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Don't Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice) door…
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Don't Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice) (editie 2020)

door Elizabeth Goddard (Auteur)

Reeksen: Uncommon Justice (3)

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5234404,065 (4.29)7
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Perhaps you are familiar with Rio Bravo, the movie ranked #63 on the 2012 BFI poll of the Greatest Films of All Time. It ranked higher than classics such as Blade Runner, Chinatown, Lawrence of Arabia, and Casablanca, which also appear in the top 100. However, odds are you haven’t heard of Eldorado which appeared nine years later. It was a literal remake of Rio Bravo using the same screenwriter, director, and star. Of course, we have all heard of remakes, but I am not aware of another instance in which a literal copy followed so close after the original.

I thought of this while reading Don’t Keep Silent. The book seemed like a remake of a previous novel by this author. Rae Burke is a young investigative reporter, and the daughter of a world-renowned reporter who died covering a story. In the earlier episode, she is trying to rescue a young woman from sexual slavery. She foolishly puts herself in danger and is kidnapped by Malcolm Fox, the head of the human trafficking ring. Liam McKade, an undercover agent embedded in the Fox organization, is forced to blow his cover to rescue Rae. Liam sustains a life-threatening injury when he throws himself in front of her to take a bullet intended for her.

Don’t Keep Silent tells the same story. Rae is trying to rescue her sister-in-law, Zoey, who has disappeared. Rae travels to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and convinces Liam to serve as her bodyguard and co-investigator. Then time and again she charges into harm’s way, endangering Liam and herself. Goddard doesn’t even bother to create a new antagonist. Malcolm Fox is inexplicably released from prison and comes to Jackson Hole seeking revenge. Rae is once again captured and Liam once again rushing to rescue her.

I had not read any of Goddard’s previous novels, but after completing Don’t Keep Silent I went in search of the earlier volume. It appears that my original supposition was incorrect. As near as I can tell, the detailed information that appears throughout this book is backstory created for this novel. The protagonists in the two previous novels in this service are Liam’s brothers. Each rescues a damsel in mortal danger and both make a cameo appearance in this book.

The detailed backstory telegraphs what is going to happen and robs the story of any sense of originality or suspense. The characters are not well-developed nor likable. Rae is impulsive, irrational, and insensitive to the welfare of others. Liam’s near-fatal injury, caused by her impulsive behavior, had no effect on her behavior. She is motivated by her insecure need to measure up to her dead father. Zoey’s explanation for her disappearance is superficial and unconvincing. We are supposed to believe that she is intellectually gifted but incapable of memorizing a nine-word sequence. Even less believable is the sudden, unexplained release from prison of a man convicted of human trafficking. The final confrontation in which Rae must once again be rescued is laughably implausible.

Goddard is the author of some 30 novels, but the quality of this work makes me wonder about her earlier books. Don’t Keep Silent suffers from a lazy approach to characterization and plotting. Is it also a sign that Goddard cares more about the number of books she publishes than the quality of her works? ( )
  Tatoosh | Jan 1, 2021 |
I enjoyed this book,I will try to read more books by this author.. ( )
  utacraft | Oct 18, 2020 |
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I read book #2 in the Uncommon Justice series and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found "Don't Keep Silent" equally enjoyable. Enjoyable because it was a good read, well developed, and a bevey of good characters.

The story kept this reader on edge trying to figure out just what how the endgame of was going to play out.

Being set admist the beauty of snowy peaks, blizzards, and the glamerous and thrilling world of sking resorts, you could almost feel the chill of the snowy winds and sense the danger exposure to the wintry elements presented as well as the danger that seemed ever-present as the protagonists tracked criminals.

A missing sister-in-law, a previous relationship renewed, trafficking women and drugs. A stalker. A journalist. An undercover agent revealed. Excitment roamed the pages of Elizabeth Goddard's thriller.

I assume this is the conlcusion of the series. Wonder what Ms. Goddard is working on now?

(I received a advance reader's copy from a contest.) ( )
  VeraGodley | Sep 15, 2020 |
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Don't Keep Silent By Elizabeth Goddard
Series: Yes
Format: Softcover
Stars: 4
Recommend: Yes
Would Reread: Yes

I give honest reviews and all my opinions are my own.

For more of my reviews go to Heavenly High Seas Books ( )
  PirateQueen84 | Aug 30, 2020 |
Thank you in advance to the publisher, Revell, as well as Elizabeth Goddard for sending me a complimentary review copy as part of her launch team. Interestingly I had also requested a copy through Interviews & Reviews, that extra book will be going to my mother for her birthday at the end of the month. She is in for a treat.

Elizabeth Goddard is certainly no newbie at this romantic suspense genre. She’s serious, intense, and doesn’t hold back on the action – at least in this thrilling, exciting, and engaging story. This is the first one I’ve read by her; and in anticipation of it – I got the two previous novels: “Never Let Go” and “Always Look Twice”. I haven’t had a chance to read them, so I can’t say how well connected the books are. But, I can say that Goddard isn’t going to remain a new-to-me author for long.

“Don’t Keep Silent” is the third and final installment of the Uncommon Justice series which features brothers Austin, Heath, and Liam McKade.

Obviously, this is Liam’s story and can easily read as a standalone novel. However, I am sure once a reader sees the connection; they might go ahead and read them in order. As someone who LOVES Romantic-Suspense reads, I had to sign up for the tour. Not knowing if I was approved, I asked for a copy through Interviews & Reviews, and very glad I did!

The covers of the books in the series are similar, only the font has different colors and the “women” featured are to correspond to the particular romantic interest/heroine in the story. Revell has a way of designing covers that immediately pop right out and, for me, grab my attention. I’ve rarely been disappointed with a Revell read.

This installment is told in third person from Rae and Liam’s perspectives. And, Goddard doesn’t hold back – I already said that – but that is essential to remember!

Right off this book starts in a shocking manner! Even the first chapter was thrilling. So much so, I could barely take notes. The action, the secrets – the vivid and descriptive writing really set this one off with a bang!

This is a definitely a pulse-pounding, rapid-pace, action-packed wild ride. That didn’t surprise me from the blurb. But, there were times I was absolutely SHOCKED! Just blown completely away!

It didn’t stop. IT-DOES-NOT-STOP.

Goddard’s writing style kept me interested and the pace/action moving so rapidly I often had to stop to catch my breath. Some of the chapters were short, so obviously moving on with another one was easy to do. While head-spinning at times, it wasn’t that confusing. If there were plot holes, I wouldn’t have noticed them. I appreciate the smaller chapters as I can read through a book a lot faster. Then, there were times I just couldn’t put the book down.

There weren’t that many characters so it wasn’t too hard to keep up with who was related to who. However, some of the supporting characters I had strong feelings about because of how they kept dropping off with regard to interaction.

Brad, Reggie, Sheriff Taggart, Ivan – even Zoey’s mom Samara wasn’t free from seeming like a suspect, especially when it came down to the mysterious book packages. I have to admit, I had NO idea what was going on until the last few chapters, some if it I wouldn’t have guessed.

There was a lot of character development between Liam and Rae, who already had a past run-in when it came to a human trafficking case. And, that comes right back to this story. Again, as I have not read the other two books – I can’t say how well their plots play into this one or if those previous books set this one up. These books are DEFINITELY on the TBR list.

When Goddard isn’t keeping us wound up with action – we’ve got secrets flying around from all directions: Callie, Zoey’s little daughter, has one; the books and Samara; even Alan, Zoey’s husband seems like a good suspect; what about Zoey’s step-dad?? No one and nothing is off the table with this story. The way Goddard writes this – you begin to wonder if Callie’s past was tied into it, perhaps Alan’s past, is Zoey really even innocent? And, that is just in that group.

The author also weaves in the pain and torture of a missing loved one – what the family is put through by investigators as well as the psychological trauma from the loss that is in their own homes. It’s made even worse when one of the family members has special needs such as Autism (Callie). So there is not just an entertainment element to this story, but a human element.

The connection between Rae/Liam was cemented from the beginning, even prior to the story. And, watching them working together and at times him rescuing her, was a beautiful relationship.

This story also had a few other journeys in it – Liam’s was trying to learn where he belonged and what he wanted to do.

Rae’s journey was in getting to the bottom of stories, particularly ones like human trafficking. Being the voice for the voiceless, speaking up, and the responsibility of “don’t keep silent” when you see/hear something wrong. She wanted to please her late father.

This is a worthy conclusion to what seems like a fascinating series.

This is a clean read distributed by Revell – no sex talk and no foul language. There are bible quotes, but the religious and faith themed tones are respectful, and it is not integral to the scene or preachy in nature.

This book is written more for those who have read and enjoy Christian/faith themed Romantic Suspense books as well as fans of the author, especially those who’ve read the previous two books in the series. So, I would definitely recommend it to them. ( )
  medwards429 | Aug 23, 2020 |
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