The Stereotypical Holmes Story

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The Stereotypical Holmes Story

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jul 15, 2013, 3:21pm

I have this rather crazy idea brewing in my head, and thought writing it out would help me figure out how best to go about it, particularly as I haven't read all of the short stories in some time.

What is the most "average" story in the Canon? Average intended, in this case, as the most stereotypical story - ie, if you took all of following characteristics, can you pick a single story which had the most common characteristics?

Crime: Murder, I believe, is the most common crime, blackmail coming second
Villain: Male (THOR), human (SILV, partially)
Narrator: Watson, definitely (BLAN), and preferably present throughout the story (MUSG)
Setting: London, I presume?
And, the elusive "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" - is there something which makes this story more memorable than others: Holmes doesn't solve the crime (YELL), the villain is not brought to justice (ABBE, which I have to admit is my favorite story for this very reason), Watson gets shot (3GAR) or faint, justifiably of course (EMPT), no two-part stories (NAVA)?
Are there any other suggested characteristics?

I was thinking of putting together a (mostly multiple choice) survey to have readers fill it out for a random adventure, because I haven't time to figure it out for all 56! But perhaps someone else has already done this.

I did find this rather useful looking resource though for a quick review of the stories:

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