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I have always loved to read. When I was little I would stay up until I fell asleep head first in my book. Unfortunately as time went on I found I was only reading books for requirement at school. After completing my college undergraduate degree and I worked as a nanny with two children while I completed my masters. Between my best friend suggesting some great books and Ella who was the eight year old I was a nanny for, I jumped back into books. I can't seem to get enough. I find a book I love and I am enraptured for days, weeks, months depending on the length and if it's a series. I hate when they end, no matter how great they are or end, I can never put them down until there is nothing left. When there is nothing left I am sad because it's over. I am hoping to find others here who find what I do in books and help suggest more for me to read as I hope to be able to do for others.
Rhode Island
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