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Scary Stories Treasury: Three Books to Chill Your Bones

door Alvin Schwartz

Andere auteurs: Stephen Gammell (Illustrator)

Reeksen: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (1-3)

LedenBesprekingenPopulariteitGemiddelde beoordelingAanhalingen
1,4672911,038 (4.27)7
Traditional and modern-day tales and "jump" stories of ghosts, witches, vampires, haunts, superstitions, monsters and horrible scary things.
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**This novel has very descriptive depictions of child rape, and murder scenes.**

This book is fantastically written. I love Kings slow burn story style. He built a case and a community that we can all believe happens right here in our cities. The in depth view we get of the life of the accused, and his family is so well done by the end of the first half of the book I was in tears along with them.

As the book picks up steam, and starts connecting the dots it has been laying out it makes you question the folklore you've grown up with. Is it real? Is it impossible? Even the characters are at odds about it.

The flow and closing of the book is what most love about King, wrapping just enough up to still leave you questioning.

Well worth the read if you love books that mix murder cases with the supernatural. ( )
  buukluvr | Feb 14, 2023 |
Truly one of the more famous scary story collections and rightfully so. This was the horror anthology that my generation was built on and has stood the test of time since then. Something unique and distinctive about these books is that the stories range from bone-chilling to playful and lighthearted, and even include a song or two to sing- but at least the chapters tell you what to expect and you aren't letdown from a mislead. Alvin Schwartz does a phenomenal job of gathering up timeless tales told across the world; and even includes his sources, notes and bibliography that you can reference to read the origins of these tales. Some are old, famous legends like High Beams, the Babysitter and the Hook handed man- while others are supposedly based on true events like Maybe you'll Remember (the infamous 'gaslighting' hotel account) and The Trouble (poltergeist). Stephen Gammel's hauntingly dark and gothic illustrations are candy to my eyes and are a stunning visual and compliment to these stories that add an extra air of disturbing feel. Written in a way that is clearly directed for the easier digestion of younger audiences, adults should never skip out on this one either. We had this one read to us in school publically every other day and it was a hit. Bring it along to read your kids a bedtime story, or even some for yourself. Encourage your friends to pick it up for their next campfire setting, and just overall have fun with this one. There's even some stories that are meant to be jump scares and directly involves you with your audience. It's meant to be loved.

I love this book to tears to the point that the cover I have of my well-loved current copy is mangled and crackling from age and usage. I have well over 15 favorites in this collection, so I will list a few if you want a few best picks:
- The Haunted House: Generic almost mundane sounding title, but it's about a preacher who happens to find a rather helpful ghost. What's in it for him if he helps avenge the ghost?
- Room for One More: This one effectively gave me a temporary paranoia of elevators.
- Wonderful Sausage: A butcher with a popular product at a terrible cost and a gristly secret...
- The Brown Suit: One of the dark comedy stories. A recently widowed woman is quite impressed with the undertaker's job. The undertaker not so much.
- Bess: A man loves his horse to death. Judge for yourself what I mean by this at the story's end.
- Harold: One of the creepiest stories in the entire series, it touches up on the underloved 'farm horror' trope with a villainous scarecrow as the focus.
- The Dream: A woman has a creepy dream that serves as a warning...but does she take heed?
- The Bad News: A charming dark comedy about two best friends that love baseball.
- Strangers: A ghost skeptic and a woman discuss their beliefs.
- Is Something Wrong?: A rather comical story about a concerned monster. ( )
  am08279 | Oct 29, 2022 |
Review in my Wrap Up Vlog ( )
  Completely_Melanie | Sep 10, 2021 |
So this only got four stars because of the second books watered down retellings. The rest of the other two books are superb and are fresh for adults if you’ve already heard some of these folk tales but they’re still acceptable for kids. Good for reading out loud and reading for or to kids. ( )
  Ladymoiraina2829 | May 22, 2021 |
Ok, first off let me just say that I am soooo nostalgic for these books. I remember in the summer between 2nd grade & 3rd grade I was at a slumber party and my friends older sister had these books and we snuck them out and all sat in her room in the dark with some flashlights and we all read stories from them. That is my first memory of reading horror and I have loved it ever since. Re-reading them now as an adult was still so fun and so enjoyable. I even read some to my daughters and they enjoyed them too. ( )
  JessVillafane | Sep 21, 2020 |
1-5 van 29 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
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AuteursnaamRolType auteurWerk?Status
Alvin Schwartzprimaire auteuralle editiesberekend
Gammell, StephenIllustratorSecundaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
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Traditional and modern-day tales and "jump" stories of ghosts, witches, vampires, haunts, superstitions, monsters and horrible scary things.

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