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13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (Engels)

The 144,000 with the Lamb (Engels)

1788-89 US presidential election (Engels)

1792 US presidential election (Engels)

1796 presidential election (Engels)

1800 US presidential election (Engels)

1893 Chicago World's Fair (Engels)

1900 Galveston Orkaan (Nederlands)

1906 San Francisco Earthquake (Engels)

1924 Summer Olympics (Engels)

1967 Tony Awards (Engels)

1972 presidential race (Engels)

1986 Los Angeles Public Library fire (Engels)

1998 Assassination of PLO commando leader Abu Jihad (Engels)

1998 Assassination of PLO commando leader Abu Jihad [1998] (Noors)

1e guerre mondiale (Frans)

2008 (Engels)

2008 Presidential Campaign (Engels)

2016 US presidential election (Engels)

2017 US presidential inauguration (Engels)

2060 (Engels)

2e guerre mondiale (Frans)

7 dicembre 1941 (Italiaans)

Abdication of Edward VIII (Engels)

Abraham justified by faith (Engels)

Abu Ghraib Prison scandal (Engels)

Accession of James VI, King of the Scots (Engels)

Afghan Civil War (Engels)

Afghan Wars (Engels)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (Engels)

Age of Sail (Engels)

Alaska earthquake and tsunami [1964-03-27] (Engels)

Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 (Engels)

Amarna Period (Engels)

American Civil War (Engels)

American Declaration of Independence (Engels)

American Indian Movement (Engels)

American Revolution (Engels)

American Revolution 1775-1783 (Engels)

Amerikanische Revolution (Duits)

Ananias and Sapphira (Engels)

The Anarchy was a civil war in England and Normandy between 1135 and 1153, which resulted in a widespread breakdown in law and order. The conflict was a succession crisis precipitated by the accidental death by drowning of William Adelin, the only legitimate son of Henry I, in the sinking of the White Ship in 1120. (Engels)

Anarquia d'Anglaterra (Catalaans)

Anatomy Act (Engels)

The angels with the seven last plagues (Engels)

Anglo-Spanish War (Engels)

The Anschluss (Engels)

Anschluss (Engels)

Antebellum South (Engels)

Anti-apartheid movement (Engels)

The anti-Christ revealed (Engels)

Anys 30, nazisme (Catalaans)

Apartheid (Engels)

Apartheid legislation (Engels)

Apollo 1 fire (Engels)

Apollo 10 (Engels)

Apollo 11 (Engels)

Apollo 11 Moon Landing (Engels)

Apollo 12 (Engels)

Apollo 13 (Engels)

Apollo 14 (Engels)

Apollo 15 (Engels)

Apollo 16 (Engels)

Apollo 17 (Engels)

Apollo 7 (Engels)

Apollo 8 (Engels)

Apollo 9 (Engels)

Apollo program (Engels)

Arab Revolt (Engels)

Ardenneroffensiven (Zweeds)

Ardennes offsensive (Engels)

Argentine Revolution of '43 (Engels)

Ark of the Covenant (Engels)

Armageddon (Engels)

The army from the Euphrates (Engels)

Ascension (Engels)

Assassinat de John F. Kennedy (Frans)

Assassinat de Medgar Evers (Frans)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Engels)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln ( (Engels)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Engels)

Assassination of Leon Trotsky (Engels)

Assassination of Medgar Evers (Engels)

Assassination of Russian imperial family (Engels)

Assassinio di Medgar Evers (Italiaans)

Atentados del 11 de septiembre (Spaans)

atomic bomb (Engels)

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Engels)

Attacco a Pearl Harbor (Italiaans)

Attack on Pearl Harbor (Engels)

The attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II (Duits, Engels)

Augustine's conversion (Engels)

Autumn Feast (Engels)

Avianca aircrash (Engels)

An axhead floats (Engels)

Babington Plot (Engels)

Balaam’s Donkey (Engels)

Balkan Wars (Engels)

Bangladesh War of Independence (Engels)

Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth (Engels)

Barbary Wars (Engels)

The barren fig tree (Engels)

Bastille Day (Engels)

Bataan Death March (Engels)

Bataille d'Actium (Frans)

Bataille d'Austerlitz (Frans)

Bataille de Borodino (Frans)

Bataille de la Somme (Frans)

Bataille des Cinq Armées (Frans)

Batalla de Hogwarts (Spaans)

Batalla dels Cinc Exèrcits (Catalaans)

Battaglia dei Cinque Eserciti (Italiaans)

Battaglia del Little Bighorn (Italiaans)

Battaglia di Austerlitz (Italiaans)

Battaglia di Berlino (Italiaans)

Battle of Actium (Engels)

Battle of Agincourt (Engels)

Battle of Antietam (Engels)

Battle of Anzio (Engels)

Battle of Atlanta (Engels)

Battle of Attu (Engels)

Battle of Ball's Bluff (Engels)

Battle of Baton Rouge (Engels)

Battle of Beaver Dam Creek (Engels)

Battle of Belmont, Missouri (Engels)

Battle of Big Bethel (Engels)

Battle of Borodino (Engels)

Battle of Bosworth Field (Engels)

Battle of Britain (Engels)

Battle of Bunker Hill (Engels)

Battle of Caporetto (Frans, Engels)

Battle of Carrick's Ford (Engels)

Battle of Cedar Mountain (Engels)

Battle of Chancellorsville (Engels)

Battle of Chantilly (Engels)

Battle of Concord (Engels)

Battle of Corinth, Mississippi (Engels)

Battle of Cross Keys (Engels)

Battle of Drewry's Bluff (Engels)

Battle of Edgehill (Engels)

Battle of El Alamein (Engels)

Battle of Eltham Landing (Engels)

Battle of Fair Oaks (Engels)

Battle of Five Armies (Engels)

Battle of Fort Donelson (Engels)

Battle of Fort Henry (Engels)

Battle of Fort Pulaski (Engels)

Battle of Fort Sumter (Engels)

Battle of Fredericksburg (Engels)

Battle of Front Royal (Engels)

Battle of Gettysburg (Engels)

Battle of Glendale (Engels)

Battle of Glorieta Pass (Engels)

Battle of Hanover Court House (Engels)

Battle of Harpers Ferry (Engels)

Battle of Hogwarts (Engels)

Battle of Hoke's Run / Falling Waters (Engels)

Battle of Island Number Ten (Engels)

Battle of Iuka (Engels)

Battle of Iwo Jima (Engels)

Battle of Jericho (Engels)

Battle of Kasserine Pass (Engels)

Battle of Lexington (Engels)

Battle of Lexington and Concord (Engels)

Battle of Leyte Gulf (Engels)

Battle of Long Island (Engels)

Battle of Marston Moor (Engels)

Battle of McDowell (Engels)

Battle of Midway (Engels)

Battle of Mill Springs (Engels)

Battle of Munfordville (Engels)

Battle of Naseby (Engels)

Battle of Pea Ridge (Engels)

Battle of Perryville, Kentucky (Engels)

Battle of Philippi, West Virginia (Engels)

Battle of Plum Run Bend (Engels)

Battle of Pocotaligo (Engels)

Battle of Port Republic (Engels)

Battle of Port Royal (Engels)

Battle of Rich Mountain (Engels)

Battle of Richmond, Kentucky (Engels)

Battle of Roanoke Island (Engels)

Battle of Saratoga (Engels)

Battle of Savage Station (Engels)

Battle of Secessionville (Engels)

Battle of Shanghai (Engels)

Battle of Shiloh (Engels)

Battle of South Mountain (Engels)

Battle of St. Charles, Arkansas (Engels)

Battle of the Alamo (Engels)

Battle of the Atlantic (Engels)

Battle of the Bulge (Nederlands, Engels)

Battle of the Chesapeake (Engels)

Battle of the Department of Mysteries (Engels, Noors)

Battle of the Head of Passes (Engels)

Battle of the Little Bighorn (Engels)

Battle of the Somme (Engels)

Battle of Trenton (Engels)

Battle of Valcour Island (Engels)

Battle of Waterloo (Engels)

Battle of Williamsburg (Engels)

Battle of Wilson's Creek (Engels)

Battle of Worcester (Engels)

Battle of Yorktown (Engels)

Bay of Pigs Invasion, Cuba (Engels)

The beast from the Earth (Engels)

The beast from the sea (Engels)

Beerdigung von Brunettis Mutter (Duits)

Beheading of John the Baptist (Engels)

Big Bang (Engels)

The Big Burn (Engels)

Birth of David (Engels)

Birth of Jesus (Engels)

Birth of Jesus Christ (Engels)

Birth of Jesus foretold (Engels)

Birth of John the Baptist (Engels)

Birth of John the Baptist promised (Engels)

Birth of Moses (Engels)

Bishops' Wars (Engels)

Bitwa pięciu armii (Pools)

Black Death (Engels)

Black Sox Scandal (Nederlands, Frans)

Blitz (Engels)

The Blitz (Engels)

Bloody Sunday (Engels, Noors)

Bombing of Berlin (Engels)

Bombing of Hiroshima (Engels)

Bombing of Nagasaki (Engels)

Bombing of Nuremberg (Engels)

Bombing of Pearl Harbor (Engels)

Bonfire of Vanities (Engels)

Bonus Army Riots, Washington D.C. (Engels)

Bosnian War (Engels)

Boston Massacre (Engels)

Boston Tea Party (Engels)

Breaking of Purple (Engels)

British Occupation of India (Engels)

British Raj (Engels)

Broad Street cholera outbreak (Engels)

Bronze Snake (Engels)

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas (Engels)

Bubonic Plague (Engels)

Building of the Brooklyn Bridge (Engels)

Building of the Panama Canal (Engels)

Building the First Transcontinental Railroad (Engels)

Burning of the Library of Alexandria (Engels)

Burr-Hamilton Duel (Engels)

California Gold Rush (Engels)

Campagna napoleonica in Russia (Italiaans)

Capture of New Orleans (Engels)