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Rilla of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables,…
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Rilla of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, No. 8) (origineel 1921; editie 1992)

door L.M. Montgomery

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Rilla of Ingleside
Titel:Rilla of Ingleside (Anne of Green Gables, No. 8)
Auteurs:L.M. Montgomery
Info:Bantam Books (1992), Paperback, 277 pages
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Rilla of Ingleside door L. M. Montgomery (1921)

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    Betsy's Wedding door Maud Hart Lovelace (Bjace)
    Bjace: Both were set during WWI and show the effect that the War had on the everyday life.
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    The Two Mrs. Abbotts door D. E. Stevenson (atimco)
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Review I wrote in 2007:

**Completes the "Anne of Green Gables" Series. Beautiful story set during WW1.**

My favourite "Anne" book of all!! (and they are all wonderful!). Sadly, this is the eighth and last book in the series so when you get onto this one, savour every word. Written just after the war, and published in 1921, L. M. Montgomery gives, through her characters, a first-hand account of what life was like for ordinary Canadians during the First World War. Touching and, as always, beautifully written.

It's 1914 and Rilla, the baby of the Blythe family, is nearly 15 and about to embark on the best of her teenage years. She's pretty and bubbly, and keen to get along with nearly everyone. If only her other brothers and sisters, especially her dearest Walter, would stop treating her as a baby and see her as the grown up she so nearly is...

It seems Rilla's wishes are going to come true sooner than she thought. With the onset of war and young Canadian men signing up to enlist in their droves, Rilla soon realises that she must "grow up" and do her bit for the war effort. Her dear brother Jem is one of the first to go, but it's clear that the others will soon be following, and Rilla soon finds herself volunteering to look after an orphaned "war baby"... quite a challenge for a 15-year-old with little inclination for babies!

Rilla very quickly proves her worth. There are still some delightfully humourous episodes, typical of L. M. Montgomery, and it's wonderful to watch Rilla's journey through to adulthood, through the war years. Touched with sadness, it's more emotionally advanced than some of the other Anne books. Ages 11+ ( )
  ArdizzoneFan | Jan 20, 2021 |
This is a poignant bookend to the first book. It hit me deep in the feels as a young girl, and it still does today. There's an odd feeling of familiarity with the women's persistance and despair as they witness horrible things unfold. I've lived through the Iraq and Afghanistan War, and I feel as if my beloved US is teetering on the brink. Reading this book is sharply painful and lovely but also comforting. ( )
  DrFuriosa | Dec 4, 2020 |
The Anne books are just plain lovely. I absolutely loved them when I was young and they still make me warm inside thinking about them now.
( )
  Tara_Calaby | Jun 22, 2020 |
I enjoyed the story of this, the war baby and romances, but the war detail got tedious. Still, enjoyable book. ( )
  avonar | May 27, 2020 |
5.0 stars ( )
  the_lirazel | Apr 6, 2020 |
1-5 van 52 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
Rilla of Ingleside is a war novel at times masquerading as a young adult historical romance. But it is far more than that; it is a detailed study of rural Canadian life during the First World War, written by a woman who lived through it and distilled it all with her trademark restrained emotion into a gem of a novel.
toegevoegd door parlerodermime | bewerkThe Toast, Lindsay Palka (Oct 7, 2014)
Montgomery writes beautifully and brings tears of both sorrow and joy on the turning of every page. I would recommend this book for anyone and everyone as it is a wonderful story and has all the elements needed for a good book.
toegevoegd door parlerodermime | bewerkThe Guardian (Apr 21, 2011)

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L. M. Montgomeryprimaire auteuralle editiesberekend
Parry, CarolineMedewerkerSecondaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
Stahl, Ben F.Artiest omslagafbeeldingSecondaire auteursommige editiesbevestigd
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To the memory of FREDERICA CAMPBELL MACFARLANE who went away from me when the dawn broke on January 25th, 1919 - a true friend, a rare personality, a loyal and courageous soul
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It was a warm, golden-cloudy, lovable afternoon.
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We give more than them. They only give themselves. We give them.
This morning his mother saw him going out of the yard, with a very sorrowful and determined look, carrying his pet kitten. She didn't think much more about it until later on he came in, with the most tragic little face, and told her, his little body shaking with sobs, that he had drowned Stripey.

"'Why did you do that?' Mrs. Meredith exclaimed.

"'To bring Jem back,' sobbed Bruce. 'I thought if I sacrificed Stripey God would send Jem back. So I drownded him—and, oh mother, it was awful hard—but surely God will send Jem back now, 'cause Stripey was the dearest thing I had. I just told God I would give Him Stripey if He would send Jem back. And He will, won't He, mother?'

"Mrs. Meredith didn't know what to say to the poor child. She just could not tell him that perhaps his sacrifice wouldn't bring Jem back—that God didn't work that way. She told him that he mustn't expect it right away—that perhaps it would be quite a long time yet before Jem came back.

"But Bruce said, 'It oughtn't to take longer'n a week, mother. Oh, mother, Stripey was such a nice little cat. He purred so pretty. Don't you think God ought to like him enough to let us have Jem?"

"Mr. Meredith is worried about the effect on Bruce's faith in God, and Mrs. Meredith is worried about the effect on Bruce himself if his hope isn't fulfilled. And I feel as if I must cry every time I think of it. It was so splendid—and sad—and beautiful. The dear devoted little fellow! He worshipped that kitten. And if it all goes for nothing—as so many sacrifices seem to go for nothing—he will be brokenhearted, for he isn't old enough to understand that God doesn't answer our prayers just as we hope—and doesn't make bargains with us when we yield something we love up to Him."
Ken took the uncertain hand she held out, and looked at her. The slim Rilla of four years ago had rounded out into symmetry. He had left a school girl, and he found a woman—a woman with wonderful eyes and a dented lip, and rose-bloom cheek—a woman altogether beautiful and desirable—the woman of his dreams.

"Is it Rilla-my-Rilla?" he asked, meaningly.

Emotion shook Rilla from head to foot. Joy—happiness—sorrow—fear—every passion that had wrung her heart in those four long years seemed to surge up in her soul for a moment as the deeps of being were stirred. She had tried to speak; at first voice would not come. Then—"Yeth," said Rilla.
Una took the letter and when Rilla had gone she pressed it against her lonely lips. Una knew that love would never come into her life now—it was buried for ever under the blood-stained soil "Somewhere in France." No one but herself—and perhaps Rilla—knew it—would ever know it. She had no right in the eyes of her world to grieve. She must hide and bear her long pain as best she could—alone. But she, too, would keep faith.
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Rilla of Ingleside

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