineartist, dinsdag 4:02pm
Help putting a name to this crime horror-ish novel1 ongelezen / 1coldazice, dinsdag 3:50pm
YA Book Read in 80s about power of a lie1 ongelezen / 1MaxwellSZD, dinsdag 12:20pm
(Y) Cat Queen transforms into human3 ongelezen / 3rbrown46, dinsdag 11:12am
Kids Christmas Book2 ongelezen / 2Glacier_Goat, dinsdag 10:23am
A widower with 3 daughters in fort worth falls in love with a school teacher2 ongelezen / 2ennyluv, dinsdag 10:19am
Poem about dreams(goals) and the ocean1 ongelezen / 1yadtree, maandag 9:58pm
Found: Fiction, YA, science fiction?4 ongelezen / 4vorkosigan, maandag 3:51pm
90s storybook about a dad who "turns into" his baby2 ongelezen / 2brizzzy, maandag 2:49pm
Sci-Fi book about the fourth dimension3 ongelezen / 3beyondthefourthwall, maandag 1:58pm
Found: YA Graphic Novel Flames on Cover animals in space suits4 ongelezen / 4lightningzog, maandag 1:45pm
Found: Teen Lengthy Series- female- kinda Bourne trilogy plot4 ongelezen / 4beyondthefourthwall, maandag 1:35pm
English YA book girl gets first horse, struggles in school3 ongelezen / 3ecd918, maandag 11:27am
Adult romance historical1 ongelezen / 1RobynVanHelsing, maandag 10:21am
Black cloth bound Occult "encyclopedia" like book published pre 19733 ongelezen / 3Naanad, zondag 8:23pm
Fiction family drama beach American1 ongelezen / 1Razella, zondag 4:32pm
Found: Fiction People die in town still talk in cemetary on hill3 ongelezen / 3alibee888, zondag 3:19pm
Name that book about snow, trees, and a woman3 ongelezen / 3keachachu, zondag 2:44pm
Found: Mystery Fear of the unknown House with portal in basement4 ongelezen / 4curser, zondag 2:37pm
Short Story in SciFi anthology: Human ambassador on alien planet.2 ongelezen / 2Terby, zondag 12:18pm
Found: Man builds a Hotel (fiction novel)3 ongelezen / 3Djonthujon, zondag 10:52am
Horror/Fantasy Fiction Series1 ongelezen / 1Uhlexahs, zondag 8:21am
middle grade/ya prose with illustrations, pigs and protests2 ongelezen / 2Sen_Tuar, zondag 3:54am
Found: YA Book with time travel and submarine4 ongelezen / 4vorkosigan, zondag 3:17am
M/M, Santa, North Pole (one M has a son)1 ongelezen / 1terf, zondag 1:48am
kids horror book series with two sisters1 ongelezen / 1JALMy, zondag 1:29am
Adult novel about an abused wife featured author on Oprah12 ongelezen / 12allisonmiller, zaterdag 7:21pm
Light summer read about missing painting1 ongelezen / 1jayjay3189, zaterdag 3:30pm
Urban fantasy female werewolf human mate1 ongelezen / 1Jai2609, zaterdag 1:11pm
Found: Old European(?) film - residents of an insane asylum are let loose3 ongelezen / 32wonderY, zaterdag 12:56pm
Children's book about a baby wolf pup?3 ongelezen / 3bookel, zaterdag 7:45am
hello please help me5 ongelezen / 5andria_melanie, zaterdag 12:17am
Found: Fiction Something like "Journey To Paradise"3 ongelezen / 3torio1, januari 21
Children's book about two stone lions7 ongelezen / 7chris711, januari 21
Book cover has a ship and a blonde boy2 ongelezen / 2chris711, januari 21
Found: Sci Fi about replacement body parts/organs3 ongelezen / 3DeanBauer, januari 21
Found: YA fantasy modern london setting3 ongelezen / 3eljvienna, januari 21
Found: YA fantasy book female mc12 ongelezen / 12Kathy_Moon, januari 21
Book about virtual dating ???2 ongelezen / 2juels, januari 21
Found: School where kids are ranked!4 ongelezen / 4juels, januari 21
Fantasy Siblings Stop Time3 ongelezen / 3TheMonarchGamer, januari 21
hired murderer revenge his love rapist1 ongelezen / 1AleAAH, januari 21
Found: Children's picture book with wolf and fox3 ongelezen / 3morgan.pp, januari 20
2010s fiction set on a farm1 ongelezen / 1cwj1127, januari 20
Book about a girl who’s at a school for talented kids1 ongelezen / 1Kami95, januari 20
Girl and boy search for treasure, pre-1981 kids book8 ongelezen / 8Terby, januari 20
YA murder mystery3 ongelezen / 3merrystar, januari 20
Found: Fantasy, war, army run by female officers who enslave the men of defeated countries with collars controlled by magic4 ongelezen / 4humouress, januari 20
Found: Contemporary romance or mystery about an inherited jewel5 ongelezen / 5juels, januari 20
YA scifi 2 girls meet (possibly) aliens1 ongelezen / 1morgan.pp, januari 20
Found: YA mystery and romance with a ghost3 ongelezen / 3humouress, januari 20
SOLVED: YA book girl disguised as boy sneaks onto large sailing ship3 ongelezen / 3humouress, januari 20
Children's book (early 2000s) about kid in hospital, with aliens1 ongelezen / 1TN2021, januari 19
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