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Sorrowland: A Novel door Rivers Solomon
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Sorrowland: A Novel (editie 2021)

door Rivers Solomon (Auteur)

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11110191,377 (3.56)3
Titel:Sorrowland: A Novel
Auteurs:Rivers Solomon (Auteur)
Info:MCD (2021), 368 pages
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Sorrowland door Rivers Solomon

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1-5 van 9 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
This was an odd read for me, much as I enjoyed Solomon's writing style. Part of what threw me off, I think, is that the book seemed to swim between so many genres, and while I normally love cross-genre books that don't easily fit into one area, I think what put me off her is that the book seemed to sink so wholly into one genre for a while, and then jump entirely to another for a while, and so on and so forth. In other words, at any given point, it felt like it was living in one genre, but would soon jump to another--versus it being balanced in story and character against a number of them.

The book is split into three parts. The first part had me captivated--I couldn't put the book down, literally, and read it all in one sitting. And then the second part came, and while the character got a bit more fantastical, the situation and story became more pedestrian. It had been Solomon's story-telling and writing that had so entralled me in the first part, more than character, and so I admit this second part lost me a bit. It almost felt like I'd suddenly fallen into a bit of a soap opera with a flavor of magical realism, and the more I read, the less hooked I was. The third part was totally different--a flurry of action and resolution and change that made it feel like I'd slipped into an adventure novel. And, if I'm being honest, I have to say that I was just reading to read--the second part had lost me, and although I still appreciated the heart of the story and Solomon's writing in the third part, I could pretty much see where things were going and, in general, I simply wasn't engaged.

All that said, although the reading experience as a whole isn't what I'd hoped for, I utterly adored Solomon's writing, and I'm anxious to try some of her other works. I suspect that this book was just flitting between too many genres for me, and I needed it to live more in one space in order to really feel connected to either story or characters beyond the first part. I'm sure others will be blown away by what Solomon has done here, and I just wasn't the right reader. ( )
  whitewavedarling | Jun 20, 2021 |
Unique, creepy, and unsettling are the three biggest descriptors I can think of for this book. When Vern is a teenager she finally escapes the religious compound where she was raised - but not without some serious scars. She's married and seven months pregnant but she is willing to take a chance on the unknown world in order to get away. She gives birth to twins and raises them in the woods, but even though she's escaped she is still a hunted woman. When her body starts to change she knows she'll have to find help to get to the bottom of her upbringing and the compound's dark history. It's dark and filled with elements of black history, queer love, indigenous history, and violent, gothic themes. Even if you don't like it, you won't be able to stop thinking about it. Truly unsettling. ( )
  ecataldi | Jun 7, 2021 |
A rather brilliant mashup of horror, fantasy, warped history, and LGBT themes. I thought there were some slow parts that drug out a bit, but the final 20% was propulsive and resonant, and there were compelling storylines, strong character development, and gorgeous writing throughout. A stunningly imaginative work of fiction. ( )
  RandyRasa | Jun 2, 2021 |
Shadow of Sorrows is a genre-bending interesting mix, that's for sure. The premise is wonderful, however I found the tone of the narration made it very hard for me to get into the story. Unfortunately this book was not for me, That being said, I will definitely keep my eye on the author as I sense major potential in the wonder of story-telling.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advance copy for my honest review. ( )
  literarylifelines | May 13, 2021 |
Sorrowland is weird.

Weird stories are challenging. Some make no sense. When the reader gets to a resolution - or lack thereof - it’s a big letdown. Sometimes it seems like a story makes no sense, but the author’s resolution snaps everything in place. It’s a wild ride with a satisfying conclusion.

Sorrowland is a wild ride.

Vern is a pregnant teen escaping from the cult-like compound where she lived with her mother and big brother. She wants to find her friend Lucy, who had previously escaped. She’s also fleeing the “fiend”, an unseen enemy that either wants to kill Vern or return her to the compound.

Vern evolves into an extraordinary woman along the way. Parts of her story are bizarre and even unsettling, but I wanted to keep reading to find out what was next on her journey. The resolution ties up loose ends and, more importantly, makes sense.

I tried to explain the plot to my teenage son, and his mouth kept dropping as I added details. If a reader has an open mind and is willing to ride the roller coaster, Sorrowland is worth it.

Sorrowland is different, and that’s a compliment. ( )
  life2reinvent | May 4, 2021 |
1-5 van 9 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
"Solomon’s outstanding third novel (after The Deep) revisits the themes of memory and responsibility through two new lenses: horror and contemporary thriller. ... They display a maturing control of their craft, employing a breathtaking range of reference that will enable any reader, from horror geek to Derridean academic, to engage with this thrilling tale. This is a tour de force."
toegevoegd door zembla | bewerkPublishers Weekly (Jan 22, 2021)
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