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Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life door Marie Kondo

Popular Longing door Natalie Shapero

All Things Cease to Appear: A novel door Elizabeth Brundage

The Paris Diversion: A Novel door Chris Pavone

Three Women door Lisa Taddeo

The Principle of Desire (The Science of Temptation) door Delphine Dryden

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Over mij"Oh, you're a librarian--you must love to read." Actually...I loved reading even when I was a chemist, and now that I am a librarian, I have less time to read for pleasure. Regardless, I find that the printed word holds my interest far more than any visual media; I do not have the attention span to watch a film or television program, but I can spend all weekend reading a great book.

Reader's advisory is one of my professional interests, and I welcome the addition of Library Thing to my toolbox of RA web sites.

Over mijn boekenI tend to become obsessed with an author; if I like one book by the individual, I will read them all...at least until I hit a bad title. And for mystery series, I try to read the books in chronological order.

I am as generous with books as I am with people, and my book rating scale is skewed towards the positive.

5 stars: I LOVE this book! It is one of my favorites. I probably have it in my personal collection, and I will foist it upon you if you give me half a chance. After that, I will force you to listen to the Replacements..."You're gonna LOVE this song--they should have been the biggest band in the world!"

4 stars: This book is great (except for that one TINY thing about it that didn't sit right with me). Yes, you should read it. I would loan it to you, but I probably weeded it from my collection when I moved.

3 stars: This book is pretty good. It is definitely better than it is worse. I look forward to more by the author.

2 stars: Well...This book is not my first choice. The Los Angeles Times television magazine used to rate movies, and its two-star rating translated to "Flawed; has moments." Exactly.

1 star: Oh come on! How did this book get published? I still regret the hours of my life that I wasted reading it. Do yourself and the world a favor and skip this one.


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