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11 september 2001 (Nederlands)

11 september-attackerna (Zweeds)

11 septembre 2001 (Frans)

13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (Engels)

1767, de vooravond van de Amerikaans burgeroorlog (Nederlands)

1788-89 US presidential election (Engels)

1792 US presidential election (Engels)

1796 presidential election (Engels)

1800 US presidential election (Engels)

1833 - The first woman hanged for murder (Engels)

1893 Chicago World's Fair (Engels)

1894 Midwinter Fair (Engels)

1896 (Noors)

1906 San Francisco Earthquake (Engels)

1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (Engels)

1969 Ayn Rand gives a lecture to her Objectivist Friends (Engels)

1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake (Engels)

2016 Republican National Convention (Engels)

2016 US presidential election (Engels)

4th of July (Engels)

7-jarige Oorlog (Nederlands)

The 74th Hunger Games (Engels)

The 75th Hunger Games (Engels)

9/11 Terrorist Attacks (Engels)

9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Twin Towers and Pentagon (Engels)

Abdication of Edward VIII (Engels)

Accession of Elizabeth I (Engels)

Act for the Advancement of the True Religion (Engels)

Act of Conditional Restraint of Annates (Engels)

Act of Restraint of Appeals (Engels)

Act of Six Articles (Engels)

Act of Succession (Engels)

Act of Supremacy (Engels)

Affair of the Poisons (Engels)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (Engels)

Alabama claims (Engels)

Alexander the Great's Conquest (Engels)

Algerian War (Engels)

Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 (Engels)

Amarna Period (Engels)

America, Apogee & Decline (Engels)

American Civil War (Engels)

American Declaration of Independence (Engels)

American Indian Movement (Engels)

American Revolution (Engels)

American Revolution 1775-1783 (Engels)

The Anarchy was a civil war in England and Normandy between 1135 and 1153, which resulted in a widespread breakdown in law and order. The conflict was a succession crisis precipitated by the accidental death by drowning of William Adelin, the only legitimate son of Henry I, in the sinking of the White Ship in 1120. (Engels)

Anarquia d'Anglaterra (Catalaans)

Anatomy Act (Engels)

Anglo Saxon period (Engels)

Anglo-Spanish War (Engels)

Anti-Rent War (Engels)

Arab Revolt (Engels)

Arab Spring (Engels)

Armageddon (Frans, Engels)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Engels)

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Engels)

Assassination of Galeazzo Maria (Engels)

Assassination of James A. Garfield (Engels)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Engels)

Assassination of Julius Caesar (Engels)

assassination of Malcolm X (Engels)

Assassination of Russian imperial family (Engels)

Assassination of Tiberius Gracchus (Engels)

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Engels)

Attica Prison Riot (Engels)

Auspicuous Event (Engels)

Avianca aircrash (Engels)

Babington Plot (Engels)

Bacon's Rebellion (Engels)

Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth (Engels)

Bataan Death March (Engels)

Bataille d'Actium (Frans)

Bataille des Cinq Armées (Frans)

Batalla de Hogwarts (Spaans)

Batalla dels Cinc Exèrcits (Catalaans)

Battaglia dei Cinque Eserciti (Italiaans)

Battle at Burning plains (Engels)

Battle of Actium (Engels)

Battle of Agincourt (Engels)

Battle of Ball's Bluff (Engels)

Battle of Bosworth Field (Engels)

Battle of Britain (Engels)

Battle of Bunker Hill (Engels)

Battle of Caporetto (Engels)

Battle of Culloden (Engels)

Battle of Edington (Engels)

Battle of Five Armies (Engels)

Battle of Hogwarts (Engels)

Battle of Kadesh (Engels)

Battle of Krefeld (Engels)

Battle of Lepanto (Engels)

Battle of Lexington and Concord (Engels)

Battle of Lincoln (Engels)

Battle of Long Island (Engels)

Battle of Monmouth Courthouse (Engels)

Battle of Munichia (Engels)

Battle of Poitiers (Engels)

Battle of Quebec (Engels)

Battle of Saratoga (Engels)

Battle of Stoke Field (Engels)

Battle of Tewkesbury (Engels)

Battle of the Department of Mysteries (Engels, Noors)

Battle of the Hornburg (Engels)

Battle of Thermopylae (Engels)

Battle of Towton (Engels)

Battle of Trenton (Engels)

Battle of Waterloo (Engels)

Battle of Yorktown (Engels)

Bear Flag Revolt (Engels)

Belagerung von La Rochelle (Duits)

Big Bang (Engels)

Birth of Margaret Norman (Engels)

Bitwa o Helmowy Jar (Pools)

Bitwa pięciu armii (Pools)

Black Death (Engels)

The Blitz (Engels)

Bloomsday (Nederlands, Frans, Engels)

Bombing of Coventry (Engels)

Bombing of Dresden (Engels)

Bombing of Libya (Engels)

Bombningen av Dresden (Zweeds)

Bonfire of the Vanities (Engels)

Bonfire of Vanities (Engels)

Bosnian War (Engels)

Boston Massacre (Engels)

Boston Tea Party (Engels)

Brexit (Engels)

British Association for the Advancement of Science - founding and early years (Engels)

British Occupation of India (Engels)

British Raj (Engels)

British Regency (Russisch)

Bronze Age (Engels)

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas (Engels)

Burr-Hamilton Duel (Engels)

Butlerian Jihad (Engels)

Bye Plot (Engels)

Caesar crosses the Rubicon (Engels)

California Gold Rush (Engels)

Centennial Exhibition of 1876 (Engels)

Chelsea Flower Show (Engels)

Chicago World's Fair (Engels)

Chilean Coup (Engels)

Chilean coup d'etat (Engels)

Chinese Exclusion Act (Engels)

Christmas (Engels, Noors)

Christmas Day (Engels, Noors)

Civil Rights Movement, USA (Engels)

Cleopatra VII becomes ruler of Egypt (Engels)

Cold War (Engels)

Colonizing the New World (Engels)

Colpo di stato cileno (Italiaans)

Communism, Decline and Renaissance (Engels)

Conspiracy of Catiline (Engels)

Constitutional Convention (Engels)

Continental Congress (Engels)

Continental Congress' Treaty of 1778 with France (Engels)

Coronation of Aragorn (Engels)

Coronation of Queen Victoria (Engels)

The Council of Elrond (Zweeds, Engels)

Council of Nicaea (Engels)

Council of Trent (Engels)

Counter-Reformation (Engels)

Creation (Engels)

Creation of the world (Engels)

Creation of Turkey (Engels)

creation of Wonder Woman (Engels)

Credit crunch (Engels)

Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction (Engels, Russisch)

Crimean War (Nederlands, Engels, Noors)

Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth (Engels)

Crusades (Engels)

Cádiz Raid (Engels)

The Death (Engels)

Death and Resurrection of Aslan (Engels, Noors)

Death of Alexander the Great (Engels)

Death of Amenhotep I (Engels)

Death of Amy Robsart (Engels)

Death of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales (Engels)

Death of Catherine of Aragon (Engels)

The death of Gandalf the grey (Zweeds)

Death of Katherine of Aragon (Engels)

Death of Mary I, Queen of England (Engels)

Death of the White Witch (Engels, Noors)

Death of Willie Lincoln (Engels)

December 26, 2004 Tsunami (Engels)

Declaration of Independence (Engels)

Denshawai Incident (Engels)

Destruction of Isengard (Engels)

Destruction of the One Ring (Engels)

Diadoch Wars (Engels)

Dictatorship of Sulla (Engels)

Die Schlacht auf den Brennenden Steppen (Duits)

Digerdöden (Zweeds)

Disappearance of Agatha Christie (Engels)

Disaster: Volcano Eruption (Engels)

Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb (Engels)

Discovery of Uranus (Engels)

Disparition de Marianne Mardy (Frans)

Dissolution of the Monasteries (Engels)

Divorce/annulment of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII (Engels)

Domestication of the cat (Engels)

Donner Party (Engels)

Dorr Rebellion (Engels)

Duchess of Richmond's ball (Engels)

Dutch Reformation (Engels)

Dutch Revolt (Engels)

Early Mid Ages 4 - 11 c., High Mid Ages 12- early 14 c, Late Mid Ages late 14 c (Engels)

Easter (Engels)

Edict of Nantes (Engels)

Edwardian Era (Engels)

Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt (Engels)

Einde van de Derde Era (Nederlands)

El Mozote Massacre (Engels)

El Terror (Spaans)

Elisabethanisches Zeitalter (Duits)

Elite Conscription Act (Engels)

Elizabethan Era (Engels)

Emancipation Proclamation (Engels)

End of the Hellenistic Age (Engels)

End of the Third Age (Engels)

English Civil War (Engels)

English colonization of North America (Engels)

English Reformation (Engels)

Enid Tower escapes from a cult known as The Family (Engels)

Era Glacial (Spaans)

Ermordung der Zarenfamilie (Duits)

Erster Weltkrieg (Duits)

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius (Engels)

Evacuation of Boston (Engels)

Evacuation of British Children in WW2 (Engels, Noors)

Excavation of Masada by Yigael Yadin (Engels)

Execution of Anne Boleyn (Engels)

Execution of Catherine Howard (Engels)

Execution of Charles I (Engels)

Execution of Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick (Engels)

Execution of Marquise of Brinvilliers (Engels)

Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (Engels)

Execution of Perkin Warbeck (Engels)

Exposition universelle colombienne (Frans)

Exposition universelle de Chicago (Frans)

Expulsion of the Jews in Spain (Engels)

Fall of France (Engels)

Fall of Jerusalem (Engels)

Fall of Nineveh (Engels)

Federalist Era (Engels)

Feminist Movement (Engels)

Field of the Cloth of Gold (Engels)

Financial Crisis of 2007-2010 (Engels)

Financial Crisis of 2008 (Engels)