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A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time 7) door…
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A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time 7) (origineel 1996; editie 1997)

door Robert Jordan

Reeksen: Het Rad des Tijds (7)

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8,76166669 (3.61)82
A fantasy tale in a world where only women are allowed to practice magic. What's more, they will fight to preserve this feminine monopoly. When shepherd Rand al'Thor discovers he has the gift of magic, he is in for trouble. By the author of Lord of Chaos.
Titel:A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time 7)
Auteurs:Robert Jordan
Info:Orbit (1997), Edition: New Ed, Paperback
Verzamelingen:Kindle, Gelezen, maar niet in bezit
Trefwoorden:novel, fantasy, reprint, paperback, sold ebay, read on kindle, reread


Een kroon van zwaarden door Robert Jordan (1996)

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I was pleasantly surprised (as I have been by the last couple of books) that there was enough relevant plottage going on to keep me wanting to read the book, rather than just trudging through it out of some self-flaggelation type of obligation. I almost gave the book 4 stars. Almost.

The ending is . . . lame. WoT endings are usually by far the best part of the book, but this ending is a bit anti-climatical and doesn't leave us with much closure. I'm still not convinced that Sammael is dead, no matter what anybody says.

It's hard to believe that this book only covers a period of about 10 days. Jordan's habit of backtracking every book to keep us up to date with what was going on with the rest of the world at the end of the last book is extremely annoying. And it just gets worse as the series goes along. ( )
  AngelClaw | Mar 24, 2021 |
My feelings haven't really changed about this one. I'm still utterly disgusted that rape is portrayed as lighthearted farce because the victim is male. Though I will note, that the defense that the person is a flirt would, very unfortunately matter in a court of law. I'm still deeply annoyed by the whole men-can't-understand-women and women-can't-understand-men on repeat in every single relationship. And I'm exhausted by the violence of the women that is also presented as humor.

Yet it is still an amazing universe. Egwene is utterly magnificent in this one. The deviousness on both sides is fantastic.

The storm is coming.

This would, but for one thing, be one of my favorites of the series and a 5-star book for me. Egwene's storyline and development is fantastic. More is learned of the Atha'an Miere, which I find to be one of the more interesting cultures. The deviousness of the Forsaken is delightfully wicked. The darkfriends as a whole are cunning and intriguing.

A Crown of Swords loses a star for one thing. I have always found the portrayal of the relationship between Matt and Tylin extremely disturbing. She rapes him. If you question that at all, I ask you to read that storyline again only with it firmly in your mind that Tylin is a man and Matt is a woman. Would you be okay with that? A king refusing to feed a woman because she rejected his advances? A man cornering a woman in a locked room who has told him no, removing her clothes with a knife, and having sex with her? I don't think you'd be cool with that. At least I hope you wouldn't. We treat a male being sexually preyed upon by a female very differently. We don't really consider it rape. Many don't even believe that a man can be raped by a woman. Matt's treatment by Tylin is treated as a topic of humor. It's presented as his “just desserts” because he's a unabashed woman-chaser and tends to ogle. Even if it weren't made abundantly clear that Matt doesn't chase anyone who isn't interested (and it is), these are not things that make rape okay. If you doubt that, try it on as rape defenses by a man in a court of law. “Your honor, she flirts with lots of men. She even looks at them.”

Yeah, that's not okay for me.
( )
  Zoes_Human | Feb 5, 2021 |
To me book seven is unique from the others of the series and in fact most other fantasy stories in that here we begin to see multiple enemies not vying for a common goal but rather clashing with both the protagonists and the other antagonists. The being of Shadar Logoth formerly Padan Fain has emerged separate and distinct from the forces of the Dark One. And the internal politics of the Dark One's greatest followers creates a interesting and unique challenge for the protagonist and a draw for readers.
( )
  JJBookAccount | Jan 23, 2021 |
Oh man. I picked up this series in 2002 or 2003 and blazed through all the books published to date, which I think was Crossroads of Twilight. At this point, I can't believe I made it that far in the series. I remember thinking that the first book was all right, but even after book three I started getting WoT fatigue. And now, looking back, I really have no desire to reread in order to finish off the series, because there is no way I could jump back in with book 11 and have any idea what is going on. ( )
  resoundingjoy | Jan 1, 2021 |
This review is written with a GPL 4.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede all TOS by any and all websites in regards to copying and sharing without proper authorization and permissions. Crossposted at WordPress, Blogspot & Librarything by Bookstooge’s Exalted Permission

Title: A Crown of Swords
Series: The Wheel of Time #7
Author: Robert Jordan
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 727
Words: 296K


From & authored by Toral Delvar

Elaida sends fifty Red sisters led by Toveine to the Black Tower to gentle any men learning to channel, under the impression that there will be at most two or three men who can channel. She believes that raising Egwene means the Aes Sedai in Salidar will return to her, since if they were serious in their rebellion, one of the more senior Aes Sedai would have been chosen. She has secret plans working among the rebels. In Alviarin's presence she has a Foretelling that the Tower will be whole again and the Black Tower rent. Mesaana teaches Alviarin Traveling.

Sevanna, along with the strongest of the Wise Ones who can channel, prepares to attack those holding Rand. They attack and are driven back. Sevanna and her Wise Ones summon Sammael, who arrives with Graendal. Moridin (probably) watches. Therava brings Galina, who has been captured. Galina is named da'tsang. Sammael brings them an Oath Rod. He gives them something he claims will let them Travel. They use it and it spreads them everywhere. Sevanna takes the Wise Ones with her. Shaidar Haran watches.

Morgase urges Niall to help her take Andor back as soon as possible. He learns of the Seanchan, but is murdered before he can tell anyone. Valda takes control and pressures Morgase into sex. The Seanchan attack. Morgase is taken to Suroth, who is angered by her use of Suroth's first name. Morgase renounces the throne and the High Seat of House Trakand. She is stopped from commiting suicide by Lini. Balwer takes them away.

Rand gives the Aes Sedai into the care of the Wise Ones, to Taim's displeasure. He takes Asha'man bodyguards. They Travel to a point outside Cairhien, then walk the rest of the way. They are told that Colavaere has taken the throne. Faile and Berelain are both acting as Colavaere's attendants. It is revealed that Colavaere had Meilan and Maringil murdered. Instead of sentencing her to death, Rand strips her of her titles and exiles her to a farm. She commits suicide. Rand learns Aes Sedai are in Cairhien.

Rand goes to Caemlyn, hoping to find Elayne, and learns Caraline Damodred and Toram Riatin are setting up in opposition to him. He learns there are nine Aes Sedai known to be in Caemlyn. He leaves Morr there. Rand sends the army gathered in Tear off to Illian with two of the Asha'man, Hopwil and Adley.

Back in Cairhien, Rand tries to send Berelain back to Mayene after an assassination attempt. Cadsuane arrives and tries to provoke him, asking if he's started hearing voices. Idrien arrives from the school and tells him of Fel's death. Rand tells Min of this and they comfort each other.

Perrin and Rand stage a fight over the Aes Sedai prisoners, to give Rand an excuse to send Perrin away, though in reality he goes to Ghealdan with Grady, Neald, Masuri and Seonid, as well as Wise Ones. Loial goes with one of the Asha'man, Karldin, to visit the stedding and guard the Ways.

Rand convinces himself that he raped Min and withdraws completely. She brings him out of it and makes him see sense. They admit their love for one another. She tells of a viewing of Rand and another man merging, and one of them dying. Rand goes to meet the Sea Folk, taking Bera, Alanna, Rafela, Faeldrin and Merana, putting Merana in charge of them. Min sees that they will be loyal to him. His ta'veren effect helps in the negotiations, with the Sea Folk giving away much. He leaves Merana and Rafela to negotiate and goes with Min to deal with the rebelling nobles.

Caraline recognizes Rand but says nothing. His ta'veren effect works on her and Darlin, who reveals he would be happy to support Rand, but feels he no longer has a choice. Cadsuane and several other sisters are in the camp, as is Fain, with Daved Hanlon and Toram Riatin, who, due to Fain's influence, hates Rand.

Toram and Rand duel with practice swords This is interrupted by fog attacking the camp. One of the Red Ajah sisters present is killed. Rand uses balefire, causing Cadsuane to slap him and tell him never to use it again. Fain stabs him with the dagger from Shadar Logoth. Samitsu partially Heals him, but she says she believes he will die. Darlin carries him out. Min tells the full story of Rand's capture and they return to the palace in Cairhien. Here, Flinn tries his Healing, sealing the wound away.

Rand wakes two days later, having been Healed further by Corele. Min tells him that Cadsuane is to teach him and the Asha'man something they need to know. He hears the army is almost on Illian, so he Travels to Bashere and his men. He takes them and the Asha'man directly into Illian, where the Asha'man set off all of Sammael's traps. He chases Sammael to Shadar Logoth. Here he sees Liah. While Rand is attacking Trollocs, Sammael strikes at him and he loses the Power. A man, probably Moridin, arrives and helps Rand. They both use balefire, with the streams crossing, causing double vision. He drops hints that Sammael is at the Waygate then leaves, claiming plans will have to be abandoned if Rand is killed. The man didn't use saidin. At the Waygate, Rand sees Sammael turn to look at Liah, who Rand balefires, as she is about to be killed by Mashadar. Sammael is then gone. On his return to Illian, Rand is pronounced King.

Moghedien is taken by Shaidar Haran to Moridin, who has two cour'souvra, one of them hers.

Elaida is woken by Alviarin, who tells her that Rand has broken free and twelve sisters have returned. Alviarin takes control of Elaida by threatening to reveal both this and the fact that sisters sent to the Black Tower. She orders some sisters punished for keeping angreal and others praised, in order to cause dissension amongst the Ajahs. Elaida visits Seaine and sets her looking for traitors, which Seaine take to mean Black Ajah. Seaine enlists Pevara on the search.

Egwene struggles for some control over the Salidar Hall, using the fact that Sheriam, Lelaine and Romanda can't stand each other to occasionally get her own way. Talking with Siuan, she learns Sheriam has sent sisters to the White Tower and hasn't told the Hall because she fears Darkfriends. It occurs to her that Elaida may have done the same. She feels Moghedien escape, which prevents her taking advantage.

Nicola tries to blackmail Egwene about pretending to be Aes Sedai before she and Elayne were raised. Egwene threatens her and Areina in the real world and in Tel'aran'rhiod. She talks to Melaine, Amys and Bair and reveals she is Amyrlin and warns them of Moghedien. She has visions of Gawyn and Mat.

Theodrin and Faolain swear fealty to Egwene. Faolain also tells her how much she dislikes her. Egwene sends them to see if anyone saw Moghedien escape. She tells Siuan it shouldn't matter how strong in the Power she is. Romanda and Lelaine complain about Delana wanting to name Elaida Black.

Halima "heals" Egwene's headaches.

Elayne and Nynaeve go to the Sea Folk to get help with the ter'angreal they are looking for. They recognize the description as the Bowl of the Winds. After no success in finding it, they send Birgitte to Mat to tell him he is to help them.

Mat gambles on horses, with Olver as a jockey. He sees Mili Skane, a Darkfriend, and follows her to Jaichim Carridin's place. On the way he picks up a signet ring of a fox scaring birds. Sammael tells Carridin not to go after Mat unless he gets in the way.

Mat goes to see Tylin and leaves a note about Carridin. Her son, Beslan, takes a liking to him. Returning to the inn, Mat is attacked by a man in his room. Birgitte visits Mat, who remembers Birgitte from Falme, and they talk in the Old Tongue. They agree to keep each other's secrets. They get drunk, which affects Elayne. On Birgitte's return she tells Elayne that Mat wants an apology and thanks for rescuing them from the Stone. Aviendha and Birgitte both agree that he is owed an apology.

Mat annoys Elayne and Nynaeve by saying that it was nothing when they apologize. They promise not to demean him and to listen to his advice. He moves to the palace. Upon leaving, they are accosted by Setalle Anan, who refuses to believe they are Aes Sedai and takes them to the Kin. When they insist they are Aes Sedai, Reanne throws them out and threatens to spread their descriptions. Setalle recognizes one of them as someone she met, but the woman claims it was her grandmother's sister. Elayne begins to think about the ageless look. They are attacked on the way back to the palace.

Mat is pursued and caught by Tylin. The girls set him watching the Kin. He attends a festival with Beslan and his friends, where they are attacked by beggars.

Elayne is brought before the other Aes Sedai, who threaten to punish her for talking to the Kin. When she learns Carridin is claiming her mother is arriving, she loses her temper and threatens the others, who realize she stands above them. She forces them to go and meet the Kin.

Moghedien tries to balefire Nynaeve but is put off by pigeons. Nynaeve’s boat and bodyguards are destroyed. She almost drowns, but gives in, thus overcoming her block against the Power, and survives. Lan pulls her out. They get married and she fetches the Windfinders.

They go to the Kin, who agree to take them to the store of Power-related objects. Mat arrives, having just found it himself. They thank Mat, who is told of Moghedien by Lan. At the store, they are confronted by Falion and Ispan. Mat saves Elayne from a gholam, which is injured by his medallion. It kills Nalesean during the battle. They return to the palace, where Mat uses his being ta'veren to make the Windfinders agree to go wherever Elayne and Nynaeve want. Mat goes off to find Olver with his men, Thom and Juilin. The Seanchan attack and he gets trapped under a wall.

My Thoughts:

This would have easily been a 5star book, especially storywise, if Elayne and Nynaeve weren't in it. Everyone else seems to be growing up, even Matt, but those 2? Bitching, moaning, complaining and generally acting like people who I would gladly kill. Their storylines weren't huge but as silly as it may sound, it ruined everything for me. Ok, maybe “ruined” is a bit strong, but when a book goes down a whole star because of one of the smaller plotlines, I call that a “ruin”.

Everything else was what made this series the wonder that it became. While Jordan tends to being a bit too verbose, even that doesn't truly stand in the way of the story or the skill with which Jordan weaves the various plot lines.

This book puts me at the half-way mark for this final re-reading of the Wheel of Time series. I am glad I am doing this but like I've said in previous reviews, this will be the last time I read this. I just can't deal with the way that some of the women act. Nor can I put up with the supposed good guys being no different, in essence, than the bad guys. All Nynaeve can think about is punishing the various people around her who annoy her or “insert reezons”. She thinks exactly the same as one of the Forsaken and it just disgusted me.

For such a long book, I'm having a remarkably hard time coming up with something to say. So I'm done.

★★★★☆ ( )
  BookstoogeLT | Dec 17, 2020 |
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A fantasy tale in a world where only women are allowed to practice magic. What's more, they will fight to preserve this feminine monopoly. When shepherd Rand al'Thor discovers he has the gift of magic, he is in for trouble. By the author of Lord of Chaos.

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Ook de nieuwe Amyrlin, Egwene Alveren, brengt haar troepen in beweging. Haar Aes Sedai trekken op naar Tar Valon, waar de renegaat Eleida de Amyrlin Zetel bezet. En ondertussen werft Egwene nieuwe geleidsters onder het Zeevolk en de Aiel, en uit enkele verrassende andere richtingen.

Maar de Duistere weeft een eigen web om de mensheid te strikken. De Heer van het Graf kleedt Dode Verzakers in nieuw vlees en geeft hun nieuwe opdrachten en namen.

En de Schaduw heeft veel gevaarlijker dienaren dan de Verzakers...
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