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The Unholy

door Paul DeBlassie III

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1-5 van 6 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
If I could give this book less than 1 star I would to be honest.
This book had the potential to be good but it missed the mark. It was heavy handed with description and little else. I was confused about the plot, the characters didn't feel very fleshed out, it was very bogged down with telling rather than showing what was happening.
I felt like I couldn't understand the world, it just wasn't very clear to me. The same can be said for the magic in this story. There wasn't enough detail to how it worked or what it's role was in the world.
While reading this, it felt like it was only half finished and I really didn't enjoy reading this story at all. ( )
  SarahsBookLife | Jun 24, 2020 |
14% in and it's still a giant info dump. I think a good editor could have done a lot for this book.
  tldegray | Sep 21, 2018 |
Claire Sanchez is the director of Mental Health Workers and Natural Therapeutic Services at the Ecclesia Dei Hospital. She is also a curandera - a medicine woman - trained by her people in the ways of natural magic, dream interpretation, visions and shapeshifting. From a very early age, Claire has at times embraced and rejected her heritage; having witnessed her mother's murder at the hands of a mysterious cloaked figure. Now, at age twenty-five - the same age as her mother was at her death - Claire suffers from inexplicable night terrors, awakening drenched and shaking with only vague recollections of her nightmares.

When one of her patients - a good friend of her mother's - suddenly attacks her while in the midst of a psychotic episode, and is later found dead on the grounds of the hospital; Claire becomes intent on uncovering the secrets of her past. She is absolutely convinced that the disturbed woman's last words to her: "Face what is yours to face," are a warning and not a threat. Her ensuing journey will lead her into a life-and-death struggle against a malevolence which she cannot comprehend - an evil Archbishop who will stop at nothing to ensure her death.

Claire is subsequently drawn into a web of mystery and deep despair, which will ultimately lead her on to a path through the twilight realm of discovery and decision. I found this to be a very intriguing story, full of sympathetic and multi-layered characters. I was completely caught up in the story from the first page, and found myself sympathizing for Claire and hoping that she would overcome the various difficulties in her life and find some kind of peace and tranquility. I give this book a definite A! and am looking forward to reading more by this author in the future. ( )
  rubyandthetwins | Jul 14, 2017 |
Claire Sanchez, a director at the Ecclesia Dei Psychiatric Hospital, is also a part of a long lineage of medicine women within her cultural heritage. However, a horrible memory from when she was five of seeing her mother murdered by a black-cloaked person next to a stone altar has kept her afraid to explore this part of her. Yet this will begin to change as she begins to explore a mysterious and dangerous religious conspiracy that leads to Archbishop William Anarch, head of the region’s Ecclsia Dei church, who has developed near mystic ways to sway the members of the congregations under him and has no qualms about destroying those he holds to be unworthy as he believes himself to be equal to the Almighty. This dark tale methodically introduces its characters, drawing the reader into the fears of our heroine and the evil absolute beliefs of our villain, then builds a scary and somewhat supernatural path to the final confrontation of natural native will versus the usurpation of institutional religious beliefs, which leads to a “Chiller” conclusion. Despite the use of vague terms for location and religion, some readers may perceive the actions within the story to be a slight against Catholic and Christian institutions, yet I perceived the archbishop’s actions to be more of a devilish possession of evil that perverts religious intent. Separate the personal and enjoy a good horror tale. ( )
  kerryreis57 | Mar 31, 2017 |
Nothing like a good religious oppression to create fanatics that follow their religious authorities to the extremes. In this very entertaining novel, Paul treats this theme with mastery.
The plot is well elaborated and it all starts with a murder witnessed by a young girl (Claire). Her mother was just killed in a mysterious way. Somehow she managed to escape with the help of wolves and a good friend of his mother takes care of her. When she grew up, she became a doctor and starts working for a hospital in the area where she was born. But she finds that the institution Ecclesia Dei has strong influence over most of the inhabitants of the area, mostly through its leader, Archbishop Anarch. Trying to dig into some mysterious facts happening in the hospital and the community, she finds that the church controls even the authorities of the city, like the police chief. And through signals and perception, she starts finding her power, inherited from her mother, a medicine woman. And with the help of her aunt and a couple of friends she tries to unveil her past and figure out what really happened to her mother. But playing with Ecclesia Dei puts everybody that she cares at risk, including herself, as she soon finds out.
The story is full of suspense and you will read it at the edge of your chair, until you turn the last page. The characters are well developed and you feel their emotions. The environment is richly described and soon you start cheering and caring for our young heroine.
I recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader who appreciate a well written novel, full of twists and suspense, which will keep them entertained for hours. It took me around seven hours to read the whole book. ( )
  rmattos | Jan 23, 2016 |
1-5 van 6 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
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