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Eight Keys door Suzanne LaFleur
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Eight Keys (editie 2011)

door Suzanne LaFleur (Auteur)

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6023028,999 (3.91)4
When twelve-year-old Elise, orphaned since age three, becomes disheartened by middle school, with its bullies, changing relationships, and higher expectations, keys to long-locked rooms and messages from her late father help her cope.
Titel:Eight Keys
Auteurs:Suzanne LaFleur (Auteur)
Info:Wendy Lamb Books (2011), Edition: 1st, 224 pages
Verzamelingen:Jouw bibliotheek


Eight Keys door Suzanne LaFleur

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DNF I'm not going to finish this book because I'm annoyed by the description of the friend's dairy allergy which is dangerously inaccurate. I'm have a child with a life threatening dairy allergies so I want to clarify that lactose free does not mean dairy free. You would send my child to the hospital if you fed him lactose free food products. Also, picking cheese of pizza does not make pizza safe for a kid with dairy allergies to eat it. The oil from the cheese is still there and will cause an allergic reaction. Not only is it frustrating but it is scary to have people who know of my child's allergy say, "I made this. It's safe for your kid to eat." But on questioning, it isn't because they used lactose free ingredients or ingredients they didn't know had dairy products in them because they didn't read the labels.

If anyone is still reading my rant that isn't really a book review, one more random fact- margarine contains dairy. Don't assume otherwise unless is says dairy fee or you know how to read a label.
  wrightja2000 | Sep 6, 2018 |
A good friend is one of the hardest things to keep in this life. Don't forget that sometimes you have to work at it.
--Chapter 19

Sometimes you are friends with someone just because you're used to it, and maybe you forget why it happened in the first place.
--Chapter 9

Trying to figure out why things change is probably even harder than trying to figure out how they started.
--Chapter 9

Elise is starting 6th grade. She is trying to figure out who she is and who she wants to be. Both her parents are dead and she was raised by her Aunt & Uncle. When she turns 12, she finds a key to one of the 8 locked rooms above the barn. When she opens the first one, she realizes that her father left the key and the room for her. And, there are 7 more locked rooms, but where are the keys? This is a good time for Elise to find out more about her father. She is having difficulty with school, with bullying and with figuring out how to be a good friend.

This is a cute story and Elise is a nice girl, but she makes some not so nice decisions. Still, she is a likable character. There isn't much new or exciting in this story but it is a enjoyable read. Elise grows and learns a lot during the course of the story about who she is and who she wants to be.

Recommended to:
Young girls in grades 3-6 will enjoy this story. I think it will help them learn more about empathy and how to be a friend. ( )
  Jadedog13 | Feb 3, 2016 |
A sweet story of a girl who gets to know the parents she lost through a series of locked doors they left behind. Elise is being raised by her aunt and uncle after her mother died in childbirth and her father died of cancer not much later. The book opens at the beginning of 6th grade, when Elise starts to question the aspects of her life that she thought were stable, including her friendship with Franklin. Her life goes off the rails for a while, thanks to a bully, and she finds herself struggling with schoolwork, friendships, and her relationship with her family. One-by-one, she begins to receive keys to the eight locked rooms in the barn, and each room gives her a glimpse into her parents. This is a gentle coming-of-age story, perfect for students in 4th and 5th grade. ( )
  AmeliaHerring | Jan 22, 2016 |
For Elise, there are adventures at school, at home, and with her friend, Franklin. Her Uncle Hugh has a barn where Elise finds doors that have been locked for as long as she can remember, so Elise slowly finds keys hidden in there property. I loved this book because it was so interesting where and how Elise finds the keys . This book is a book I just couldn't put down. ( )
  AlexaB15 | Nov 10, 2015 |
This book is about a girl named Elise. Elise is best friends with a boy named Franklin. He plays pretend games with her. She falls in one of their games and gets a scab. When school starts, a girl named Amanda says, "hi Scabular". When Elise gets to her locker, it turns out she is partners with Amanda, the girl who teased her. When she gets home, she can barely do any of her homework. The next day Elise misses the bus and has to miss school. She does this several times. One of her aunts and cousins are living in her house for a while. One day, as Elise is building a castle with Franklin, she sees a key. At that exact moment, her thumb gets injured by Franklin's hammer. She finds more of these keys and discovers eight locked rooms upstairs. What will she find in the rooms? This book will keep you in suspense.

I really enjoyed this book. The mystery kept me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to find out more. My favorite character was Franklin because he would always act in an entertaining way. I recommend this book to fans of mystery and humor. ( )
  ditani | Sep 17, 2015 |
1-5 van 30 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
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The trouble all started right before the first day of sixth grade, the last time Franklin and I played Knights. Knights works like this: we get our swords, we head out to the woods, and we go on chivalrous missions to battle ghost knights.
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When twelve-year-old Elise, orphaned since age three, becomes disheartened by middle school, with its bullies, changing relationships, and higher expectations, keys to long-locked rooms and messages from her late father help her cope.

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Penguin Australia

2 edities van dit boek werden gepubliceerd door Penguin Australia.

Edities: 014134203X, 0141336056

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