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The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set

door Donald E. Knuth

Reeksen: The Art of Computer Programming (Omnibus 1-3)

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Offering a description of classical computer science, this multi-volume work is a useful resource in programming theory and practice for students, researchers, and practitioners alike. For programmers, it offers cookbook solutions to their day-to-day problems.
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    Introduction to Algorithms door Thomas H. Cormen (billmcn)
    billmcn: See this book for a shorter and more accessible but still mathematically rigorous overview of fundamental algorithms.
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The mouseover to Randall's cartoon says:

'Dear Reader: Enclosed is a cheque for 98 cents. Using your work, I have proved this equals the amount you requested.'

Nick provides a proper review...

Oh. It's full of jokes, by the way. Just as well I didn't have my cup of tea in hand when I came upon this one:

4. [M50] Prove that when n is an integer, n > 2, the equation xn yn = zn has no solution in positive integers x, y, z. (NB the book was published in the 1960s.)
  bringbackbooks | Jun 16, 2020 |
"I thought that I was a perfectionist until I met Knuth." The previous sentence is from the renowned mathematician Fan Rong K Chung Graham and I think it also reflects the spirit of the masterpiece of Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming (TAOCP). Reading the book was pure intellectual indulgence and a striking experience for me. I'm not a computer scientist in the academic sense but rather a professional programmer with engineering and mathematics background so I don't think I can criticize the book at the level it deserves, I simply do not own that much technical breadth and depth. But I can easily say that this is one of the books which I can call a masterpiece without hesitation and unlike many other technical books I read, it broadened my horizons in fundamental aspects of computing science, such as randomness and relationships between superficially unrelated mathematical structures.

Some may think that this masterpiece is rather theoretical and not very applicable in daily programming tasks but did you also know that this book is mentioned in Mitnick's 'The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers' where a group of hackers try to analyze some slot machines and one of them visits the library to learn more about the random number generation algorithms and picks up TAOCP?

I believe every programmer will find at least a few pages of pure hacker's delight in TAOCP and thus this book belongs to the shelf of every programmer. ( )
  EmreSevinc | Apr 12, 2011 |
Just seeing this title again brought back many memories of this being the "bible" of computer science back in my grad school days -- a very, very, very long time ago. Knuth's volumes were absolutely the "go to" books for many of our courses. Perhaps they's seem dated now, but still they'd provide a very solid foundation for anyone serious about programming / computing / software development / etc. ( )
  coclimber | Oct 1, 2010 |
I'd be smarter after reading the material in these volumes, but I'd also be much older... From one of the gurus...Very, very in-depth. Done from a textbook POV, with explanations and many exercises. Examples and presentation can be awkward. Sedgewick's Algorithms in Java may be a better one to tackle. ( )
  Murdocke23 | Jan 31, 2010 |
La bibbia dell'informatica, purtroppo non molto accessibile a causa della scelta dell'assembler come linguaggio per gli esempi... ( )
  Oscaruzzo | Mar 4, 2009 |
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Offering a description of classical computer science, this multi-volume work is a useful resource in programming theory and practice for students, researchers, and practitioners alike. For programmers, it offers cookbook solutions to their day-to-day problems.

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