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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars door Christopher…
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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars (editie 2020)

door Christopher Paolini (Auteur)

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Titel:To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
Auteurs:Christopher Paolini (Auteur)
Info:Tor Books (2020), Edition: Illustrated, 880 pages
Verzamelingen:Read 2021


To Sleep in a Sea of Stars door Christopher Paolini

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Surprisingly mature given the more youthful Eragon series. Solid world building and some depth to the characters. ( )
  brakketh | Jun 13, 2021 |
For the most part, "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars" is a rich, entertaining space opera telling an interesting story. It has the hallmarks of hipster SFF nowadays, too: a Plucky Female Lead, an Ancient Alien Artifact, a patently-alien Alien Race, a Lost Civilization, an edgy Lesbian Couple, a Mal Reynolds stand-in, lots and lots of steely Space Marines, rigid and angry Military Forces, and plenty of Spin-Off Points. Even has appendices to show the author knows a physicist. Yup. Cool, huh?

What hampers this book more than anything, however, is the crafting of it. I'm not sure how much hard-SF Paolini has read, but it's clear who his audience is. There are hundreds of pages of shoot-'em-up, KA-BOOM "oh-my-God-run!", running fire-fights and space-combat scenes in the 825 pages of text. That's not drama, that's video games. The action-film pacing took away from the Sense of Wonder I kept trying to re-establish with the story, so much so that I set the book down about 2/3 into it and did laundry instead. And if there'd been ONE more reference to Ctein as the "great and terrible", I'd have mulched this book, cost be damned.

Why 3.5 stars then? Because there are parts I loved. There is a scene in which Kira (the Lead) and Falconi (the ship captain) play cards for odd but high stakes and scope each other out; I found the scene gripping, expository, and entertaining as hell. It is probably my favorite scene. There's no shooting, screaming, bleeding, or acceleration in it. Didn't need it. There was enough of good story here to bump this from 3 to 3.5 stars, but the More Shooting Is Better ideal 'put a knife in the heart of wonder' and blocks higher appreciation for me. ( )
  MLShaw | Jun 10, 2021 |
I started this book last summer but I struggled so hard to get into it. I loved the Inheritance series by Paolini and was so excited when the audiobook for his new book was listed on NetGalley. So excited!

But then I started listening and I had a terrible time trying to get past the narrator's snarky, gruff tone for Kira. Pretty much every time she said anything to anyone, she sounded like she hated them or was annoyed or pissed off. I even took some time off and thought about the actual conversations she was having and decided to cut her some slack because most of those would have called for that tone of voice. So it was the author, not the narrator, who was to blame!

I decided to give it another shot a few days ago - I was about halfway done - and something clicked. I couldn't stop listening. And I ended up absolutely loving the book. I do have to admit to skipping the vast majority of the final nearly two hours because they were appendixes about FTL and terminology and the like. I did listen to the afterword by Paolini and am glad I did. I enjoyed having the insight into his struggles writing the book.

This is a space epic and, even though I had a rough time of it with the narration in the first half, the narrator was really quite incredible with her voices. There were A LOT of voices and she did a different one for each character so everyone was identifiable just from her voice. I am very impressed.

With all of the drama and excitement and various characters, my favorite was Gregoravich and his regular use of the term of endearment "meat bag." I love you Gregoravich.

A huge thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for hooking me up! ( )
  amcheri | May 25, 2021 |
Kira the protagonist is an interesting and we'll developed character, but the action seemed endless and even pointless. This is a newish take on alien life involving a melding of human and alien.
My interest in the sorry rarely reached a point of excitement and there was enough tedium I considered quitting. ( )
  waldhaus1 | May 16, 2021 |
Prior to reading To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, I had not read any of the books by Paolini. Though I had been meaning to for a long time. As a lover of Sci-Fi, when this book came out I felt it was the perfect opportunity to finally read one of his books. Glad I did because it is a great story.
Kira Navarez is a xenobiologist working with a group of scientists to survey an uninhabited planet. By chance she discovers an ancient alien artifact. When the artifact bonds with her everything changes. Humans make first contact with an alien species, a war erupts, and the fate of all humanity seems to rest with her.
That is a lot for any person to take in and I loved that the author gave us this strong and tenacious main character who happens to be female. Kira for sure endured a lot and most people would have given up and thrown the towel in. Despite her personal doubts and blaming herself for the events that happened, she worked through them.
Her internal dialogue with herself hit home for me. It felt real and made her character not only believable but gave her a lot of depth. For me, character development is critical to a successful story and especially one that is a sweeping drama. Paolini really delivered here.
As much as I loved the character development and world building, there were places that the book dragged a bit. However, I was so invested in the story that I soldiered on because I wanted to know what fate had in store for Kira. If the story had been just a little tighter I would have given it five stars instead of four.
Despite my one complaint, this is a fabulous story and I highly recommend it to all lovers of Sci-Fi. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.
For more of my reviews, and author interviews, see my blog at ( )
1 stem purpledog | May 13, 2021 |
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