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Samenvatting: 752 gebeurtenissen.

1046 (Engels)

The 144,000 with the Lamb (Engels)

1790's (Engels)

18 Brumaire (Engels)

1830's Northern Plains Indians (Engels)

1912 (Engels, Noors)

1937 Recession (Engels)

1946 Olympics (Engels)

1960s (Engels)

1st century BCE (Engels)

2. verdenskrig (Noors)

2008 global recession (Engels)

2010 Copiapó mining accident (Engels)

2074 (Engels)

2e guerre mondiale (Frans)

74th Annual Hunger Games (Engels)

75th Annual Hunger Games (Engels)

The 75th Hunger Games (Duits)

Aanslag in Londen (Nederlands)

Abduction of Cheyenne Wilder (Engels)

Abolition of Slavery, France (Engels)

Abraham justified by faith (Engels)

Abraham Lincoln Second Inaugral Address (Engels)

Accession of Richard III (Engels)

The accident (Engels)

acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Engels)

Advent (Engels)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (Engels)

After Romero climbed Mount Everest he and Katherine Blanc wrote a book The Boy Who Conquered Everest: The Jordan Romero Story. (Engels)

Age of Sail (Engels)

Age of the Dreamers (Engels)

Alexis' disappearance (Engels)

American Civil War (Engels)

American Civil War 1861-1865 (Engels)

American Revolution (Engels)

Ananias and Sapphira (Engels)

The angels with the seven last plagues (Engels)

Anschluss (Engels)

The anti-Christ revealed (Engels)

Anti-communist Movements -- USA (Engels)

A aparição de um monstro à porta da casa do autor (Portugees (Portugal))

Apocalypse (Engels)

Apollo 11 (Engels)

Apollo 11 Moon Landing (Engels)

Apollo Moon Landing (Engels)

Apollo program (Engels)

Appin murder (Engels)

Ark of the Covenant (Engels)

Armageddon (Engels)

Armenian Genocide (Engels)

The army from the Euphrates (Engels)

Arrival of Pegasus in New York (Engels)

Art Show (Engels)

Ascension (Engels)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Engels)

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Engels)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Engels)

Assassination of Russian imperial family (Engels)

Assault on Fort Stedman (Engels)

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Engels)

Attack on Pearl Harbor (Engels)

auroras (Engels)

Autumn (Engels)

An axhead floats (Engels)

B'Wa Kell Rebellion (Engels)

Balaam’s Donkey (Engels)

Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth (Engels)

The barren fig tree (Engels)

Batalla de Hogwarts (Spaans)

Battle at Burning plains (Engels)

Battle of Agincourt (Engels)

Battle of Antietam (Engels)

Battle of Bosworth 1483 (Engels)

Battle of Culloden (Engels)

Battle of Fredericksburg (Engels)

Battle of Gettysburg (Engels)

Battle of Hogwarts (Engels)

Battle of Iwo Jima (Engels)

Battle of Jericho (Engels)

Battle of Khe Sanh (Engels)

Battle of Kings Mountain (Engels)

Battle of Lexington (Engels)

Battle of Leyte Gulf (Engels)

Battle of Marathon (Engels)

Battle of Midway (Engels)

Battle of Okinawa (Engels)

Battle of Otterburn (Engels)

Battle of Saratoga (Engels)

Battle of Stalingrad (Engels)

Battle of the Alamo (Engels)

Battle of the Bulge (Engels)

Battle of the Coral Sea (Engels)

Battle of the Department of Mysteries (Engels, Noors)

Battle of the Glein (Engels)

Battle of the Little Bighorn (Engels)

Battle of the Philippine Sea (Engels)

Battle of Trafalgar (Engels, Noors)

Battles of Lexington and Concord (Engels)

The beast from the Earth (Engels)

The beast from the sea (Engels)

The Beatles in Hamburg (Engels)

bed time (Engels)

Beheading of John the Baptist (Engels)

Berlin Airlift (Engels)

Berlin Wall (Engels)

Bicentennial of the United States (Engels)

The Big Freeze (Engels)

Birth of Christ (Engels)

Birth of Jesus (Engels)

Birth of Jesus foretold (Engels)

Birth of John the Baptist (Engels)

Birth of John the Baptist promised (Engels)

Birth of Moses (Engels)

Black Death (Engels)

Bleriot's Flight Across the Channel (Engels)

The Blitz (Engels)

Blizzard of 1978 (Engels)

Bosnian War (Engels)

Boston Massacre (Engels)

Boston Tea Party (Engels)

Boxer Rebellion (Engels)

Bread and Roses Strike (Engels)

Bronze Age (Engels)

Bronze Snake (Engels)

Brown v. Board of Education (Engels)

Building of the Brooklyn Bridge (Engels)

bullying (Engels)

Burning of the bamboo books (Engels)

Burning of Washington (Engels)

Burr-Hamilton Duel (Engels)

Butlerian Jihad (Engels)

Calanmai (Engels)

California Gold Rush (Engels)

Capture of Adolf Eichmann (Engels)

Car accident that killed Willow's parents 7 months before book begins (Engels)

Castro's revolutionary war (Engels)

The catch of 153 fish (Engels)

Chess Competition (Engels)

Chicago World's Fair 1893 (Engels)

Chicano Movement (Engels)

Children's Crusade (Engels)

Chinese New Year (Engels)

Choctaw Trail of Tears (Engels)

Cholera Epidemic (Engels)

Christ and Antichrist (Engels)

Christ and Satan (Engels)

Christ rebukes Pharisees and Scribes (Engels)

Christmas (Engels, Noors)

Christmas Day (Engels, Noors)

Christmas Eve (Engels)

Christmas pageant (Engels)

Christ’s sacrifice once for all (Engels)

Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963 (Engels)

The Church’s final victory (Engels)

The Church’s victory (Engels)

Cinderpaw gets hit by a twoleg monster (Engels)

Civil Rights Movement, USA (Engels)

Civil War US (Engels)

Coercive Acts (Engels)

Cold War (Engels)

Collapse of the Pemberton Mill (Engels)

Colonial Era, US (Engels)

Colorado Gold Rush (Engels)

Comemoração das bodas de prata (Portugees (Portugal))

confrontation in the less-than-nice D.C. neighborhood (Engels)

Constitutional Convention (Engels)

Cows jumping the moon. (Engels)

Cracking terrorist's number code (Engels)

Crash of Flight 619 (Engels)

Creation (Engels)

Creation of the world (Engels)

Crimean War (Engels)

Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth (Engels)

Crusades (Engels)

Cuban Missile Crisis (Engels)

Cuban Revolution (Engels)

Cucumber Festival (Engels)

Cultural Revolution (Engels)

The cursing of the fig tree (Engels)

Cyclone (Frans)

D-Day (Engels)

The Dance (Engels)

Daniel in the lions den (Engels)

David and Bathsheba (Engels)

David and Goliath (Engels)

David anointed King of Judah (Engels)

David King of Israel (Engels)

Davy and Sally Ann fall in love and get married (Engels)

Day of Atonement (Engels)

De zondvloed (Nederlands)

death of Athena, Phe's sister (Engels)

Death of Christopher McCandless (Engels)

Death of Kayla Sloane (Engels)

Death of Moses (Engels)

Death of Richard Sewell (Engels)

Death of William II (Engels)

Declaration of Independence (Engels)

Declaration of Independence approved (Engels)

Dedication of National Cemetery at Gettysburg (Engels)

the dedication of the pond to Rudi (Engels)

Deepwater Horizon Oil spill (Engels)

The defeat of Babylon (Engels)

The defeat of Satan (Engels)

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Engels)

Deutsches Jungvolk (Engels)

Die 10. Hungerspiele (Duits)

Die Schlacht auf den Brennenden Steppen (Duits)

Disappearance of Mallory and Irvine 1924 (Engels)

Disaster: Blizzard (Engels)

Disaster: Infectious Disease (Engels)

Discovery of the Titanic (Engels)

Discussão (Portugees (Portugal))

Diwali (Engels)

DomDaniel is Defeated (Engels)

Donner Party (Engels)

Doolittle Raid (Engels)

Doubting Thomas (Engels)

The dragon and the child (Engels)

The dragon persecutes the woman (Engels)

Dred Scott Decision (Engels)

The Duelem (Engels)

Dust Bowl Era (Engels)

Dutch sailors run aground at Cheju Island. (Engels)

Easter (Engels)

Ebola Reston discovery (Engels)

Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt (Engels)

Elijah taken to Heaven in a chariot of fire (Engels)

Elizabethan Era (Engels)

Emancipation Proclamation (Engels)

Emancipation Proclamation (Engels)

End of the World (Engels)

End of World War II (Engels)

Enfrentar os próprios medos. (Portugees (Portugal))

English Civil War (Engels)

Epiphany (Engels)

Epsom Derby (Engels)

Erster Weltkrieg (Duits)

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius (Engels)

Evacuation of British Children in WW2 (Engels)

Expulsion of the Jews in Spain (Engels)

Fall (Engels)

Fall of France (Engels)

Fall of Jerusalem (Engels)

Fall of Man (Engels)

Fall of Saigon (Engels)

False teachers and their destruction (Engels)

Feast of Tabernacles (Engels)

Firepaw and Graypaw bring WindClan back (Engels)

First Ascent of Mount Everest (Engels)

First Battle of Bull Run (Engels)