What are you reading the week of January 9, 2021?

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What are you reading the week of January 9, 2021?

jan 9, 12:24am

I've finished It's only a Joke, Comrade!, Humour, Trust and Everyday Life Under Stalin. It was an interesting study of Soviet anekdoty and it's many uses within Soviet society. Most of the jokes don't transfer well outside of their time and place. Some remain genuinely amusing.

Now I need to ponder what to read next.

jan 9, 9:45am

I'm still reading Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King. I've been away from The Dark Tower series for too long!

jan 9, 3:20pm

I finished Joseph Conrad's last novel (or at least the last published during his lifetime), The Rover. Published in 1922, The Rover is an adventure of the French coast set during Napoleonic times. On it's surface this is a more straightforward narrative than the better known Conrad novels, but there is still a lot going on, observations on human nature-wise. Regardless, this is also a very enjoyable tale. A longtime oceangoing adventurer, older now but still strong, who has been sometimes a privateer and sometimes a gunner in the French navy, wants now to retire to an isolated farm on the French Mediterranean coast. But Nelson's fleet lies offshore in blockade formation, an soon a French navel officer shows up "on assignment." I've posted more in-depth thoughts on my 50-Book Challenge thread.

I've finally taken the plunge, after years of refusal, and joined a book group. Next up will be my first assignment for this group, Homeland Elegies by Ayad Akhtar.

jan 9, 3:56pm

jan 9, 4:17pm

I'm working on Counting By 7's (middle grade) and The Southern Book Club's Guide for Slaying Vampires.

jan 10, 10:52am

I'm finishing up The Guest List by Lucy Foley and just borrowed An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield on Overdrive. I realized that I had only read fiction so far this year, so needed to change it up a bit!

jan 10, 4:12pm

A couple of days ago I started reading Middlemarch. Seeing as how its quite long (over 800 pages) I'll be at it for some time. I've never read it before and am quite enjoying it.

jan 10, 6:09pm

Just finished Chances Are. While not one of Russo's best, it was still an engaging read and should prompt a good discussion at Tuesday's meeting.

Next up is Clive Barker's Coldheart Canyon, which I am hoping will be a great big trashy read about wicked-wicked Hollywood.

(So sue me. Not all books have to be uplifting or enlightening!)

jan 10, 6:16pm

jan 10, 6:45pm

I finished Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat and loved it. What exquisite writing. Sometimes I needed to slow down so that I could savour the sentences.

Now reading Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell because in 2021 I have challenged myself to read one piece of classic fiction every month. (Also on the monthly scheme: one Canadian book, one book by a person of colour, and one book that has either won a major literary award OR one book by a Nobel Laureate.)

jan 10, 7:41pm

I just finished my first read of 2021 so now I'm planning to start White Tears Brown Scars and Thing Explainer this week.

Bewerkt: jan 11, 12:43pm

Just finished reading Flowers of Mold , a pretty good short story collection.

Next up to read is The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein.

jan 12, 6:34am

I've finished Imperial Twilight. Otherwise, I'm alternating between Borderland of Fear and Cold War Interceptor. By the weekend I expect to be reading Shorefall.

jan 12, 7:01pm

NYPD Red 6
by James Patterson
(book 6 in series/OverDrive audio)

Bewerkt: jan 12, 10:34pm

A Fine and Private Place
Peter S. Beagle
4/5 stars
This story revolves around Jonathon Rebeck, former druggist, who came to the cemetery 19 years ago and never left. Rebeck talks to the dead people who appear to him and tries to avoid the cemetery workers so he won’t get kicked out. All this changes when the spirits of two dead people appear to Rebeck. Laura and Michael both died separately but met and fell in love in the cemetery. When circumstances appear that cause Michael to have to be removed from the cemetery, Jonathon and his new friend, Mrs. Klapper conspire to find a way to keep the dead lovers together. I thought it was a most charming story.

jan 13, 12:46pm

The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning (YA)
It's the 1st of a duet in the Kingdoms of Sand and Sky. The sequel The Queen Will Betray You will be released summer 2021.

Besotted by Jody Hedlund (YA)
#3 and finale in Fairest Maidens trilogy. Three brothers, all princes, undertake the required Testing to determine who will be their father's successor. It's the prequel series to The Lost Princesses series. I enjoyed that previous series and this latest one by Mrs. Hedlund too.

jan 14, 12:45pm

I finished Mary Barton by Anne Bronte, and was bored throughout. I was really hoping I'd like it as much as her other novel, Agnes Grey, which I read in December.

Then I read A Keeper by Graham Norton. It was sweet, and had all sorts of unexpected twists in the plot, and I enjoyed it most thoroughly.

Next up is Jane Austen's England, which looks very interesting.

jan 14, 5:08pm

Just finished Coldheart Canyon. Yuck. I should have junked it halfway through its 600+ pages -- preferably at the point where it veered off from straight-up horror to Triple-X rated porn.

jan 15, 2:40am

Just finished reading the non-fiction book Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas by author Nicholas Pileggi.


jan 15, 6:21am

I started The Summer Book by Tove Jansson and I am loving it so far :)

jan 15, 6:23am

I started The Summer Book by Tove Jansson and I am loving it so far :)

jan 15, 3:39pm

Just finished About Your Father, a collection of Peggy Rowe's blogs and letters. Amusing enough, but those who are comparing her to Erma Bombeck are overstating things.

Next up is Jennifer Weiner's Mrs. Everything.

jan 15, 4:52pm

>21 camila_gc: I read that several years ago and loved it. And welcome!

I’m nearly finished with Amy Stewart’s Kopp Sisters on the March. It’s been fun!

jan 15, 5:32pm

jan 16, 8:21am

The new thread is up over here.

jan 16, 8:38am

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