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I have a vast ebook library (over 11,000 books) but I prefer tactile reading so I have many new and used books in my home as well. Nearly everything on my "read" list is in ebook formats of various sorts. The ones I keep here in my house are my favorites, the ones I need for studying or constant reflection. The bulk of my library in my home are non-fiction books with a few exceptions ... Complete works of Poe, Lovecraft, and Wordsworth, and a handful of books that I won on Goodreads that are ARC copies. I think the only genre I don't really have is romance. Now, if there's a science fiction book, horror novel, or any other genre that I do like that has romance in it, that is incidental and not the reason I read it. I have plenty of romance in my life and don't need to read about it 😂 My idea of a great romance book is Wuthering Heights 😆

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I am 51-years-old. I have traveled extensively and lived in 4 different countries, mostly Ireland which was 7.5 years. My travels have introduced me to a wide array of books. I have an extensive collection of Irish-themed books, mostly about the history, mythology, and spirituality of the Irish people. I also have quite a few books on "The Troubles" of Northern Ireland. My husband is from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and was in a Nationalist/Republican area. I loved my time there and sometimes wished I had never come back, but I love my kids and I'm happy to have them with me all the time, especially my wee grandson.

I have always loved hiking, camping, traveling, reading, writing, arts & crafts, as well as anything historical (especially festivals based on historical time periods like Renaissance fairs, or Civil War reenactments). I love covered bridge festivals too. I also take college classes for the fun of it. I love learning new things and keeping up with all I learned in my college years. My areas of study varied over the years. I studied anything from Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology to Political Science and Journalism. I even dabbled in Physics, Biology, and Astronomy. I still do 😂 I am currently taking an Independent Study course, "The Atmosphere and Ocean: A Physical Introduction." This leads me to ...

I love nature. I had always been a nature lover. I plant gardens, plant trees, clean up unnatural disasters, pick up litter that isn't mine, and do things in a more earth-friendly kind of way. Whether climate change is real or not isn't even the main reason I do this ... this is OUR home and I keep it clean and looking lovely just like I do my OWN home. We have to share this ball of life and I prefer to take care of it the best that I can. I love to "repair" the damage that has been done as much as possible. Some say that they cannot afford it, but I have found it's cheaper to do this than to be wasteful and litterbug. Yes, I'm passionate about the earth and ALL that is on it, including us. What is best for an ecosystem will be better for us in the long run. My ultimate goal in life is to heal the relationship people have with nature.

Central Illinois, USA

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