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1603: A Turning Point in British History door Christopher Lee

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Lid: Jawin

VerzamelingenAudio Books (46), Te lezen (334), Jouw bibliotheek (1,890), Been and Gone (734), Verlanglijst (64), Alle verzamelingen (3,031)

Besprekingen1,287 besprekingen

TrefwoordenFantasy (888), Fiction (443), Bookcrossing (441), Mystery & Thrillers (311), Australian Author (286), Historical Fiction (233), Professional Development (132), Bookmooch (130), Non-Fiction (116), Sci-Fi (97) — alle trefwoorden


Wolkentrefwoordenwolk, auteurswolk

Over mij"A room without books is a body without a soul" Cicero CVI-XLII BC

I joined Bookcrossing after a big write up in the Weekend Australian in August 2003 - my name is Jawin there too - and that eventually led me here. I've been looking for places like these all my life. People here don't look askance at having a Mt TBR; they don't roll their eyes when I buy more books (or bookcases); and they understand the excitement of sharing great stories.

I share my house with two Westies - 11-year-old Buddy Boy; and Loki (aka Little Bastard), a definite terrierist.

During the daylight hours, when not working, I can be found pottering in my lovely garden.

My other on-line addiction is Scrabble - and I'm always ready to play!

Over mijn boekenI read just about anything - except mushy or really macho stuff. Favourites are fantasy, historical fiction and mystery. I support Australian authors when I can.

My list is a work in progress. So far, I have done almost all of my professional library, all my Bookcrossing shelf, and Mt TBR. However, I still have a loooong way to go!

My catalogue does not necessarily reflect my reading tastes, though. I have registered lots of books through Bookcrossing, including things I have read and don't intend to keep, some personal collection books that I have allowed out on loan, and many things that were bought specifically to release and I have not read myself. These days, because of the risk of suffocation by collapsing book piles, I am only keeping things I need for work, or that I will read again, or that I enjoyed enough to recommend to others. Anything else is listed on Bookmooch or will eventually be Bookcrossed.

I have reviewed and ranked books acquired for my personal collection from 1 January 2007, and I intend to add in rankings and reviews for older books as time permits.

If a book is tagged Bookmooch and has not left the house, then it is available on request. I've also included rankings and reviews for Bookcrossed books that I have read as I've added them in. If a book is tagged just 'bookcrossing', chances are it is not still in my possession. I'm Jawin on both BookMooch and Bookcrossing -you can check there for more details.

Ranking key:
5 ... Brilliant; highly recommended; will read again
4 ... Really enjoyed it; would recommend
3 ... Average rating; enjoyed it but wouldn't read again
2 ... Not to my taste, but others may enjoy
1 ... Can I have the time back?

GroepenAustralian LibraryThingers, BookCrossing Australia!, Books Compared, FantasyFans, Humor, TinyCat

LidmaatschapTinyCat. https://www.librarycat.org/lib/Jawin
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Ook opBookCrossing, BookMooch

WoonplaatsLaunceston, Tasmania, Australia

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URL's /profile/Jawin (profiel)
/catalog/Jawin (bibliotheek)

Lid sindsDec 5, 2006

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