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Oct 16, 2011
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The Literary Jedi
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My library is eclectic - you'll find nearly every genre here! I have been a collector of books from childhood; though my bookmark collection may rival it soon. My largest book collection is Star Wars - it has been my favorite since I saw Episode 4: ANH as a kid in the 80s. I enjoy reading Stephen King, Paulo Coelho, Robert A. Heinlein, Elle Kennedy, Sarah J. Maas, N.K. Jemisin, David L. Goleman, Steve Berry, and so many more.

Over mij

I read many different genres and authors so I have a wonderfully eclectic library. My most read genres are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Romance. This is a catalog of the books I own only and doesn't reflect every book I've read. I use GoodReads to catalog every book I read if you want to know!

Ratings (objectivity is the goal)

1 = fundamental issues with plot &/or editing to point of distraction; won't continue

2 = basic issues with plot &/or editing - minor distraction; will try again

3 = average plot &/or editing - limited distraction; continuing

4 = exceptional plot &/or editing - no distraction; recommending

5 = superior plot &/or editing; recommending; purchasing

DNF = no rating but will review reason for DNF

*Personal commentary will be noted in reviews*

Spice Rating (general audience objectivity is the goal)

NPI - no physical intimacy

KO - kissing only

CD - closed door/fade to black/off-page

ODE - open-door euphemisms only

ODD - open door with descriptive language & imagery

ODDK - open door with descriptive language, imagery, & kink

*Check author pages/books for trigger & content warnings - you know yourself best.*

Chino Hills, CA
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