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SGK1776. I love classics, and my favorite editions of classics are probably Penguin Deluxe Editions or Modern Library Classics. I also love historical nonfiction, like the books written by David McCullough. He's one of my favorite authors along with Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, and… — 8 comments
booksnesread. I haven't read much during the pandemic. In addition to the four I've logged on here as read, I've read Kokoro by Natsume Soseki, Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan, and Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie. I'll try to update my collections on here in the next day or so so that… — 7 comments
TaylorMarie931. YA Fantasy (though more towards adult side) Dystopian Adult fantasy Romantic comedy Love troupes such as enemies to lovers, overthrowing empires Love the outlander series — 5 comments
Rebecca6481. Some of my favorite authors are David Foster Wallace, Ray Bradbury, Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, Octavia Butler, Veronica Roth, Robert Bloch, Chuck Palahniuk, Margaret Atwood, Rainbow Rowell, Bret Easton Ellis, and Ursula K. LeGuin. — 4 comments
Importantverbs. world building, utopia/dystopia, mysteries/thrillers (especially with stakes involving family or love); YA, realistic fiction, feminism, poetry, humor — 12 comments
elusiverica. I love fantasy and science fiction, and historical fiction and nonfiction can be good too. I'm particularly fond of books with queer themes — 5 comments
Morphidae. Because I read 200 - 300 books a year and I don't get them all entered into LT, your best bet is to use the "LT Recommended" collection as it has 170 books on it. I've created a smaller list, "SantaThing", that has books in the $8 to $18 range that Powell's has in stock.… — 5 comments
Goodlit. Fiction, relationships, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, social justice, other contemporary issues, politics — 1 comment
dsnowdon. Science fiction, fantasy & crime. I particularly like some of Mark Lawrence's work (eg Broken Empire) that contains elements of both science fiction and fantasy. I'm a sucker for stories with believable AIs (NOT Emily Eternal, yuck!), thoughtful space opera and interesting… — 13 comments
dadalo. My preference is psychological thrillers first and foremost. Beyond that, mysteries and thrillers are a close second. — 4 comments
Northern_Light. I have eclectic tastes. Big fan of historical fiction. Favourite author Diana Gabaldon. Ive also read Jodi Picoult. Also love detective fiction and cosy mysteries. — 1 comment
janineknapp. I really like contemporary fiction. Coming of age stories with elements of romance, mystery, magical realism, comedy, and/or social commentary are always exciting and interesting to me. I really like character centered stories where the characters are well thought out and we… — 1 comment
CatherineMarie. Sci-fi, fantasy, cooking, the history of cooking, YA fantasy. Adult fantasy. I like some alternate history as long as it is creative but plausible. I'm reading the Wayward Children series now, and adore it. (reformulated fairy tales are great) I've read The Invisible… — 5 comments
cassiejay. I like fantasy from middle grade to adult. I also like cozy mysteries, as well as mysteries by Michael Connelly and Kathy Reichs. I like some sci-fi, definitely moreso if it is a newer release. I like mythology, especially love the Percy Jackson books. — 8 comments
wd40sw. All book here are for my future students. I'm working towards my Elementary Education degree. I am currently a staff building substitute teacher and I use books I already own to loan to teachers I work with as well a use to read to students when I'm filling in for a fellow… — 3 comments
KaiDee_Duncan. ROM coms. Contemporary fiction. Crime. Young adult. Romance. Favorite troupes: Enemies to lovers Fake relationships Friends to lovers — 2 comments
lispylibrarian. I LOVE YA! I have recently been enjoying adult romance as well. I also enjoy celebrities' memoirs IF they are funny. Nothing depressing, please. -- I would love some holiday erotica. I have read most YA holiday stories, but if you find any that are recent, I would love… — 2 comments
vivirielle. I'm most interested in middle grade and YA books, especially recent popular ones — 3 comments
sangreal. I'm really into anthologies right now. As a result of the current crisis, I have very little time to read, as my job in is in an essential field, so when I get the chance, I can just read one story at a time. I prefer sci fi/fantasy/speculative fiction, as well as… — 5 comments
lesleydawn. I read a lot of horror and sci-fi, but this year I've been leaning more towards cozy mysteries, creature feature horror, and books like the Sookie Stackhouse and Meredith Gentry series because they are a great escape from reality. I also love memoirs. Right now, I want to… — 4 comments
conceptDawg. best sellers, historical/chic lit fiction, mystery (example reads from this year incl Anxious People, The Huntress, The Alice Network, The Nightingale, Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, Sythe, All The Light We Cannot See, The Giver of Stars, Remarkable Creatures, The Great Alone,… — 2 comments
pantsu. My library is up to date. I am a very eclectic reader. SF/F, some YA, adventure (note I own or have read most Clive Cussler novels), Arctic/exploration history/nonfiction, historical fiction/romance, books about science/the ocean (I am a marine scientist though, so tread… — 6 comments
ateolf. I like literary fiction, primarily modernist/post-modernist. Probably lean towards the experimental, but I have a pretty wide range of taste and like surprises. — 5 comments
kpjackson. My tastes are varied, though I tend most toward fantasy and science fiction, especially with a humorous bent (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Thursday Next series (of which I've read the first three), etc.) Favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Neal… — 3 comments
dwilton. My tastes are pretty eclectic. Literary fiction and high-quality non-fiction are always good, as are good sci-fi novels. — 13 comments
caras_galadhon. This year, I'd love a good strong mystery/crime thriller, along the lines of Val McDermid, Chelsea Cain, or Jeff Lindsay (ex: distressed/disturbed detectives who are too close to their cases); or a solid cozy mystery in the tradition of Agatha Christie (my favourite cozy… — 2 comments
sbaldi59. 5 comments
sheryll. Anything off my wishlist. I love fantasy and mysteries. — 2 comments
Dariah. historical novels, thrillers, fantasy - this year preferably some books from Hispanic authors in original language — 3 comments
pmarshall. Mysteries - police procedurals - authors like Peter Robinson, Peter James, Quintin Jardine, Roy Lewis, Legal procedurals, Forensics (authors like Alec Peche, Kathy Reichs) Historical (Charles Todd, Jacqueline Winspear, Current authors - Anthony Horowitz, Gail Bowen,… — 2 comments
FinnyB. Science fiction, fantasy, audiobooks, large print. Also stuff like NCIS, Leverage, The Librarians, Stargate, Doctor Who, etc. — 6 comments
FinnyB. Science fiction and fantasy are my favourite genres. Also stuff like NCIS, Leverage, The Librarians, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc. Also tv/movie/literary-related cookbooks. For cookbooks, paper books are fine. For other books, audiobook or large print are… — 2 comments
sweetandsyko. Loves cozy mystery, and horror that are about games! I also have a wishlist and that is completely up to date with books I want — 3 comments
JDpirate5. Mostly fantasy, then sci-fi, then speculative. I have especially been enjoying BIPOC protagonists lately! — 2 comments
knotbox. She recently read (and seemed to enjoy): A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Currently Reading: Get A Life, Chloe Brown! by Talia Hibbert. I recently gifted her The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage… — 2 comments
Colette5Roses. I cultivate my LibraryThing Wishlist, and would love dream-books from there! Currently really hankering to try Sigrid Undset, François Mauriac, and Gertrud von Le Fort. — 4 comments
moongypsy. Hello! My book tastes are all over the place right now, and I have a "wishlist" to help you out! This is my first SantaThing, thank you for surprising me this year! — 2 comments
DKnight0918. I love Cassandra King, JK Rowling, Elin Hilderbrand, Steven Rowley, Byron Lane, Mary Alice Monroe, Dorothea Benton Frank, Pat Conroy, Anne Tyler, Dave Eggers, Michael Chabon, Ayelet Waldman, Akemi Dawn Bowman, Sarah Dessen, Megan McCafferty. — 3 comments
mellymel171328. My son wants to have books that are for the Little Blue Truck. He already has Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Halloween. He wants the other books in this series. Any cute books about vehicles should work. — 3 comments
loafhunter13. Cooking, Japanese Fiction, World History, Gender Roles, Ancient Rome — 3 comments
AlexandraTome. I like books that deal with deep philosophical questions and themes. I am open to nonfiction or fiction books. Examples of fiction that had philosophical questions or themes: The Unbearable lightness of Being Illusions: The Adventures of the reluctant messiah … — 1 comment
renardkitsune. I’m still interested in historical fiction this year. I'm reading Rutherford's Russka again, so I guess I'll keep asking for what I call "epic" historical fiction--narratives that take place in one spot over generations. I like historical fiction that gets into the daily life… — 6 comments
riida. im up for some good escapist reads ^_^ reality has been dour enough this year! you can view my 'Books Ive Read' in my library to get a hint of my tastes...I've also created a 'Wishlist' in my library for some titles that i currently find interesting. However, these are more… — 1 comment
dtwoodford. 1 comment
BellyandKill. Would love some engaging non-fiction on any topic where the author is clearly nerding out on something specific. Random and/or strange is good. — 13 comments
SandraHodges. We LOVE really funny picture books. Early elementary school. — 2 comments
LLoLaguayasaminaj. A variety. Recently some cosy knitting novels, still Stephen Leather's Spider Shepherd series and so much more. — 2 comments
erthom02. Usually really into crime/mystery/thriller novels - James Patterson, Riley Sager, Ruth Ware. But also enjoys Historical Fiction and contemporary fiction. Often reading whatever is on the best sellers list. Also enjoy the classics, but haven't read too many. — 2 comments
lydiasbooks. Horses, dance, girls' own, school stories, JD Robb type fantasy meets crime, health at every size, stuff from my wishlist... — 3 comments
readafew. I've got a wide range of tastes, and a fairly large wishlist currently here, Lately I've been finding interesting graphic novels to read, you can look at the ones I have to see what catches my eye. I've been collecting and reading the Discworld in order and they seem to be my… — 3 comments
witchescastle. Fiction — Young adult, paranormal, light horror. Nonfiction — occult/new age or vegetarian cooking — 1 comment
Sujathanath. Aviation Non fiction Inspired by true stories Fantasy/mythology fiction Manga Pop up books Vegetarian cuisine — 2 comments
sp-patten. Interested in Canadian history non-fiction. Fans of thrillers in fiction (spies, secret agents, homicide investigation). Also horror, but we already own every Stephen King novel. As well, human behaviour and psychology. — 2 comments
brewergirl. I like a variety of books -- history, historical fiction, general fiction, biography, mystery. — 4 comments
ReneeSzostek. I enjoy reading classic literature, poetry, books about science, historical novels, and mysteries. I would probably be happy with almost anything that you send me. — 2 comments
Kuosa. My daughter is just a few months old, but I am already trying to introduce her to the wonderful books world. So books for very early 'readers' are very welcome, most likely picture board books. If there to be some text, it can be either in English, Portuguese or Lithuanian. — 2 comments
Kuosa. I have quite eclectic tastes and like different genres. It really depends on my mood. I love Santa Thing, it's a great way to discover good books that normally I wouldn't come across (feel free to recommend too). But if you are at a complete loss because of my somewhat messy… — 7 comments
Jtactor. Mystery, eastern philosophy, scifi, even westerns. — 3 comments
SunshinyShoes. I've been into thrillers and mysteries a lot this year! My favorite 2020 read was Riley Sager's "Home Before Dark" ( I have all of his other books). I also enjoyed "The Clockmakers Daughter" by Kate Morton. I also enjoy a good court case, and found myself returning to some… — 1 comment
KayjayBotticelli. Poetry, romance and new age fiction — 1 comment
Kplatypus. I’m pretty open but would particularly appreciate fiction by non-white authors and with characters/settings outside the standard white canon. I’ve read (and enjoyed) some Octavia Butler and Lalitha Tademy but would like to broaden my horizons. — 4 comments
amaranthe. I really like nonfiction books about plants and flowers, especially with pictures. They are very comforting. Botanical art, interesting photos, or just really good writing about gardens or natural areas. ~ I like children's picture books with good art and/or interesting… — 3 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. Munchkin is almost 9 and reads at about Level L or M right now. Current favs are Dogman (has them all), Ricky Ricotta (has most of them), anything dragon related (Mom is buying the Wings of Fire books for Christmas), Legos, dinosaurs, animals, Captain Underpants (some of the… — 4 comments
Colleen_L_McDonald. This year, I'm all about travel or food memoirs, historical fiction (but not too heavy - think Sharon Kay Penman), challenges that end well, chick lit. Not really into non-fiction right now. Right out for this year - depressing with no uplift or good outcome at the end. … — 9 comments
Katya0133. I like nonfiction books about art, math, and science. — 3 comments
catalina7. TJ is 5 and not yet reading. He loves dinosaurs, Godzilla, and Marvel superheroes. Jenna is 7 and just starting to read easy books on her own. She loves princesses and unicorns. They both love anything funny or silly. We are also working on transitioning our bedtime family… — 4 comments
catalina7. I love to read funny, engrossing, interesting books. My favorite genre is fantasy especially urban fantasy. I like some historical fiction/fantasy as well. Some of my favorite authors are Tamora Pierce, Terry Pratchett, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs. — 3 comments
pkotrub. Enjoy graphic novels, sci-fi, and a smattering of everything else. Have a lot of the the classics from fiction — 1 comment
upatree. I'm into mystery books, or mystery/crime novels, I liked the book The Woman in the Window. I also like novels about anything (besides romance). Loved the Catcher in the Rye and of Mice and Men. I also like non fiction such like Malcolm Gladwell, or Fear and Clothing by Cintra… — 2 comments
Rebecca6481. I read a lot of fiction. Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Margaret Atwood, Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Gillian Flynn, Patricia Highsmith, Octavia Butler, Robert Bloch, Veronica Roth, J.K. Rowling, Rainbow Rowell, Orson Scott Card and Jessica… — 5 comments
jamcnerney. Send me your strange, your difficult, your idiosyncratic faves yearning for new eyes. I'm open on genre, fiction or nonfiction. I love experimental form, deeply specific nonfiction, and works in translation. — 8 comments
sillygwailo. I enjoy near-future science fiction, or science fiction with a past setting (retrofuturism). I still want to read novels like Zadie Smith's or Ellen Ullman's. — 1 comment
Quati. Something to lighten up my present mood, romance (christian or not) or some humorous read. — 6 comments
alonereed. Interested in literary fiction, indigenous authors, family sagas, and well-written books that are not complete downers. — 1 comment
Christiana5. I enjoy historical fiction, time travel, and mysteries that aren't graphic or gory in describing crimes - mostly books I can fall into for entertainment, and to escape this crazy year of 2020. It's always fun to discover new writers, and my LT page lists my favorite authors.… — 8 comments
Roses84. Currently exploring popular fiction, mysteries, travel memoirs. My library is up to date. — 4 comments
seongeona. I have eclectic tastes & enjoy many different genres & topics. I have a "Wishlist" (large!) and a "SantaThing Wishlist" (smaller) plus a "Favorites" list of books I've read & loved. They will give you ideas for books. I'm happy to receive complete surprises too - if it's not… — 1 comment
laurak. I read all over the place (see my catalog), but lately am craving more escapist fantasy/sci fi. Favorite authors are Connie Willis, Jasper Fforde, Tad Williams, Brandon Sanderson, N.K. Jemisin. — 1 comment
masterdeski. Fiction: SciFi and fantasy, especially Lord of the Rings-style epic fantasy, Dresden Files by Jim Butcher-style urban fantasy, Star Wars-style space opera. Also Bones or CSI-style forensic police procedural. Non-fiction: linguistics, cartography, ancient history, world… — 3 comments
chessley. Rachel reads above her age level, no book will be to difficult. She enjoys dystopian fiction, as well as Historical fiction and High Fantasy. Some of her favorite recent books are: Red Rising, Mistborn, Life as We Knew It, Hunger Games, Poisoners Handbook, Refugee, and To… — 5 comments
chessley. He really loves high fantasy and sci-fi. He reads above his age (around an 11th grade level). Some of his favorite books are Ender's Game, Red Rising, and Scythe. He has also branched out to some non-fiction recently, he especially liked Poisoner's Handbook and The… — 4 comments
Tuke15. New Paperback books-only. Horror. Dystopia, post apocalyptic. Or, Fire and Blood by George RR Martin (on my wishlist). Quality over quantity. Prefer a longer book over 250 pages, a stand-alone. The Living Dead by George A Romero is one of my favorites, which I own. I have… — 4 comments
Jeepguyrobert. I enjoy modern classics, popular fiction, popular fantasy and some dystopian or sci-fi. I also like retelling of classic stories like those by Christina Henry or unique books like House of Leaves or The Ship of Theseus. I absolutely love finding unique or visually appealing… — 3 comments
calm. Please stick to fantasy, especially historical or based on folklore/mythology from around the world or pre-medieval historical fiction (the earlier the setting the better - e.g dark ages; prehistorical). New to me authors and something that doesn't have a European setting… — 6 comments
kristinbell. Currently looking for books about women in computer science and/or science, especially BIPOC. I just got the Hidden Figures book. Also interested in environmental books like Where Honeybees Thrive (I already have that one and loved it!). Books by/about trans people would be… — 5 comments
Kristelh. Literary Fiction, I work off of lists such as 1001 Books, Booker, Pulitzer, and also follow such lists as The Rooster, Guardian best books of 2020, Vulture's 21st cannon. I keep a shelf on LT of wishlist books (books I would like to read but don't own). I also read SFF. I also… — 2 comments
-Flora-. I love cozy paranormal mysteries (my favourite author in this genre is Angie Fox - I have all of her books!). I read gritty adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I love Teresa Gabelman, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amelia Hutchins, Dianne Duvall, Felicity Heaton, Kevin Hearne,… — 1 comment
VickySaintAnge. I like Crime fiction (Agatha Christie, Fred Vargas, ...), Male/Male Romance and LGBT Fiction. I'm a big fan of Christmas. I prefer Pocket edition. I want to read more women, LGBT/queer people and/or people of color. — 4 comments
violane. adventure travel esp female travelers, post-wwii austria, contemporary affairs especially europe and central asia, literary fiction (non-dark) - she is currently reading the complete graham greene -she reads in both german and english — 11 comments
dvdcollection. literary criticism on movies/television - preferably with a caustic and/or literary bent — 2 comments
cdcollection. books on classical music or jazz — 3 comments
juki2222. Science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, especially Lovecraftian. If you want to mix it up, modern poetry, like Sharon Olds, Marie Howe or science based, like astronomy, anthropology. Double bonus points for novels that combine anthropology/archeology and space, like Richard… — 4 comments
NanceeL. Middle school fiction Adult fiction Nonfiction & Biography — 2 comments
VictoriaGD. This year I have been reading a lot of Contemporary, Romance, and YA books. I would like to get back to reading Mysteries, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. I am not picky about publishing date or book length. I have recently enjoyed/currently reading Hench by Natalie Zina… — 4 comments
SPSON-SI. Recipient has requested a specific title by Julia Kristeva: "Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection by Julia Kristeva. " (English translation). — 2 comments
smileydq. I read mostly fiction (I enjoy literary and historical fiction and suspense tales, but I'm not into thrillers or sci-fi). I also enjoy non-fiction that tells a story -- I'm itching to read Obama's 'A Promised Land'! Recent books I loved: The Bookman's Tale, The Storied Life… — 7 comments
ForeignCircus. I read mostly fiction though I also like biographies (especially of cool women). I love mysteries (especially Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Elly Griffiths) and have recently been dipping my toe back into sci-fi and fantasy after a long hiatus. I read a lot of Regency or… — 3 comments
russelllindsey. Please choose from Kindle books listed here ... — 3 comments
mmargironsidemcgean. Historical fiction or mystery series, biography, quirky or comedic mysteries; authors Lee Child, Reacher Series; Alexander McCall Smith, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, Steven Saylor, Laurie R. King, Lisa Lutz, The Spellman series. — 3 comments
Esquiress. I am primarily a fiction reader. Science fiction and fantasy are my go-to genres, and many of my favorite books are dystopian or post-apocalyptic in nature. I've been into some urban fantasy this year, and I do read some young adult fiction too. To give an idea of my tastes,… — 6 comments
libraryperilous. I like surprises! Do you have a favorite title you think I would love? I love science fiction, especially stories about non-humans in space. I'd love to find something similar to Greg Egan's Orthogonal trilogy. Historical fiction and mysteries set in the Middle… — 7 comments
BabySamuel. Pokemon books. Sadly is his only interest. Small chapter books as well. He is 9 years old. — 3 comments
DeathsHand1328. I collect world of warcraft books. The other series I follow is assassins creed. — 2 comments
amuskopf. I like science fiction and fantasy and books about cops. I like other mysteries and thrillers too. I read a lot of big series and am always looking to fill in gaps. — 3 comments
DMS1962. No romance or fantasy please. Like: psychological thrillers, southern fiction, literary fiction. My library is open, and contains only books that I have already read, so please try to avoid them. — 3 comments
Bowerbirds-Library. I have currently been reading a lot of ghost stories (see my profile for what I have read) and I especially love the work of M.R.James and would like more of this type of Victorian/Edwardian ghost stories. — 4 comments
Lgood67334. I write contemporary YA and memoir. Also book reviews. I'm interested in women's fiction, some psychological thrillers, and anything with characters that grab and hold me. Surprise me but please don't shock me. The first book I ever received but did not read was about sea… — 2 comments
BookCentric. I have a lot of books, and my to-read pile is fairly backed up, so I only want one short book. Please pick something you think I'll like based on what I've read this past year (not counting the recent sci-fi because it was a one-off!)! I'm a picky reader, and mostly read… — 2 comments
Tafadhali. I love speculative fiction, historical fiction, and books with LGBT characters (both YA and books geared towards adults). A couple specific titles on my wishlist right now are Legendary Children (about RuPaul's drag race) and A Neon Darkness. — 2 comments
PatsyMurray. My tastes are eclectic and my reading has tapered off this year so need something to tempt me. (I realize this is not terribly helpful.) I prefer literary fiction and biographies, but am open to a great mystery or insightful work of history or a moving memoir. — 3 comments
LinaMP1822. Historical fiction, historical romance, mystery, and suspense (favorite books include The Secret History, A Discovery of Witches, A Rogue of One’s Own, The Scribe of Siena) — 4 comments
h0ke. spiritual, Buddhism, non-fiction, short story, poetry — 6 comments
leisjenn. Love fantasy, mysteries (including cozy mysteries), historical fiction, and am open to new things. Some favorites include Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and the Percy Jackosn series and authors like Agatha Christie, Madeline Miller, Joanna Fluke. — 4 comments
purseproblm. I love books about books but read just about anything. Most thrillers mysteries are my jam. Histories and fashion histories. I cook and bake too. — 5 comments
mountainsandlace. Love fantasy and YA fantasy, also looking for more diverse authors (non-US, LGBT+, etc.) — 4 comments
Powderfinger69. US Revolutionary War history Well written spy novels--Europe between the wars and WWII (Ambler, Furst, etc) Classic literature — 3 comments
FReads. I love historical romance/ historical fiction books. However, if you have read any uplifting, fun books that you think would make 2020 end on a positive note, then I am more than happy to read them. :) — 2 comments
kerinlo. I like realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, and thriller. — 5 comments
Jenxy21. I love YA books; fantasy and mystery. I need Ember in the Ashes Books 3 & 4. I have yet to read Sarah J. Maas or Cassandra Clare. I love fairies, magic, witches, vampires, and werewolves. My absolute favorite series are YA: Grishaverse-Leigh Bardugo and adult: A Discovery… — 3 comments
Jessm3842. Mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy. My favorites include Agatha Christie, Joe Hill, and Erin Morgenstern, but since I already have most of those books I would love something similar. I also like history and biography. — 5 comments
Helenoel. I'm thinking about the travel we are all missing this year, so am interested in books set in different places. ( am based in northeast/Mid-Atlantic US.) Alas, I only read English, but translations of things originally in other languages are good. Mysteries or historical… — 3 comments
LVStrongPuff. I love reading YA and Middle School books. I just started reading more graphic novels that are Ya and middle school as well. — 4 comments
owlie13. Mysteries/thrillers, historical fiction (especially historical mysteries), urban fantasy with light or no romance (tired of the hot vampire/werewolf/demon plots), Would like some quirky non-fiction (think Mary Roach). Soft science fiction. My library is up-to-date. — 4 comments
sushiguineapig. Verity will be 8 in January and attends the 2nd grade. She’s really into chapter books. She has her parents read some of her books to her as she often enjoys books that are beyond her reading level. She is generally into fiction much more than non-fiction. She’s obsessed… — 8 comments
sahra. I’m particularly into cyber science-fiction, graphic novels, historical fiction (especially alternate histories), poetry, short stories, anthologies, edgy humor, travel, and off the-beaten-path YA. Especially written by women, marginalized people, and those from other… — 3 comments
duchessjlh. I love all kinds of books, and read a little of everything, so it's hard to go wrong. If you have a favorite book or author who doesn't appear on my shelf yet, I'd love to receive that. I'm particularly fond of books that feature time travel, multiple universes/timelines,… — 6 comments
Daedalus.. I read novels (EN, FR, IT), contemporary and classic (but not too classic!). Calvino and Borges are among my favourites (I have most of their books, but you see the kind of literature :). And Rebecca Solnit. Crime stories and, occasionally, sci­fi, why not. PS currently… — 3 comments
lisamiller86. Hi Secret Book Santa! I read mostly horror and sci-fi/fantasy. I recently worked my way through a complete collection of Lovecraft’s fiction. I’d love something that captures the existential awe and dread of his tales, by a different author. I’d also be interested in expanding… — 7 comments
caslater83. I love historical fiction, Amish fiction, psychological thrillers, and romantic comedies. Some of my favorite authors include Alison Pataki, Lori Wick, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Danielle Steel, Penny Reid, Jodi Picoult, etc. I truly appreciate the cleaner books, but I've expanded… — 2 comments
JuliW. Anything listed on my Wishlist category on Library Thing or similar. Fav genres: Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror (ghost story type, not slasher sort), history esp the Tudor era, unusual mysterious events/unexplained or interesting historical events non-fiction. I… — 2 comments
jkhernca. I really enjoy classic retelling like The Dorthy Must Die Series. I have also have been really interested in both haunting, and true crime non-fiction and fiction. Suspenseful romances are always an easy win as well as YA fantasy books..The Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr is one… — 3 comments
lowelibrary. This year I am looking for some comfort reading (after this last year I need it). How about sending me a book that made you smile when you read it or one you read when you need to feel better? I read lots of mysteries (especially with cats).OKay. I read anything with cats. … — 7 comments
TheDivineOomba. Hi there! This has been a weird year. And such, I’m looking for books that fall in the category of quirky. My library contains a lot of genre fiction, however in recent years, I’ve been branching out into other genres, so use it as a guide. Recent books that I’ve… — 2 comments
Allyss. I like historical fiction with women protagonists, to allow me a perspective other then my own. I also really like fantasy, horror and dystopic genres. I love Naomi Novak and Kristin Cashore's books. YA is fine as long as romance is not a central part of the plot. — 3 comments
GaiaLunaAthenaeum. Travel narratives, geology, geography, female authors, BIPOC authors, illustrated, natural science, history, 19th century — 3 comments
catgirl_luna. I read from a lot of different genres and levels (Middle Grade, YA, New Adult, Adult). I pretty much enjoy anything but my top favorites are: Fantasy, Science fiction, Horror, Anthology, Classics, Mystery, Poetry, Mythology, Myth Retelling's. — 2 comments
lkeighley. I have a wide and eclectic taste in books however, my favourite reads are science fiction (of the Star Trek not Star Wars kind), travel or biography with some history thrown in as well. I collect signed (by the author) books and I do read some crime and mystery novels and do… — 3 comments
jaelquinn. young adult fantasy, pre-teen novels, humour or just character-driven; graphic novels, humour, fantasy, adult novels, character driven, fan of Firefly and Space Opera — 2 comments
jtodd1973. Literary fiction. Dystopian fiction. Nordic noir. Graphic novels. — 4 comments
Momgoth. I love science fiction, fantasy, Terry Pratchett, Octavia Butler, horror, historical fiction — 2 comments
trinhjt. classical civilization, mythology, and literature i.e. Greek and Roman, graphic novels/comics, female authors, time travel, nuanced superheroes, dysfunctional families, coming of age — 6 comments
m.pmoreno. Fantasy, YA, romance, thriller, horror, and fiction are some of the genres I really love. Some of my favorite books are the Daughter of the Pirate King Series, Truly Devious, and Stalking Jack the Ripper. My current reads are Anna and the French Kiss & The Invisible Life of… — 8 comments
Cariola. I read primarily literary fiction (mostly contemporary) and historical fiction (but please, NOT historical romance--avoid anything whose cover depicts buxom women with hair flowing in the wind embraced by bare-chested men on the cover!). Most often the novels I read are set… — 1 comment
shortwaveboy86. I collect and read mainly in the areas of Russian and Soviet history (particularly the Stalin and mid-Soviet period), international communism, the Cold War, North Korea, radio broadcasting (particularly international broadcasting, the "Golden Age" period, and histories of the… — 8 comments
mrsandersonut. Amish fiction, but I've read hundreds. For titles I'm still looking for, please see my LibraryThing wishlist! Also classics by Jane Austin, the Bronte sisters, etc. The field is wide open, as I currently own none! I've read many, but I would now like to have some of their… — 3 comments
misskitty17. I love Harry Potter, and I really enjoy mysteries/thrillers, especially if they involve the supernatural or paranormal or a psychological element to them. I enjoy the occasional cozy mystery as well. I like biographies too! I'll pretty much give anything that can hold my… — 3 comments
DebbiMack. Nonfiction related to business and science, but he also enjoys humor. Anything related to science or sustainability. — 6 comments
DebbiMack. Enjoys humor and fiction. Mystery, especially funny or unusual mysteries. Cross-genre. Memoirs. — 2 comments
drjfs. historical figures biography — 6 comments
karyberg. I am into true crime/thrillers, books about feminism, family sagas, well-researched history. — 4 comments
hazel1123. Contemporary or historical fiction, science fiction. I do not enjoy books with a lot of violence. — 3 comments
bcrowl399. I like mysteries, historical fiction and non-fiction, westerns, biographies, fantasy, sci-fi, poetry and I'm open to topics I've not read. My library and wishlist are a good indication of what I read and like. I like some cozy mysteries, but right now I'm kind of out of the… — 3 comments
TaylorHowell. I would like an interesting graphic novel. I've enjoyed sci fi and horror graphic novels, lgbtq+, nonfiction gn, memoir and biography gn, and manga. I don't care much for superheroes though. I also like cookbooks with lots of pictures. — 5 comments
jen_meier. Authors I love and have read most all of their books: John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Tess Gerritson, Tami Hoag. I have been reading a lot of recommendations lately (The Silent Patient, Where the Crawdads Sing, Sharp Objects) and have loved them all. — 3 comments
xevver. I like works of fiction that have a quirky twist, something out of the ordinary and unexpected. For non-fiction, I like true-tales of adventure. Something that shows the incredible endurance of the human spirit. Check out my library for good examples of both. — 3 comments
Sheila1957. I like mysteries, cozy mysteries, romance, erotica, non-fiction, science, history, historical fiction, historical romance, classics, children's, Young Adult, women's fiction, political thrillers, religious thrillers — 4 comments
ltbxf4. Highly random. Loved Middlemarch; My Life in CIA; The Night Circus; The Fall; Memoirs of a Revolutionary; Lord Valentine's Castle; Buddhism is not what you think; Grey is the color of hope; Godel, Escher, Bach; Sum: forty tales from the afterlives. Also enjoy modern and… — 3 comments
BookLizard. I'm in the mood for some escapist fiction. Nothing depressing. Funny if possible. I like historical romance (not modern), fantasy (especially urban fantasy), science fiction (especially dystopian or space opera), cozy mysteries involving cats and/or books/libraries/book… — 11 comments
msliz_31. Likes contemporary fiction, historical fiction, literature, fantasy, fairytale retellings, YA real-life & dystopian, current social events; African-American and other ethnic authors — 3 comments
kaliwrites. First and foremost, I'd love to read a book that made you smile, made an impact on your life, or comforted you in some way. After all, the best books are those that make you feel something. My favorite genres include contemporary fiction, women's fiction, psychological… — 9 comments
lynnbeth. I love to explore the world via cookbooks. I also dabble in true crime. In the Red Clay is a recent podcast I found fascinating whose history I would love to delve into further. — 4 comments
guido47. Modern SF. History - I still have very little about Pre-Colonial Africa. Hmm and South America too. Plus anything unusual/eccentric. — 4 comments
bexaplex. I like light-hearted comedy without mortal peril (Rainbow Rowell, early Jasper Fforde, Mil Millington). Also books about books (Alan Bennett's The Uncommon Reader, Joe Queenan's One for the Books, Azar Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran, Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Shadow of the… — 4 comments
voconnell. I really love good mysteries or thrillers, and also interesting non-fiction! I track everything I've read on Goodreads and everything I own on LibraryThing. (GoodReads: ) — 3 comments
SweetReaderMA. Genres: Psychological Suspense, mystery, thrillers. Authors/Series/Specific books: Megan Miranda (already own/read "Hysteria", "All the Missing Girls", "The Last House Guest", and Come Find Me), Wicked Series by Nancy Bush, The Naturals Series by Jennifer Lynne Barnes, Three… — 3 comments
Autolykos. Any and all Science fiction/Fantasy. Along the lines of Brent Weeks, Brandon Sanderson, Pat Rothfuss. Also quirky humor along the lines of Jasper Fforde, and Christopher Moore. — 2 comments
librookian. I love reading about the Mafia (nonfiction, insider stuff). Megan Abbott is one of my favorite authors so I'd say I like psychological suspense or noir fiction about women. I also like dark, gritty noir like James Ellroy. I also enjoy reading gossipy stuff - fiction like… — 2 comments
BerlinBibliophile. I really like Fantasy and SciFi, but I'll try any genre. Others I like are mysteries (the classic ones with deduction, not guns) and poetry. Books that focus on women or groups are my preference, and a bit of homour is always a plus. Queer characters are a big plus! I also… — 6 comments
finnleygeorge. I like german books about origami and pop up 3d card making. I also really like japanese or asian cook books in english. My favourite books though would be inside edition. I am a big fan of their harry potter items. (My house is hufflepuff) — 5 comments
lavaturtle. Nearly everything I read is science fiction and fantasy. (One notable exception is that I really love the Dublin Murder Squad series by Tana French.) I love time travel, secret magic, space religions, societal implications of weird science, post-apocalyptic communities,… — 5 comments
cthoma. British Mysteries, Young Adult Fantasy, novels, non-American authors, Cook books, travel writing — 1 comment
henaresf. mostly non-fiction. recent foci on north korea and puerto rico (as a retirement destination), pedagogy at the university level, travelogues. — 2 comments
sanyamakadi. food memoirs; travel/books set outside the US; anti-racism; magical realism; Pride and Prejudice retellings; historical fiction; especially about esoteric periods; Nora Roberts mystery types; books that dive into other people's obsessions; smart female main characters; books… — 3 comments
HaidenBaier. true crime, cozy mystery, dystopian, young adult fiction, lgbtq — 3 comments
Laity45. Fanasty, Star Wars, Green Lantern, Xanth, Male/Male Romance, Catholic Church and any thing about The Dominican Order or Saints anything that on my wish list I love American History/Presidents/Civil War and World War 1 and Alamo — 2 comments
michelynn2016. Majority of my reading interests are mystery/thriller genre and historical fiction(WWII) but if it catches and keeps my attention I'll read it. My TBR is a lost cause😉 and growing daily. I own a kindle but prefer a physical book. Ebooks just don't smell the same😎 P.S. I… — 1 comment
WeeTurtle. I'll probably edit this later, but so I don't end up putting this off for too long, I'll say that I've got my wishlist of course, but I'm also on an artsy kick right now and am interested in books on drawing or sketching techniques, as well as colour palettes for paint, like… — 1 comment
jbuskermolen. This year I'd like to say, surprise me. — 6 comments
GeorgiaKo. My favorite genres are fantasy, especially epic fantasy, mystery and historical fiction! I love hardbacks more than paperbacks; it's the feeling they give me. Call me weird, I don't mind! — 3 comments
avanders. I read widely, but my favorite or most enjoyed books tend to be speculative fiction (sci fi, magical realism, fantasy, alternative histories, alternate realities, etc.). I especially love stories that take our current world/reality, and then add, twist, or modify something,… — 4 comments
Rosa_Saks. At the moment I'm into contemporary fiction from Europe and America (South and North). I also enjoy European classics and historical fiction. Well-crafted stories with a strong female lead is always great. For inspiration: authors I absolutely love is Sally Rooney, Ian McEwan,… — 4 comments
drsyko. I like novels/literature, romance, historical fiction, history (especially history of the Old West, Women's history and ancient Egyptian history), biographies, mysteries, sci fi/fantasy, and books about animals or that have animal characters. I love books that are heart… — 2 comments
ValiantGinger. I love both YA and adult, though I am an author currently writing YA and NA fiction, so my tastes tend to skew more towards YA, especially anything speculative (fantasy, science fiction, etc). Some of my (relatively) recent faves include (in both YA and adult): The… — 3 comments
BingeReader87. Pretty much anything aside from history, scifi, and erotica. Bonus points for anything involving murder. — 3 comments
relativelybooktastic. Inspirational reads, guided journals, thrillers, romance, ya and general fiction, memoirs. — 2 comments
dono421846. books about books, any genre. Mysteries like Kate Carlisle's Bibliophile series, fantasy like Genevieve Cogman's invisible Library, or histories like Burning the Books, by Richard Ovenden. You get the idea. Please check the titles in my library to avoid duplication. — 6 comments
ash.on.the.line. I like smutty romance especially more rom com types (Christina Lauren, Tessa Bailey, Sally Thorne) historical romance (Tessa Dare, Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase), New Adult fantasy (SJM, From Blood and Ash, Nevernight etc) LGBTQ is nice but don’t like when coming out is the… — 9 comments
queencarlotta. I like literature in translation, some science fiction (Ursula LeGuin, Octavia Butler) and travel writing and quirky biographies. Curious about contemporary Scandinavian authors, more dystopian fiction, more Haitian and Caribbean fiction (just read my first René Depestre book… — 8 comments
AurumCalendula. My favorite genres at the moment are historical romance and sf/f. I particularly like books with queer and female main characters. — 3 comments
Kerry_brinkofski. Stephen king James Paterson Dean knooze anything horror mystery suspense romance fantasy — 1 comment
Elzbeth. I love post-apocalyptic, YA fiction, medieval fiction, strong female lead, Authorian fables, magic, manga, comic books (Zits, Baby Blues, Sherman's Lagoon, Red and Rover) — 2 comments
ChelseaRSmith. Fantasy (Favorite authors: Patrick Rothfuss, Mark Lawrence, V. E. Schwab, Jasper Fforde, N. K. Jemisin) Sci-Fi (Favorite authors: Connie Willis, Ursula K. Le Guin, Samantha Shannon) Modern "classics"/Literature (Examples: Harper Lee, Yaa Gyasi, George Saunders, Margaret… — 7 comments
jazzyereader. I love literature (my favorite book this year was Pachinko), humor (David Sedaris and Jenny Lawson are favorites), witches and magic (I loved The All Souls Trilogy), memoirs (The Glass Castle; Blood, Bones & Butter; Scar Tissue), books about Korea and books about knitting. I… — 3 comments
mermaidatheart. I enjoy well-written YA of all genres, literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, pop self help (to some extent), ghost stories, magical realism in the Neil Gaiman vein, and I'm always looking for great resources on reading tarot. Anything with a fast pace that also makes you… — 3 comments
Romonko. I love literary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, historical mysteries, CanLit. Some of my favourite books are: Beartown, Anything by Anne Perry, Jack Taylor, Where the Crawdads Sing, The Lightkeeper's Daughters, Medicine Walk, The Polished Hoe, Barney's Version, and… — 7 comments
ncbarbwire. I enjoy well-written cosy mysteries, period or regional if possible -- but I'm caught up on T.E. Kinsey, Rhys Bowen, and Margaret Maron. Would love to learn a bit of Canadian history through historical fiction (to supplement my "Murdoch Mysteries" education): doesn't matter… — 5 comments
megbmore. I tend to prefer character-driven stories, and I typically favor contemporary and historical fiction. Recent favorites include The City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett, and The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman. I love nonfiction books… — 3 comments
JacobsBeloved. historical fiction genre - especially on the topic of royalty, fantasy genre - young adult or adult, and I love books in series, feel free to check my "To Read" page in my library for my wishlist — 3 comments
IMBOS. I love literary fiction, historical fiction, family sagas, thrillers, chick lit, memoirs. Prefer female lead characters. I read a lot so check my library. Love stories with great characters. Book club type books. Also enjoy non fiction books about quirky subjects. — 5 comments
Eneila. Love reading mainly adult fantasy, can be start of a series, ideally with a romance included. Also like to read good biographies inculding about war time, criminal, and psychological. Can be fiction too. — 2 comments
library_mistress. I would like to expand my knowledge regarding literature from outside Europe and Northern America. I can read English and German well, French and Italian at an average level. Topics and genres I am interested in: science fiction -- social fiction -- wood, trees, forests, and… — 2 comments
BloodyMaryShelley. i love harry potter, simpsons, dungeons and dragons, ducks, books that let me explore lore of different video games (fallout + witcher ) i also love books that are fictional encyclopedics. especially those by Dugald Steer. i've recently started liking books with pictures… — 3 comments
bettyetters. Favorites are fantasy, soft Sci-fi, GameLit/LitRPG, & cozy mysteries. — 2 comments
DrApple. I love mysteries, particularly cozy mysteries. I also love anything set in Italy. — 3 comments
brandilgrosso. Quirk Books publishing is always fun! Vegan cooking - would love Speedy Bosh Love Holly Black and Need How The King of complete the Folk of the Air Series. — 3 comments
akbookworm33445. I’m mostly a fantasy or sci-fi reader. I’ve been getting more into trillers as well. I do enjoy series as well — 1 comment
BloodyMaryShelley. The year has been tough on him. Lost family members, got sick. I'm just a few years younger than him and I'm currently looking after him, despite also being sick, so we haven't really had a chance to read much. He's a calm teenager who currently has an obsession with Harry… — 5 comments
KallieGrace. It's been a bad year (I know, everyone has had a rough one). My child was diagnosed with cancer in February and I haven't picked up a book since. I'd love some mysteries that are series with a relationship that builds with the series. I really enjoyed the Cormoran Strike… — 3 comments
Rivendell. Archaeology and History of the caribbean Archaeology and history of islands Crime fiction (set other than in UK or USA) — 4 comments
moviegirl3000. Love fiction. Favorite authors include Margaret Atwood, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Nick Harkaway, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Currently reading second book in Outlander series and would love other historical/science fictiony books with a strong female lead (preferably with… — 3 comments
gentlespirit512. See wishlists at, I'd love something off the poetry list. Also spirituality and writing. But you should look at all the lists for different ideas. — 1 comment
alyrohu. Science fiction, fantasy, comedy — 7 comments
Oneironaut. - My favorite genre is Weird Fiction, and my favorite authors are Stanislav Lem and China Mieville. I also enjoyed Borges a lot, the surreal short stories by Michael Ende, Haruki Murakamis works, Charles Stross' Laundry Files, and so on. - I like novels where the author goes… — 6 comments
Sara2012. I am looking for new authors in the horror, thriller, fantasy and young adult genres. I have read a lot of newer books/series so ones that have been around a while are good. — 4 comments
laze. Fiction: some of the best surprises I've gotten from SantaThing over the years have been oddball/experimental/left-field fiction from outside of the United States (any era). Authors I've liked in this vein: Marcel Ayme, Natsume Soseki, Kobo Abe, Stanislaw Lem. The main thing… — 5 comments
joyfulmimi. Memoirs; Christian Spirituality; Classics by female authors; Philosophy; Southern history particularly regarding slavery and plantation life; Books about Books; Literary Fiction with different characters sharing their different perspectives — 3 comments
meliarose. I am hoping for some interesting and unique fiction reads for 2021! My favorite genre is fantasy but I usually enjoy sci-fi, historical fiction, and realistic fiction as well. Feel free to include Adult and/or Young Adult Fiction and bonus points for LGBTQ+ characters/plot… — 6 comments
acorbalis. 3 comments
DAGray08. Fiction taste runs from Louise Erdrich to Thomas Pynchon to Toni Morrison Nonfiction taste includes Joan Didion, James Baldwin, Isabel Wilkerson — 2 comments
EmilyMTaylor. I like to read pretty much all genres. Right now I’m more interested in mystery & thriller. — 5 comments
Lisawoodman65. literary fiction, mystery-thriller, fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction - I love most books! — 3 comments
purpleblueccat16. Mystery (Avi, Agatha Christi), Mark Twain, Stephen King, Frank Peretti, Melanie Dickerson, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Goudge, Gene Stratton Porter, David McCullough, P.G. Wodehouse, and really any of the classics!!! — 5 comments
Jessie_Lynne. Murder mystery (Lee Child, James Patterson), Sci-Fi/Dystopian, YA books, graphic novels-anything with a great plot to be absorbed in. Love things like the Hunger Games, the Golden Compass, Alex Cross, Jack Reacher. I like surprises and I like sagas! (The Pillars of Earth). — 1 comment
babzilicious. Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower by Brittney C. Cooper A Black Women's History of the United States by Daina Ramey Berry & Kali Nicole Gross Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination New Ed Edition by Robin D.G. Kelley Reclaiming Our… — 4 comments
Bimpnottin. I love a wide variety of things. To be honest, I've been having trouble getting into reading during 2020--just so hard to concentrate, so I'm looking for something fun. Nothing too heavy (we've had enough of that this year.) Love Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Comics/Graphic… — 6 comments
nackis. I teach high school English and would like to add to my classroom library. I would appreciate books that appeal to 14- to 17-year-olds. — 4 comments
VenusofUrbino. Holy cow. This year (and the past 4, actually) have totally altered my reading. I need escapism. I need light. I need funny. I need fiction. And I really, really, really need to read more by BIPOC authors. I also love books about books/reading. — 4 comments
kb-t. I'm looking for books growing readers ages 14-17 would like. I need to expand my classroom library's diversity. I have LOTS of athletes and never enough stories sports. I also love quality non-fiction. — 2 comments
AKA_Kira2. I enjoy fantasy, another world. I personally enjoy manga and light novels, but do enjoy other books written by Brandon Sanderson, Eoin Colder, and Jay Kristoff — 4 comments
Marlane. My favorite genre is historical fiction, but I'm tiring of WWII and American Civil War settings. I also enjoy character driven and historical mysteries. — 3 comments
3bythesea. I prefer literary fiction and mysteries, especially British mysteries (think Tana French and Kate Atkinson- I love Atkinson's newer books as well and have not read The Big Sky). I have not read French's newest book. NPR book concierge is one of my go to spots to find new… — 3 comments
InsightsintoBooks. I like pretty much anything. I love historical fiction and spiritual books. I enjoy memoirs and biography too. — 2 comments
michelynn2016. 2 comments
susanna.fraser. I'm a reasonably omnivorous reader. In fiction my favorite genres are SFF, romance, and mystery. In nonfiction I like history, science, and memoir. My new quarantine hobby is birding, and I don't have much of a library on the subject yet. I'd love to find new-to-me authors… — 4 comments
Nica6. I am drawn to books set in other countries/cultures, historical fiction, science/nature/anthropology, YA, science fiction, social issues. Current interests: Buddhist philosophy, chronic illness/pain. High on my list: - The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They… — 3 comments
Hedgepeth. I read both fiction and non-fiction. Most of my fiction reading is in the sci-fi/fantasy, mystery and thriller genres, non-fiction is wwii history and biography. But surprises are welcome. — 2 comments
rlb0616. Evelyn is a little bit behind in her reading, but she loves being read to. Things we've read include Roald Dahl (we have the whole series), Because of Winn Dixie, Most of the Ramona Series, some of the Amelia Bediliah Series, and the Little House books. She is a girl who… — 4 comments
Capybara_99. Look at my library and get me something you like that I don't have. (Though if you look at my library and think "How could he not have read, say, 'The Great Gatsby'?" you are probably right that I have read it. My library is complete for my reading for roughly the last 10… — 2 comments
rlb0616. Favorite authors (and current on their books): Jennifer Wiener, Nicholas Sparks, Alice Hoffman, Sarah Jio, Paula Brackston, Kate Morton, Beatriz Williams, Susanna Kersley, Marisa De Los Santos, Diana Galbaldon, Debra Harkness. "Chick Lit" especially when paired with magical… — 2 comments
jamieschecter. I love romance (HEA mandatory, no Jojo Moyes or Outlander here), young adult contemporary, true crime, history, and memoirs of monarchs. I have a LT wishlist and a wishlist you can find here if you're struggling: — 2 comments
keachachu. Science fiction and fantasy and related genres! Lately I've also been on a middle-grade kick. Always looking for feminist/queer/POC-authored sff. Nonbinary characters a big plus. I love weird/surreal stuff, I love space operas and backstabby political plots, I love cozy… — 5 comments
HuberK. Likes doodle books, Amy Latta's Hand Lettering for Faith and Hand Lettering for Laughter are great. Have one of her books, would like more. Origami notes or envelopes. Check out Wishlist here on LibraryThing. — 1 comment
ilgarcon. No board books, please. Where's Waldo or Velveteen Rabbit, would be good choices for him. Loves Paw Patrol, from Nickelodeon Jr. Loves to follow along by looking at the pictures, while being read to. Likes arts and crafts. — 3 comments
MBMG. Christmas fiction, biography and autobiography, nice feel good or funny fiction. Carole Matthew’s books are good or similar authors. I’ve read up to about a year ago most of Carol’s books but not her recent ones. Barak Obama new book sounds good too. Historical fiction is a… — 8 comments
phdbioguy. Non-fiction science, biology, natural history. Also non-fiction history. Fiction and non-fiction historical mysteries. — 2 comments
JopLee1. Mystery, Thriller, likes Lee Child and Clive Cussler (has read all but the newest books, after 2019). Like Agatha Christie. Can look at wish list to see interests. Like history, nonfiction Civil War, Native Americans, Lewis & Clark, can be any time during or anywhere before… — 4 comments
kinwolf. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Detective-Crime — 2 comments
TxYanky. love mysteries, some horror (Stephen King, Dean Koontz), biographies — 1 comment
HarpersOmah. Young adult and middle grade nonfiction. Nonfiction about women of color. African American nonfiction picture books. Anthology about or by African American women. — 7 comments
romsmcgumbo. Historical fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, anything that you think is a phenomenal book, that left you feeling moved afterwards. — 2 comments
woody1221. Fantasy & Medieval - Love Julliet Marillier, Sharon Shinn (12 Houses), when I was younger Mercedes Lackey. I read Meghan Spooner's Sherwood this summer and enjoyed it. This makes me sounds so cliché! I'm open to new authors in similar veins as the above! — 2 comments
IrishMamaBear. Fantasy, adventure, things to escape from reality for a while... I'm a huge Stephen King fan, I love Jennifer Roberson and Anne Bishop. I prefer to be immersed in a new world. — 1 comment
woody1221. Historical Fiction - especially 1900s-WWII-ish time period. Book Club-esque books (see notes!) Mysteries too. I think she likes John Grisham, and James Patterson (maybe). — 1 comment
ScottyBoyP. Pretty open to all genres, with a preference for older literature. My library on here is pretty organized, so if it is not on there, I have not read it and do not own it. — 3 comments
woody1221. Fiction - historical fiction & rom-coms. I've read a bit lately by Jenny Colgan, I've enjoyed Lisa Wingate (Book of Lost Friends, especially), American Duchess (Karen Harper), Mitford Series (Jan Karon). I also loved Michelle Moran - The Egyptian Royals Series - her stuff… — 2 comments
thorold. Open to most things — surprise me! Literary fiction, travel, history, biography, etc. are safe bets, as is Euro-crime. Writing from outside Europe/North America is something I often like to explore. — 3 comments
revsusan. science fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, youth & young adult, and/or a children's picture book that explores unusual/not-typical themes — 1 comment
Plemmdog. I love good literary fiction (past or present), especially stories set in the American South. I'm also a sucker for books about the history of medicine, GLBT nonfiction and history, and Appalachia (fiction or nonfiction), and the history of country music. Favorite writers… — 7 comments
IdzaVargas. I'm recently into fiction, paranormal, mystery, suspense. I also love romance amd thrillers, history and astronomy — 2 comments
ABlueBunny. Books of poetry that have to do with the earth, nature, especially women poets. — 1 comment
jonnijones. I love Fantasy, “re-told” fairy tales, the Hogarth series of retold Shakespeare plays, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, American History and Western (Cowboy history and stories and legends), stories about animals, the Akashic Noir Series, and Arthurian Legends. I’d… — 2 comments
Amnt7314. Hi! This year, my 6 year old special needs daughter is getting into reading (YAY!) She is in the level one readers, but level two readers are okay as well as she likes me to read to her. I do have a list for her to make things easier for you, labeled "child wishlist". … — 3 comments
DominiqueMarie. I have pretty eclectic taste. I mostly read fiction, however I do enjoy some nonfiction as well. Favorite genres include, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Classics, Animals/Nature, Mystery/Suspense, Fairy Tales/Retellings. Check out my Wishlist for most accurate information. The… — 2 comments
Matthew.Archibald. I love YA and middle grade fiction, graphic novels, fantasy, and science fiction (and I guess some romance). I do sometimes read books meant for adults, too. I appreciate #ownvoices stuff, and always like new takes on old stories (like fractured fairy tales). — 2 comments
griFFin4067. Literary fiction, Louise Penny like mystery, 1930-40 classics, not strictly romance, memoirs, historical fiction, YA — 1 comment
JodiPM. I love horror, thriller, fantasy, scifi, true crime, Paranormal and Mystery (including cozy mysteries). The book I'm currently reading is Hazel wood by Melissa Albert. I've read "sleeping Beauties" by Stephan king, "The Bad Place" by Dean Koontz and a whole lot more but I… — 2 comments
littlemuls. To balance out the times we are in I have been reading a lot of light, easy, fun reads, particularly romance/romcom type books. I'm always searching for the great ones though, not the Hallmark movie type romcom. Some recent favorites have been Beach Read by Emily Henry,… — 3 comments
griFFin4067. Literary fiction, Louise penny type mystery, YA, historical fiction-essay-like. Pretty omnivorous, but still picky. — 3 comments
GeorgianaM. I enjoy Historical Fiction, Thrillers, Archeology, Mystery and Adventure. — 1 comment
rb2040. • Children's picture books, particularly with multi-cultural or African American characters (good for group read-aloud). • Recently released cookbooks on cookies, pies, baking, ethnic cuisines or food science, • Sci-Fi Fantasy with pivotal female characters, multicultural,… — 5 comments
gailynn. 4 comments
reading_fox. Varied genre fiction, plus a select mix of non-fiction:See my library! Genre fiction - SF and Fantasy, crime, adventure and thriller....mostly. Non-fiction: I do read some. I like travel and adventure, especially caving related (not many available - although there's some… — 5 comments
Sunshine60. I mainly read romance, favorite authors Elin Hildebrand, Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts. Would love some new author recommendations. Have also enjoyed CJ Box and James Patterson (have read most). — 2 comments
SquireA. Non-fiction: History. Intellectual history. Socialism. Left-wing history. Deaf culture and history. Fiction: Dystopias. Some science fiction. Historical fiction. What I would like more of: A novel like 'A Little Life' by Yanagihara or 'The Goldfinch' by Tartt. Or a… — 3 comments
mysterysf. mysteries with a detective with a sense of humor (series would be a plus) - mystery books about books — 6 comments
Amerikijackson. I love fantasy and urban fiction, also LGBT themed. Prefer young adult literature. Romance is great too. Mystery is fine. Not a huge fan of historical or nonfiction. Also a fan of graphic fiction. — 2 comments
Primmrose. I read most Fantasy and Sci Fi. I like dark stories that don't have a happy ending. — 2 comments
dianeham. I'd like to discover more Japanese fiction authors. I have all of Murakami's books. I've also enjoyed books by Yoko Okawa. I like science fiction. I like books about cults. I mostly read literary fiction. A Canadian author I haven't yet read would be nice. I read The… — 3 comments
Midas1273. Mystery’s, YA genre. Sci-fi. Fantasy Star Wars, Star Trek , graphic novels Have More books to add to my catalog. — 2 comments
Familyhistorian. Books about history and mystery, genealogy and writing are all things that I enjoy as you can probably see from my own personal library. Graphic novels are also a good bet. — 1 comment
Chi-Kara. Horses Historical fiction Mysteries Old books Religious books Books on Japan, even in Japanese :) — 8 comments
bj. I would like a knitting pattern book. I have some in my wishlist if you are struggling. — 4 comments
hamrc. Literary fiction, books by womxn, books by international authors — 4 comments
JanaBuchmann. Thriller, Memoirs, Medical thriller, Mystery, Christmas fiction — 7 comments
saskia17. I read on a wide variety of topics, but here is a short list of some favorite categories: books about books, poetry, fairy-tale retellings, golden age mysteries, British mysteries, cultural histories, books about thieves/rogues/assassins, books about wildlife/exotic animal… — 2 comments
supermanboidy. I read a wide range. I love compelling literary fiction, science fiction, graphic novels and memoir. My favorite authors are David Sedaris, Ottessa Moshfegh, and David Mitchell. I don’t like anything too stuffy or slow as I don’t read quickly. I also enjoy poetry and… — 4 comments
MJHagan. I’d love to read a book that you loved. A book that moved you or made you think. I read literary fiction, mystery/thrillers, spy novels, legal fiction, time travel fiction, graphic novels, and some fantasy. I’ve also recently been reading non-fiction regarding race… — 2 comments
MisterMeowzer. I mostly read books about history (especially WWII), true crime, science/medicine, and biographies. I like any book that teaches me about a topic, whether that’s a history of corsets, life in Ancient Greece, all about hedgehogs or how the TV was invented. I’m not a big fan… — 2 comments
Juanita.Leisch. I am a nut for social history ... especially personal accounts of people's lives in other times and places.When I want a brain break, I love murder mysteries and histories of inventions and industries. — 8 comments
KABarnes. loves historical fiction, literary fiction, nonfiction of almost all sorts but especially history and biographies, was recently recommended the Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden and surprised to find I loved it! Folk tales for cold winter nights especially welcome. — 5 comments
whitecatxx. Really enjoy fantasy, fairy tale retellings, mysteries (anything inspired Sherlock Holmes), mythology, fiction books about supernatural (witches, vampires, ghosts, etc), most YA and NA types of books — 8 comments
lvdark. General fiction, horror, mystery, thriller, western. I like a good story that grabs you from the first chapter. — 5 comments
Lisanne624. Historical mysteries, Humorous mysteries, London (culture, history, modern books set there) — 3 comments
schwesterbeth. German/non-English European fiction _in German_ since 2005, historical fiction, Rainer Maria Rilke in German, latest fave reads have been Naomi Novik's Temeraire series but I read about anything from trashy romances to really academic stuff in English or German. Colin… — 2 comments
bluemooses. I’d love to try a book that has been very memorable or impactful for you. In a general sense, looking to read more books by female authors this year to balance things out. While I’m a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan I’ve also been reading a lot of that lately and wouldn’t mind… — 10 comments
bagejew. Best sellers, thrillers, mystery, true crime, Southern lit, Christmas fiction, satire/humor — 2 comments
javalen. Books for a six month old, please! — 3 comments
ahamel. Mysteries are my favorite and I love well-written books with twists and turns. I have enough reality in my life at the moment, please stick to fiction. Favorite authors include Lousie Penny (haven't read the newest one yet), Laurie R King, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Patrick Rothfuss… — 1 comment
michael.h88. I'll enjoy anything within the realms of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. I've updated my wishlist to reflect what I'm interested in. — 2 comments
CP82. I like mormon history of any flavor that is pre-1910. I also really enjoy science fiction & Fantasy, and Edward Abbey activism. — 1 comment
LibraryCin. I read a wide variety, though favourite genres include historical fiction and suspense/thrillers. I also read nonfiction, including biography/memoirs. — 1 comment
jms429. I'm on a massive Space & particularly Mars spree at the moment, so anything about Mars, it's geography and the various exploration missions is very much of interest. As is anything by the engineers, astronauts and ground control of the apollo programme and the space… — 3 comments
JanaBrooke1987. Would love one of the following: Permanent Record Edward Snowden, A gentleman in Moscow, The Wim Hof method, The monsters we make, The simple wild, Fable, the neuroscientist who lost her mind or too much and never enough. — 2 comments
jeshakespeare. I am dreaming of Without a Trace by Mel Starr, Foul Play in Vouvray by Jean-Pierre Alaux, Champagne Widows by Jean-Pierre Alaux, Dig Deep My Grave by Cheryl Honigford, Near Prospect Park by Lawrence Levy or a Perry Mason by Erle Stanley Gardner. Vanity, Vengance, and a Weekend… — 2 comments
kalafudra. Love SFF in a wide range - from horror to romance, from bloody Abercrombie type things to New Weird to fun times with Jasper Fforde to spacey stuff like Leckie to more YA stuff like Cashore. Always here for #ownvoices, feminist, queer fiction (not necessarily SFF), or fiction… — 2 comments
Tabasco2003. She just turned 2 and is an avid book lover. Since she lives in CA and I am in Illinois I have not seen her in person since early March. Unfortunately, I honestly don't know what her book tastes are, precisely. I just know she LOVES them! — 4 comments
joyjohnston. Memoirs, personal essays, poetry, thrillers/mystery/suspense (but not detective books), LGBTQ, history — 5 comments
lucienspringer. I manage a bookstore, so I'm hard to buy for. LTers are the only people brave enough to try! I like books that are intellectual, international, and introspective. Modes, genres, and forms don't matter to me as much as language and ideas; I give bonus points for… — 9 comments
pagesbytheglass. Mystery, suspense, contemporary romance, literary fiction — 2 comments
constantstar. I love a good coming of age story - fiction or memoir. I also enjoy page turning suspense and spine tingling horror. — 3 comments
closer. classics in fiction and mystery — 3 comments
fobgirl12. This year I’ve read a lot of romance, so anything new that is contemporary romance I’ve probably read it. Also, I’ve read a lot of historical romance. Choose something from a backlist from at least two years ago. I’m a middle school ELA teacher so I know a lot about middle… — 7 comments
kkelm22. Rylan loves non-fictional books about animals and/or dinosaurs. He loves books with flip/slide tabs. He really likes books with vibrant colors, and bigger illustrations. Fictional books are also welcome. He enjoys animal/dinosaur related stories, especially ones that are… — 2 comments
mellymel171328. I have always had a soft spot for YA books. I also like a good murder mystery. One of my favorite authors for murder mysteries is Tami Hoag and J. D. Robb. — 2 comments
LizLindsey. Cookbooks: simple meals of other cultures: Africa, Caribbean, Asian(Thai & Vietnamese), vegetables, farm to table. Fantasy especially around the supernatural stories of vampires, werewolves, fae etc. — 2 comments
MelissaEHoyt. I love Lisa See! And CS Lewis (I own Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters), JRR Tolkien ( I own all LOR but not The Hobbit or special editions), LM Montgomery (I own all Anne books but no special editions, aside from the graphic novel) I'm pretty easy to please. 😄 … — 3 comments
Ashlyn07. I am including my Library Thing book Wishlist on Amazon for ideas. I like a mixture of books from historical romances to suspense/thrillers. Some of my favorite authors are Mary Higgins Clark, Tess… — 1 comment
teaperson. Recently getting into Sci-fi. Love a good mystery or spy novel (but not set in the 19th century) Love a good history of some topic (but not too long) Love a good brief biography — 3 comments
beaneuroscientist. I prefer non fiction. I am most interested in Healthcare systems, and healthcare quality. I currently have a few books on my wish list like books on the opiod epidemic, comparing health systems across countries. I like also like philosophy books. I like modern policy… — 5 comments
Erica.Tuggle. Graphic novels Fiction True Crime Fun and quirky — 2 comments
MaggieGrinnell. mysteries like Nancy Drew (i am on book #10), biographies about writers, children's books like fairy tales with a twist — 2 comments
Conachair. I like to learn new things. Get me something about an event or period in history that interests you. — 1 comment
tealadytoo. Fairly wide ranging tastes. I read historical fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, mysteries, inspirational fiction, vintage fiction, history, etc. — 1 comment
EvelynJane. Loves all genres including thrillers, crime, romance, dark romance, bully. Anything really — 1 comment
RebeccaMcNutt. I love occult books on black magic and necromancy, and 1970's horror books. I collect hardcover and autographed books, but I welcome surprises, too. My shelf always has room for one more! — 6 comments
cindydavid4. I love world history that shows connections with time and place and people (loved Bryson's Summer 1927 and Tony Horowitz A Voyage Long and Strange.) Im also a traveler, and love reading good narratives about places off the beaten track. Finally love a good bio, and if someone… — 5 comments
pbirch01. Last year I asked for translations ideally by a female author. I got two great books and I think I am going to continue in the same vein as last year. I lean towards Eastern European translations but am open to anywhere — 1 comment
jeanie0510. I enjoy psychological thrillers. My favorite authors are Ruth Ware, Joy Fielding, and Jodi Picoult, but I have most of their books, but books by similar authors which are thrillers would be fine. I really enjoy any kind of fiction, so send me a copy of your favorite fiction… — 6 comments
m_h-auntie. 4 comments
RebeccaLMello. I like most fiction books but my favorite genres are mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, and young adult. I also like true crime novels — 3 comments
tmbookluvr. I like a wide variety of genres including fantasy, thriller, mystery, and sci-fi. I also read a lot of YA fantasy/scifi. — 2 comments
Karen.Holding. i love horror (in particular zombie fiction), thriller, crime, mystery, scifi, fantasy, true crime.I like books similar to hallmark movies not overtly a romance. I do have a wishlist on my profile that might give you an idea of what I might like (you don't have to get… — 1 comment
seaweedotter. I had odd, very specific tastes, so I would rather just list books I would like. Used books are fine, as long as they are in good condition. Paperbacks are also fine. Atomic City Girls- Janet Beard Beethoven's Hair: An Extraordinary Historical Odyssey and a Scientific… — 2 comments
fields.steph. I’ve been just into a lot of nonfiction lately. I like memoirs and history. Anything about folklore. But I also love urban fantasy and some mystery. I’ve been trying to increase the diversity of my bookshelves. Favorite authors: May Sarton, Rebecca Solnit, Neil Gaiman, Carl… — 1 comment
NikkiMo. I would prefer novels over non-fiction books. I love historical fiction, contemporary & literary fiction. I'm also a fan of psychological thrillers. — 1 comment
niadarola. Smutty Romance (hope I'm using the term correctly), Historical Romance, Fantasy Romance, Space Opera (not too hard sci-fi). — 4 comments
niadarola. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Mystery/Horror, Interesting/Immersive Non-Fiction (good prose/writing vs. textbook), love Oliver Sacks. — 3 comments
elgatoazabache. I would really like some LGBQ fiction (that is, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer; trans themes are ok but not my primary interest). I would also strongly prefer if the books were from Africa, Asia, or Latin America. If that's not possible, then LGBQ fiction from anywhere else… — 2 comments
acbt. I'm a young toddler. I particularly like books that are interactive or unexpected (like touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap, or puppet books, or like the holes in the Very Hungry Caterpillar book), books that encourage my reader to create interesting voices/sounds, books that aren't… — 6 comments
aurorapaigem. She's a baby so.... She has a decent book collection but it lacks diversity! I think Snowy Day and A is for Activist are the only books that show people that don't look like her. I would love board books and picture books depicting people of color, the LGBTQ community, and… — 3 comments
Lisa.Domke. I read everything! Right now, I'm most looking for interesting memoirs, general nonfiction, or graphic novels. If you're excited about something else though that's OK too! — 3 comments
Garp83. History. American history: presidents, Civil War, political history, slavery, 19th century, 20th century. World history: ancient & classical history, slavery, Africa, Asian, steppe nomads. Science: anything quirky and cutting edge. Fiction: international unusual fiction (in… — 6 comments
davidabrams. Literary fiction, history, biography, poetry, graphic novels (NOT anime style), memoir I also have collections in the following imprints: Penguin Classics (black-spined) NYRB Modern Library — 4 comments
Laity45. Any thing on my wishlist — 1 comment
Kanarthi. I'm looking for SF/F or literary fiction. Novels only, no short fiction. I prefer stories with interesting characters and character interactions, and I'm looking to discover new-to-me authors and books where the main characters are adults. Even in the most serious books, I… — 13 comments
AriadneOliver. I love classic mystery and detective fiction and continue to add to my collection. Mystery anthologies are great. Also am a fan of Neil Gaiman, Kim Stanley Robinson, Louise Penny, Sandi Toksvig, Anthony Trollope, PG Wodehouse, and PD James. — 5 comments
bgfulton. I enjoy reading science fiction, graphic novels and comics, books dealing with food (cookbooks, graphic novels, food history), true crime and music history (rock n' roll). — 1 comment
nextjenreads. I like horror and mystery. I also love memoirs. From time to time, I also love a good YA fantasy. — 3 comments
TexLiz19. Love historical fiction (European only pretty much up to 1800s), fantasy, some mystery and romance. Specifically anything set in England, Scotland, France, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Germany, etc. Paranormal welcome (especially paranormal romance) and anything to do with any old… — 2 comments
shedgeco. I'm super-ecumenical in my tastes (as you can see on my LibraryThing, which is all the books I own). One thing to note is that I have a lot of academic books on religion, because I'm a PhD candidate in religion, so most of those are chosen for a specific reason. However, if… — 3 comments
alo1224. Classic and Modern Poetry, Plays, Classic Sci Fi, and Microhistory books. — 2 comments
genesisdiem. Non-fiction. Teach me something new! cozy mysteries are also good in a pinch. — 6 comments
mnm123. Mystery,historical fiction, Urban Fantasy, Science fiction and some romance but I'm very picky. — 6 comments
temerity5. 1. Fantasy or historical romance with strong female character 2. Gentle, sweet arranged marriage/marriage of convenience or found families (any genders welcome, no contemporary), which results in them falling in love. HEA required. 3. I AM DESPARATE for good… — 7 comments
dudes22. I like literary fiction, mysteries (although I’m gravitating away from cozies), thrillers, some dystopian, some sci-fi, and lately I’ve been trying to add more world authors to my reading. — 3 comments
ChristinaDye. I love autobiographies, stories about people who have overcome great odds. I like mysteries. I love agatha Christie and Stephen King and HP Lovecraft. I like to discover new authors who are not so well known. I really like history. History that is told from a different… — 4 comments
Jen_Bartels. Mysteries of all kinds including cozy, suspense, thriller, horror, most contemporary fiction including best sellers. Also, I LOVE when others show me their favorites...helps find new authors and books I may have missed otherwise. — 7 comments
fionaanne. Currently going through a graphic novel period and would love suggestions for non-fiction ones, especially. Also a big fan of YA and middle-grade historical fiction and fantasy at the moment. — 2 comments
homeschoolmimzi. Memoirs, biographies, books about mental health — 4 comments
hamlet61. I like to read short stories, short fiction, science fiction, poetry, cookbooks, — 3 comments
sflores81. Historical fiction - World War II or any kind; Memoirs, realistic fiction - Tom Clancy, John Grisham, David Baldacci Sweet happy - written by Debbie Macomber, Elin Hilderbrand, Books by Danielle Steel I usually buy the latest book when they are released by these authors. — 2 comments
reedread. Intelligent mysteries without gore—think Louise Penny. Historical fiction about women, especially British royals and the titled set from Queen Victoria to now. Novels with village settings in the UK, and also Downton Abbey-type fiction or historical fiction. Literary fiction… — 5 comments
olegalCA. I read a lot of young adult, mysteries, biographies, history and politics. I'd love to expand this year into more literary fiction but I don't have an idea of where to start! I did read "Every Bone a Prayer" this year and I really enjoyed it! My wishlist is always up to date.… — 3 comments
affie. I am really into creepy and/or cosy, supernatural mysteries, eldritch horrors and supernatural disaster/supernatural dystopian books. In that order. Creepy supernatural mysteries are my lifeblood atm and if they dip into horror I am in heaven. However, I am not interested in… — 2 comments
strongstuff. I tend towards literary fiction and historical fiction, and have a soft spot for time travel, a little magical realism, and a great setting. Some of my favorite 2020 reads have been: The Vanishing Half; The Immortalists; Nothing to See Here; The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn… — 1 comment
cgarstang. Literary fiction, I especially like international settings — 3 comments
CryBel. I am game for anything Fantasy and Science Fiction. For non-fiction I like funny memoirs/autobiography, books about books, and books about weird history. — 7 comments
Lakenvelder. Fiction: literary, historical, romance, crime Non-fiction: food, history, gardening — 2 comments
watson11. I love mysteries, cozy and more hard core too, including psychological thrillers. Also enjoy literary fiction. — 4 comments
dmmjlllt. 5 comments
AliceLoweecey. Horror, fantasy, UF — 1 comment
trojanpotato. My eyes are bigger than my free time, so I have an insurmountable to-read pile, but I'm always looking for interesting new things to add to it. You probably won't go wrong with sci-fi! In addition, I haven't read a fun, companionable science romp in a while (like Mary Roach… — 4 comments
SouthernKiwi. I really enjoy historical fiction, especially regency England, Jacobite Scotland or settler USA/Canada settings. I love fantasy, great world-building and strong characters are the keys here. I read lots of romance but a good plot and character development are essential! Think… — 1 comment
ejmam. I love being surprised by something I wouldn't have found on my own, so I'd rather you pick books you really like try to figure out my tastes. It's hard to go wrong! — 4 comments
jburlinson. I'm an art book devotee. I went on a virtual browse of my hometown bookstore, BookPeople, and came up with the following: Iowa, By Nancy Rexroth The Writer's Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands, By Huw Lewis-Jones Lenore Tawney: Mirror of the Universe, by Karen Patterson … — 1 comment
KateBaxter. I am a huge fan of well crafted/well researched historical fiction. Also enjoy historical mysteries, regular mysteries, espionage, suspense, knitting, fine art, European travel, baroque and classical music. — 4 comments
Aula. I like most black humor fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian especially); humorous memoirs (though they can be about serious lives). Really enjoy female protagonists (loving 'The Last Human' by Zack Jordan) at the moment... — 2 comments
Myckyee. Mysteries that are like John Banville's new book 'Snow' (it's great!). Also like Ann Cleeves, Michael Connelly, etc. I have all of Agatha Christie's. I like creepy mysteries too. I loved The Historian. Please check my LT catalogue. Thanks! — 2 comments
mdessent. I read everything by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Lee Child. I like fiction, thrillers, urban fiction, fantasy, mysteries, cookbooks. — 3 comments
sentimental13. I love autobiographies, especially those by women authors. I love hybrid and unusual works, like literary fiction that plays with the rules. I love good ol sci fi. I love stories of social justice and true and practical devotional texts by monks and nuns of all types… — 1 comment
Richj. modern poetry, graphic novels,history, fiction, non-fiction — 3 comments
greeneyed_ives. I read mostly romance, history, and non-fiction. I occasionally dabble in literary fiction. At the moment, I would prefer books on the lighter side of the spectrum. I like books that have strong women as central characters. I like almost all history, though I tend to… — 2 comments
saraswati27. I really like to try oddball stuff. I'd love for you to choose some odd thing that you think no one loves but you. If it's obscure I'm all for it. I generally like the genres of SciFi, Fantasy, Humor, or Non-Fiction best, but feel free to try me on stuff outside of my genre. — 7 comments
camelama. I like reading about how things came about, how they were invented etc. (like Salt, Indigo, mapping the ocean floor, the first spacesuits, recent olive oil scandal, salad oil imbroglio, how did the color red come about, etc) Love tall ships & sailing (I have all the POB books… — 2 comments
andersonden. Fairly broad, but tend to enjoy SF/F genre fiction; been reading a fair amount of non-fiction lately. I keep my LT current, so it's a good reflection of past and current reading habits. — 6 comments
lindapanzo. Cozy mysteries. British police procedural mysteries. Historical mysteries. American social history. Historical fiction, particularly 20th Century. Books about books. — 3 comments
GoldieBug. Science fiction (more space opera than hard sf) and fantasy; cozy animal mysteries (like Bookstore Cats or Susan Conant dog mysteries, especially love library or Librarian mysteries!); horses and horse racing fiction or nonfiction. Pop-ups are awesome. Can also look at my… — 1 comment
debbie1215. Historical fiction (especially WWII, Civil War), romantic fiction, biographies/autobiographies- pretty varied tastes. Contemporary fictions- bestsellers. Mysteries are ok but not preferred. Favorite authors, Kristin Hannah, Luanne Rice, Emily Giffin, Richard Paul Evans,Elin… — 4 comments
jagmuse. My favorite book is Possession by A.S. Byatt. I love stories that have a contemporary and historical element (I've just read through Kate Morton's novels, for example). I also am a big fan of mystery and suspense (in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vein, thrilling rather… — 2 comments
mxsjwl. They like books similar to the hunger games, they also liked Steven Kings “The Institute”. They like books about secret abilities or uncommon intelligence. Edgar Allen Poe is a favorite as well. I-Robot was also a favorite. Reading level is not a concern. — 3 comments
eggsnhm. Author Preferences: Jasper Fforde; Jim Butcher; Terry Pratchett; Walter Mosely; Christopher Moore Would love to find something new in any of these veins. — 1 comment
AngelClaw. Favorite genres are fantasy, history (fiction and nonfiction), literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, and contemporary(ish) women's fiction. — 1 comment
LadyoftheLodge. I like cozy mysteries that feature lady sleuths, quirky careers, unusual locations, librarians or libraries, bookstores, and cats, and I like classic mystery novels. I also read historical novels, Regencies, biographies of historical people or authors, fiction about Amish… — 3 comments
Daniel.Estes. Literary fiction. And let's go with recent. I'm looking for something bold and engaging, and preferably from authors I'm not familiar with. My LT account is up to date and browsing my 5-star and 4½-star collections should give you a good sense of my preferences. My hope is… — 1 comment
bragan. I'm particularly fond of science fiction and fantasy, and of science-y non-fiction, but my tastes are really very broad, and I'm always happy to dip into other genres (literary fiction, mysteries, YA, humor, horror, whatever!) or to read non-fiction about a wide variety of… — 14 comments
Kukalaka. I am two years old. I love trucks and dinosaurs and fruit and ponies and cooking and dogs and planets and Oz and monsters. Current favorites include Little Blue Truck, Xander's Panda Party, and Love, Z; Seuss and Boynton are solid authors. — 1 comment
daisy_may. I read quite a range of things: my favourite genres are probably mysteries (especially vintage/historical ones) and classics, but I also read historical fiction, sci-fi, and the occasional fantasy or contemporary. I also read some children's/YA books so those are fine… — 3 comments
erinclark. Historical Fiction, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Coming of Age, Psychological Thrillers, Humor, some Science Fiction... I just really appreciate a good story that takes me away. Surprise me!:) and thank you for taking the time to look for a good book for me! — 4 comments
julienne_preacher. Fiction: literary, historical, speculative, romance, YA, quirky mysteries/crime Non-fiction: Vegetarian cookbooks, biographies, culture, gender, food, literature, film, society — 3 comments
faerywings. In terms of physical books, I'm pretty much exclusively collecting graphic novels. "Traditional" books I tend to consume either by ebook, audiobook, or the library. I have a whole wishlist, not in any order, just as I find them. If you can find something from there, that… — 1 comment
Headbum. I like books factual or fiction about Trappers, pioneers and the western movement across America. I like books like those by John Gierach, game wardens, hunting or fishing guide stories, not how to hunt or fish. Books by folks that have gone on adventure treks. I like and have… — 8 comments
ginaruiz. Historical fiction, cookbooks, SFF, anything about Paris or France (such a Francophile), food studies, and classic literature. I also love illustrated or mechanical books. — 2 comments
nicolemaddock. I love fantasy/ sci fi, magical realism, psych thrillers. — 1 comment
bigsis2mac. Honestly, I've been into historical romance lately, and I'm always into Sci-Fi/Fantasy. YA and New Adult books totally welcome. — 3 comments
teresakayep. I enjoy literary novels, nonfiction, and classics of all genres. These days, I'm craving books with a strong narrative/plot, although it doesn't necessarily have to be fast-paced. For right now, Crime novels with a psychological bent (think Tana French or Ruth Rendell)… — 4 comments
bigsis2mac. He loves fantasy romance with good world building and anything written by Andrew Rowe. A few of his favorite books are the Paper Magician and The Lover's Dictionary. The more off the beaten path the better, as he's a pretty voracious reader. — 4 comments
andejons. Eclectic. History, classics, essays, comics, poetry, science, genre fiction - I read many things. — 1 comment
shelbyb. Fantasy and science fiction; women authors; contemporary fiction; — 3 comments
literatefool. I enjoy mysteries ( cozy mysteries to noir), fiction, history, some biography, some autobiography, sci fi, fantasy, classics, gardening, books about books, books about collecting books..basically if it has words I generally will give it a go. — 3 comments
Taryn.Curry. Here's a list of books on my list 1.The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson 2. Fangs by Sarah Andersen 3. You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson 4. Where We Go from Here by Lucas Rocha 5. Untouchable (Book #3 in the Private Series) by Kate Brian 6. Bad… — 2 comments
readergirliz. I usually treat myself to SantaThing, but with the arrival of Baby #1 this coming year I anticipate I'll have quite a bit less time to read to myself. :) I do not know if Baby Smith is a boy or a girl, so pretty much anything goes as far as books go. Books with vocabulary… — 3 comments
Stevil2001. I like science fiction (and fantasy, though I'm not super into epic quest fantasy) and contemporary literature (especially British). I'll list some authors below to give you a sense of my tastes. Anything I don't own by any of them would be fine, but really, anything you think… — 2 comments
rhian_of_oz. My reading tastes have broadened in the last few years but my wheelhouse is probably science fiction and urban fantasy. I enjoy historical fiction, and am also keen to read more works by authors that aren't from US/UK/Australia. — 2 comments
thebookmagpie. I'm really into literary and classic fiction, but I also like sci-fi and fantasy. I like historical novels. I also like young adult a lot, both contemporary and fantasy. I tend to care more about quality of prose and characterisation than plot (though all are important, just… — 3 comments
ELiz_M. Literary Fiction, I prefer paperback books. I read a lot from the 1001-books-list and recently have become intrigued by the selections for the Tournament of Books. My wishlist is mostly comprised of very specific (pretty!) editions. — 2 comments
SimoneA. I read many genres and always like discovering new (diverse) authors. You can check my Favorites and Recommendations collections to see my taste. If you have trouble picking books, you can check my Wishlist collections, but please check the tags there. I also keep my… — 2 comments
Pat_Bunk_Malecki. I enjoy books that are sagas. I enjoy mystery and books that involve women who are strong for example, Woman of Substance which I have read. I enjoy legal mystery also. If you take a look of my list you may get an idea of my likes. — 4 comments
Tropical-Library. My LT is up to date but anything not in "Your Library" is not necessarily reflective of my tastes. Always happy to try new authors similar to the ones I already read, even though I have a hard time keeping up with the ones I love. Also happy to get books by authors you love… — 2 comments
xenophon. Essays, literary essays, literary history, literary criticism, books about books, travel literature (usa/europe). Or, as a bonus, you could try to find something 'Jane Austenish' that I don't already own. — 6 comments
Cfraser. Enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy, literature, crime and historical fiction. My library is up to date, check out my wishlist for inspiration but dont feel you have to be limited by it (but please avoid sequels listed in my wishlist). Some books I have enjoyed… — 3 comments
TheBiblioGnome. - Poetry, mainly classic British/Irish poets, exceptions do exist. - English-English Dictionaries/Thesauruses & Reference books (medical/aviation/philosophical) - Social Science books - Cosmology books - Mark Twain — 2 comments
pammab. I'd really like one or two of your favorite book(s) in your favorite genre(s). I tend to reach for speculative fiction (reflecting on our world through fiction & sci-fi) and non-fiction, and I'm also very interested in branching out into genres that I'm nowhere near well-read… — 4 comments
Salsabrarian. Young adult fiction, narrative non-fiction, preference for #ownvoices, anything about wine, cozy mysteries. — 3 comments
cbl_tn. I enjoy mysteries, especially historical mysteries, mysteries set in unusual locations, and mysteries with an art, archaeology, or music angle. I also enjoy literary travel, history, social history, family history, and books about books. — 5 comments
kauaisurfer. Jewish topics (liberal), Cozy mysteries, Book store themed novels, Cookbooks (vegetarian), Gay Fiction, Travel writing. — 4 comments
crazy4reading. My library consists of all the books that I own and have read. I do have a wish list that you can refer to if you are lost for ideas. Some of my favorite genres are: mystery, fiction, romance, cozy mystery, historical fiction, historical romance, fantasy, science fiction,… — 3 comments
elphie93. I love fiction and non-fiction. For fiction I love sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, literary fiction, popular fiction, classics. Some favourite fiction authors would be Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan, Hannah Kent, Hilary Mantel, Kazuo Ishiguro and Madeline Miller. Favourite fiction… — 8 comments
sallylou61. I would enjoy reading mysteries by female authors such as Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy L. Sayers, Georgette Heyer, or Agatha Christie. I would also enjoy reading a regency novel by Georgette Heyer. I read a number of books by Phyllis A. Whitney as a teenager, and within the last… — 4 comments
sevanoffo. I really love anything historical fiction, especially World War 2 historical fiction. My favorite author is Ruta Sepetys! While I am a historical fiction lover, I also enjoy contemporary, fantasy, and romance novels! I generally love YA books! — 6 comments
LadyoftheLodge. I like cozy mysteries that feature lady sleuths, quirky careers, unusual locations, librarians or libraries, bookstores, and cats, and I like classic mystery novels. I also read historical novels, Regencies, biographies of historical people or authors, fiction about Amish… — 3 comments
thornton37814. Mysteries, especially British police procedurals, and historical fiction are my favorite genres. I also love history/social history, especially as it relates to my genealogical interests. I've updated my Christmas 2020 wish list here on LibraryThing to include my most wanted… — 2 comments
Limelite. If I may be very specific, here are a few of my wish list titles. Paperback (not trade, though) is fine. The Sojourn by Andrew Krivak The Midnight Library by Matt Haig The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain The Wedding by Dorothy West … — 3 comments
NicoleW. Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Romance, Christian Mystery. I enjoy Sci-Fi too. I enjoyed Mistborn by Sanderson, and I have Well of Ascension on my night stand. I would like Binti for Christmas, and a good clean joke book I would like to laugh more in 2021. — 3 comments
normandie_m. I think because of lockdowns, spending more time at home and not being able to travel, I've read much more escapist literature this year, including a wide range of fantasy. Re-reads of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels have featured heavily, I love the balance of humour and… — 3 comments
rodneyvc. Food, travel, gardening. The books tagged 'cooking' in my (rodneyvc's) catalog are Maggie's. Maggie's wishlist is here. — 3 comments
rodneyvc. If you look at my catalog the technical books are mine. I like family history, travel, space, music. I've updated my wishlist a little. I sing in a choir that performs major choral works. I'm happy to be surprised! — 3 comments
tileen. American and British classics, film history, World War I and World War II. Anything pop culture related. I have recently been interested in British colonialism. My librarything is up to date as well. — 3 comments
Yells. I am open to just about anything. My library is pretty much up-to-date on LB and I have a pretty expansive wishlist. I love books from around the world (I'm from Canada) so surprise me with your favourites, fiction or non. I have signed up for Santathing for years and use… — 3 comments
Charli333. Fiction, fantasy, magic, historical fiction (but not too gory!), political fiction. Favourite authors are Deborah Harkness, Ben Aaronovitch, Laura Barnett & Mhairi Macfarlane. I loved the rivers of London series, all souls triology and the darker shades of magic triology by… — 5 comments
Peace2. I like fantasy and science fiction. I read a fair amount of crime & thrillers. I like readable history, science and geography (as in not too heavy duty or formal). Taking a look at my 'finished in 2020' or 'completed' collections will give an idea of things I've finished and… — 3 comments
mooingzelda. For fiction, I like fantasy, sci-fi, historical, classic and contemporary novels, as well as short stories. I do read quite widely, though (including some children's/YA), so don't feel too constrained by those genres! I just love a good story, really. For non-fiction, I… — 6 comments
NaiaUnderwood. Fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, YA fiction — 3 comments
majkia. sci fi and fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, period mysteries. I like complex stories, and well drawn characters. Check out my 'most wanted' and wishlist for ideas. — 3 comments
RidgewayGirl. I love literary fiction, novels doing something new or differently, or from a PoV outside of the usual white men in the US or the UK. I also like well-written crime novels, preferably on the grittier end of the spectrum. Books written by authors outside of the US and the UK… — 7 comments
ablachly. Jasper is 12, and he's looking for YA or middle-grade realistic fiction, graphic novels, maybe some dystopian fantasy? He's recently read and loved A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi, — 6 comments
katemcangus. Alex is 5 and Joey turns 4 just after Christmas. Alex is very much into the Magic Treehouse books, but I'd love to try something, anything else. Think beginning chapter books for kids into science and history and sports (and MARVEL!). Joey is a gal who loves Clifford… — 6 comments
ablachly. Literary fiction (I recently read and loved Writers & Lovers by Lily King and The pull of the stars by Emma Donghue), mysteries (think the Mary Russell series, or Tuesday Mooney talks to ghosts) — 7 comments
ccatalfo. Fiction (10yo boy), currently into mysteries (e.g. Agatha Christie). Realistic fiction. — 5 comments
timspalding. This is for my 14yo son, Liam, a budding web-comics artist. So I'm looking for (1) Excellent web comics, (2) Excellent strip-comics generally, or (3) Books about how to be a web- or general-comic artist. Both would be fine. Liam is strongly drawn to zany humor, and dislikes… — 9 comments
kristilabrie. She likes a lot of fantasy/magical, both adult and YA. She's probably read the more popular series already, so something newer (2019+) or less common would probably be good picks. — 3 comments
ccatalfo. Realistic YA fiction (girl aged 13), enjoys some fantasy as well (e.g. just finishing His Dark Materials). — 7 comments
conceptDawg. An 12 year old girl who reads well above her age level. She loves books about fantasy, magic, mythology, adventure, and especially dragons. She still loves Harry Potter and can't get enough but she's read everything put to print about the magical boy wonder. Unfortunately… — 16 comments
katemcangus. Mysteries (Tana French), literary fiction (Normal People, The Great Believers), and lighter fantasy (The Magicians, Ninth House). — 11 comments
kristilabrie. Any sturdier lift-the-flap books would be great, or books with animals. We're always on the lookout for great bedtime books, too! — 3 comments
timspalding. I'd like some good ancient history published in the last 3-4 years. "Ancient" here means Greece, Roma and adjacent areas (North Africa, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Persia, Europe) during the period roughly 600BC to 600AD. I am not interested in pure narrative. I'm a lot… — 3 comments