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Philip A. Troy

Philip A. Troy is een LibraryThing auteur: een auteur die zijn persoonlijke bibliotheek toont op LibraryThing.

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Lid: PhilipTroy

VerzamelingenUnsorted Books (10), Main Library (2,321), Youth: Complete Library (426), Youth: Main Library (297), Youth: Hardy Boys (30), Youth: Great Illustrated Classics (46), Youth: Magic Tree House (48), Youth: Nancy Drew (35), Able Team [BOXED] (16), American Heritage (14), Anthologies & Collections (33), Christine Feehan (87), Contemporary Leatherbounds (32), Dragonlance Series (85), Dune (18), The Executioner [BOXED] (94), Forgotten Realms [BOXED] (12), Halo Universe (20), Harlequin Romance [BOXED] (215), Jim Butcher (21), Mack Bolan [BOXED] (22), Leatherbound: Children's Classics (19), Leatherbound: Classics (57), Leatherbound: Pocket Editions (1), Leatherbound: Single Volumes (11), LibraryThing Early Reviewers Books (23), Rare & Valuable (297), Reader's Digest Condensed Books (40), Star Trek Series (94), Star Wars Series [BOXED] (9), Troy Household: Agatha Christie (79), Troy Household: Harvard Classics (37), Warhammer 40,000 [BOXED] (10), Jouw bibliotheek (4,020), Gelezen, maar niet in bezit (1), Alle verzamelingen (4,138)

Besprekingen38 besprekingen

TrefwoordenFiction (3,321), Fantasy (1,767), Sci-Fi (1,047), Real World (712), Thriller (700), Romance (658), Suspense (588), Mystery (485), Author C (339), Horror (339) — alle trefwoorden


Wolkentrefwoordenwolk, auteurswolk, trefwoordenlijst

Over mijI was born in 1988, and was later diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in 1999 at the age of 11. Like most Aspergians, I have a very narrow field of interests, mostly encompassing literature and astronomical sciences. In my spare time, I write Science Fiction novels and collect books relevant to my interests: mostly science fiction.

I would like to also use a few lines here to send a warm and loving thanks to my LifeMate, Sarah Marlene Clouthier (Troy), without whom I would be an eighth of the man I am today. She is the most wonderful, loving woman a man can ever hope to find on this planet, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. Thank you, Milady, for always being there for me and for helping support my bibliophilic/bibliomaniacal hobbies.

Over mijn boekenIt has been one of my dreams to create a Library that will live on after my death. The books I have amassed are part of it - these books will remain a part of my library for as long as they still stand against the ravages of time.

GroepenLe Salon Littéraire du Peuple pour le Peuple, Preserving Literature, Science Fiction Fans, The Green Dragon, TinyCat

Favoriete auteursH. P. Lovecraft (Gemeenschappelijke favorieten)


LidmaatschapTinyCat. https://www.librarycat.org/lib/PhilipTroy
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Werkelijke naamPhilip Alexander Troy

WoonplaatsLakewood, Washington

Soort gebruikeropenbaar

URL's /profile/PhilipTroy (profiel)
/catalog/PhilipTroy (bibliotheek)

Lid sindsSep 7, 2008

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