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The Walking Dead, Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams

door Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard (Illustrator), Stefano Gaudiano (Illustrator), Cliff Rathburn (Illustrator)

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2321089,416 (4.05)8
A new threat has emerged from within the walker hordes, catching the communities off guard. The time for peace and prosperity is over as a new fight for survival begins.
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I mean it wasn't bad but I think the story is less compelling than 20 volumes ago overall. ( )
  EdwardL95 | Jan 7, 2020 |
What could have easily ended up as a novel twist has instead turned into an interesting question of morality. Do you interfere with others because you believe their way of life is wrong, or do you simply let them be to hold the peace? At what point are you simply protecting someone because you care about them, and putting others at risk? What if people only suspect you're doing so, when indeed people they care about are in the wrong... but they refuse to see it?

You can't please everyone, but can you hold the peace?

This volume introduced us formally to the Whisperers, a group who believes the proper way to live in this post-apocalyptic world is to accept that the old way of life is dead. You can't rebuild, you can't make it better, so you join with the dead. They wear the skins of zombies to move among them, and live off the land, moving with the herds. Is it right? Is it wrong? Is living with the dead you will soon become a step too far?

Questions, questions, questions. And then young Carl Grimes gets involved. Carl's character development is some of the best in the series, and this volume truly shows his mixed upbringing with Rick and Negan, to a certain extent, coming to its full fruition. His development just fascinates me because it's so believable. He didn't have the luxury of childhood, and he's had to go through so much to stay alive. Here, as it previously has, these hardships come to haunt him...

What will happen next? ( )
  Lepophagus | Jun 14, 2018 |
Carl has gone to live at The Hilltop, where Maggie has taken charge. Some people are good with this arrangement, and some aren't. The security men discover that walkers are whispering to each other, and this leads to Carl losing...something important. ( )
  mstrust | Sep 5, 2016 |
This episode puts Carl Grimes front and center as he moves to Maggie’s hilltop town to train as a blacksmith. He gets into trouble by using excess force when two local boys try to harm his friend, Sophia. With Sophia unconscious, there is no one to back up his story. These boy’s parents want both Carl severely punished and, with Gregory’s prompting, they also want Maggie deposed as the leader of the community.

Meanwhile Jesus is on a patrol and they get attacked by Walkers who appear to be able to use weapons and talk. Jesus manages to capture one of these Walkers but when they get back to town, he realizes that she is just wearing a “dead” suit and is, in fact, a sixteen year old girl called Lydia. Carl and Lydia bond. She doesn’t want to go back to her people, but Maggie arranges a trade in order to get a couple of her own people returned. A sad Lydia leaves with her people. Carl is upset and the last page of the book shows us Carl about to set off into the wilderness after Lydia.

I enjoyed this new direction that the story has taken and I look forward to finding out what happens to Carl as well as whether Maggie will be able to stay in control. Also, I am sure Rick will have something to say about Carl’s wandering off. ( )
  DeltaQueen50 | Jun 8, 2016 |
In the first few volumes I didn't fully understand the point of having it all in black and white but, especially with this volume, I both understood and appreciated it. The black and white art work allows there to be a feeling of distance between the reader in the present and the characters surviving years into the zombie apocalypse. What makes the Walking Dead unique is that it gives insight into the "what now?" at the end of the typical apocalypse film. This particular volume is even further down the road, years since the first onset. I appreciated that there was a time gap, allowing the characters, especially the younger ones, time to age and mature. Because Rick's group has grown so much, the story jumps around allowing the reader to see into what everyone is doing, building on the suspense of when shit finally hits the fan (as it always does). Really enjoyed this volume and I look forward to the future issues. ( )
  TrekkieChickReads | Feb 9, 2016 |
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Kirkman, Robertprimaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Adlard, CharlieIllustratorprimaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Gaudiano, StefanoIllustratorprimaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Rathburn, CliffIllustratorprimaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
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A new threat has emerged from within the walker hordes, catching the communities off guard. The time for peace and prosperity is over as a new fight for survival begins.

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