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Papalazarou is een LibraryThing auteur: een auteur die zijn persoonlijke bibliotheek toont op LibraryThing.

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Over mijI am a full time peasant's assistant and almost full time writer. I am now in self-imposed exile on the beautiful island of Crete with the love of my life who is also my muse.

I used to live in London where bookshop browsing was one of my favourite occupations. I now live in Crete where I am much more likely to find books in the odd secondhand shop. The move from London to Crete was a major downshift and hence the secondhand options.

I am now living my fourth life and of the few things that carry forward from one to another the books and the music form a line back through time.

A bibliophile from an early age I can remember the first hardback book I ever bought - Volume One of the Complete Plays of Eugene Ionesco. I still have it (and the rest)

Over mijn boekenMost of what I have kept from a lifetime of reading is here now although it took me a while. I used to maintain my catalogue in Readerware but have abandoned it in favour of LibraryThing. A lot of my books don't have ISBNs and some are no longer available. I own quite a few modern firsts -signed, numbered the whole deal.

I have scanned my spines and replaced the LibraryThing cover pictures with spine shots and have tagged my collection so that it can be shown as it appears on my bookcases and shelves.

I am, a book collector and this is a collection and not a library.

I only keep and catalogue books that I would want to read again.

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