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A Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns…
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"A Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses, 5)" (A Court of… (editie 2021)

door Sarah J. Maas (Auteur)

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Titel:"A Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses, 5)" (A Court of Thorns and Roses, 4)
Auteurs:Sarah J. Maas (Auteur)
Info:Bloomsbury Publishing (2021), Edition: 1, 768 pages
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A Court of Silver Flames door Sarah J. Maas


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Enjoyed returning to this series and seeing Nesta get her own book. ( )
  Perednia | Mar 5, 2021 |
This book was a real rollercoaster if I'm being honest. There were bits I loved and parts I really didn't. I loved Nesta's redemption arc and how her relationships and friendships progress. I felt parts of the book were farfetched and potentially not realistic, (or as realistic as bat boys can be!). I would thoroughly recommend this book and it gives a great foundation for a potential Azriel book (yay). ( )
  izzlewizzleee | Mar 2, 2021 |
I didn't read ACOTAR until two summers ago, so I was very late to the party! However, I devoured the entire trilogy - including A Court of Frost and Starlight - within a week. I couldn't believe I'd waited so long to start reading the series, but I'm happy I was able to read them all at once (waiting would have been torture, especially with some of those cliffhangers). Like everyone else, I couldn't wait for the continuation of the series and Nesta's story. She wasn't my favorite character in ACOTAR, but she did grow on me throughout A Court of Silver Flames.

Stop reading here if you haven't read the first three books in the series! Small spoilers ahead. Nesta is struggling with the loss of her father and what she sees as her personal failure to prevent his death. On top of all that, she's dealing with how she felt about him her entire life and how awfully she treated Papa Archeron. He never had anything but love for his daughters, and he proved that love in a big way at the end of A Court of Wings and Ruin. We get to see how his words and actions during the battle with Hybern deeply affected Nesta and her mental health. She doesn't know how to forgive herself or others, with the former being more of an issue than anyone realized. Only Cassian never wavered in his beliefs, or his desire to help Nesta heal. Obviously, her actions affected him and made him feel terrible, but he kept reaching out his hand like Amren said. He loved Nesta - the good parts and the bad - and his actions always reflected that.

One of my quibbles with this book was the lack of Cassian. Yes, he's present throughout the entire book, alternating perspectives with Nesta, but we don't really learn anything new about him or his history. Everything he shares with Nesta is something we learned throughout the previous books. I wanted him to open up and share new information with her, things that were deeply personal and not often discussed with the others. I think it would have helped them form a stronger bond and allowed us to see how he's changed over the last 500 years. I think what he shared about the Valkyries was new, but it also felt familiar. Everything about the Valkyries was interesting! I wish there had been more.

A lot of people are upset by how "graphic" the sex scenes were, which I find to be immensely frustrating. ACOTAR should never have been marketed as a YA series, since Feyre was an adult throughout most of the books. It's also not fair to place human standards and expectations on mythical creatures like the fae. They don't follow the same rules or have the same limitations. I think Maas did a wonderful job with Feyre's story, and I think she perfectly conveyed Nesta's personality as well. People seem to forget that Nesta is the eldest Archeron, which definitely makes her adult. I'm happy this series received an 18+ recommendation, but I also don't think Maas simply wrote "smut" for the hell of it. Sex was a release for Nesta - a way to get herself out of her head - and wine and music provided similar distractions for her nightmarish thoughts. It was how she chose to deal with her demons, and that's not uncommon. It's okay for Nesta to enjoy sex. It's okay for Nesta and Cassian to enjoy rough sex. It's okay that Maas was descriptive about those encounters. It's okay that sex was a big part of Nesta's story. Nesta is her own person with her own problems, so she obviously has her own way of dealing with things. Nesta's book is somewhat separate from the original trilogy, but it's also a continuation of the previous books. I do not agree that they should have been marketed separately or as something new, but I do believe all of the ACOTAR books should be shelved as Adult Fantasy.

Another thing people seem to be worried about: teen readers. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. If I'm being completely honest, I learned most of my information regarding sex from books. I sure as hell didn't learn about it in school or from my parents. There's nothing wrong with books having "graphic" sex scenes, and I don't think we should put so many limitations on what certain people can read. Shielding teenagers - especially young girls - from sex, typically does more harm than good.

I absolutely loved Gwyn and Emerie! I thought they were lovely, amazing friends, and they were exactly what Nesta needed in her life. They've all been through hell, and I think those experiences bonded them in a way nothing else could. They also trained together, learned to really live together, and are still struggling with what happened to them in the past. No one was magically healed by the end of the book, and it's obvious they will still need time to work through everything that haunts them. It was authentic and realistic, and I like that Maas didn't try to rush their healing or give them quick solutions to their problems. They had to work hard in order to grow, which they managed to do both together and alone.

"...and Nesta's breath rushed from her in a wave she didn't realize she was holding..." This sentence might be worded differently, but why do authors insist on including it (and others like it) in their books? Why doesn't anyone know they're holding their breath??? Seriously, there are websites dedicated to how many times this sentence gets used in books.

I also didn't like that Rhys and the others opted to keep something from Feyre, especially when it impacted her the most. After everything she's been through, they didn't think she could handle it? They didn't think it would be a good idea to have her also working towards a possible solution? It felt wrong to me, and very unlike the characters I remember. Mor's absence was very noticeable as well, and I wish she'd been more present throughout the book. Nesta and Cassian's "big fight" was way too similar to what Feyre and Rhysand fought about. The should have had their own unique conflict to work through.

Additionally, why didn't anyone just winnow the baby out? Madja had her hands up there to turn the baby around, so Rhys or Mor could have touched it and winnowed, right? Did anyone else think that? Even Az could have used his shadows. I just feel like they didn't really exhaust all of their options, and I'm still not 100% sure how Nesta managed to do what she did. I'm also a little miffed that she didn't get to make it to the top of Ramiel despite everything she went through. Briallyn interfered, so it shouldn't be held against her. She also had to give up all of that power right after fully unleashing it for the first time. It would have been nice to know more about who used the harp last and what their final act with it had been. I wish Nesta had somehow been able to reverse what happened to all of those fae. Maas is definitely setting something up! (★★★★☆)

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  doyoudogear | Feb 24, 2021 |
Gotta be honest here: for most of the book, I was hovering at giving 3 stars. The ending saved it and pushed it up to 4. Anyway, Nesta is the prickly oldest sister to Feyre, the heroine of the first part of the series. She's always been bitchy, but I could sympathize with some of the reasons for it (her mother, the Cauldron, etc). Cassian is the epitome of a big dumb brute, likable enough but not my favorite male character. For most of the book, they have a lot of sex and train as warriors. It goes on for way too long, in my opinion. I amused myself by trying to actualize some of the poses, both sexual and fighting, described and found that a lot of them are anatomically impossible.
It isn't until halfway through the book that Nesta actually starts to build some relationships with people. She ends up training as Valkyries with some other women which is where we finally see some growth from her. The trial the three women face at the end of the book was by far the best part, very exciting and different from the rest of the story. Cassian is there mostly for the hot sex and doesn't add much to the plot. I wish the book had been trimmed down by about a third; it goes on for way too long without much actually happening. They could have also cut out the drama in the subplot around Feyre and Rhys (no spoilers but does anyone really think that something is going to happen to either one at this point?).
This is just a pet peeve, but can't the publishers get the numbering correct in this series? This is book 5 unless you discount A Court of Frost and Starlight entirely, but it's titled both 4 here and 5 on Amazon which is just malpractice on the part of Bloomsbury Publishing. ( )
  N.W.Moors | Feb 23, 2021 |
I'm rating A Court of Silver Flames two stars and that's being kind. Beware - spoilers below.

The 4th ACOTR book settles on the eldest Archeron sister, Nesta. Nesta is the difficult, rude oldest sibling. Born into privilege and raised to be a lady, she endured poverty as a teen when her father lost the family fortune. While the youngest sister Freya learned to hunt, Nesta and middle sister Elaine didn't do much to support the family. As we are reminded in this book for the millionth time. Elaine and Nesta were kidnapped and violently turned into Fae's in book two. In book three Nesta tried to learn to control the deadly power she stole from the cauldron while also being dragged into the war with Hybern. Where she aided wounded soldiers and eventually killed Hybern's ruler, bringing an uneasy peace to Prynthia. Unfortunately all the trauma that Nesta has endured in her life has caused her to suffer from extreme PTSD, alcoholism, anorexia and to sleep with random men she picks up in taverns.

By the start of this book the Inner Circle, in particular Freya and her high lord husband Rhysland have had enough. They cut off the allowance they had been providing for Nesta, which is fair. They also tear down her apartment building, force her to live in the House of Winds, which she is trapped in as she cannot fly or winnow out of, also force her to live with Cassian, a male she has never shown any interest in, dictate that she will learn to fight in the mornings and work in a library in the afternoons and in general totally strip her of all autonomy. In other words, Freya's evolution into Tamlin is now complete. Freya and Rhysland literally do to Nesta what Tamlin did to Freya and was vilified for in book two, but it is never brought up in the narrative. Because Freysand is without flaw.
Also, it's painfully obvious that the author has done zero research into things like depression, substance abuse and eating disorders, despite peppering her stories with these things. It's clear that Nesta is starving herself, is an alcoholic and is generally in poor physical condition. Things that would take months to treat and certainly prevent her from being able to endure a daily regime of extreme physical activity. But this is never addressed in the book, which is a huge missed opportunity.

Sparks fly between Nesta and Cassian and we do get some of his point of view in this novel. Despite the carefree demeanor he projects, Cassian is riddled with self-doubt regarding his illegitimacy and survivors guilt over all the lives lost in the war. Eventually Nesta is coaxed into training with Cassian and actually seems to somewhat enjoy the work in the library. Her powers reveal themselves at a glacial pace and the House of Winds slowly starts to come alive. Honestly the relationship that Nesta develops with the quasi-sentient House is the most respectful, loving relationship in this entire series. As Nesta slowly regains her physical strength she works to overcome all of the negativity she feels about herself. This entire 750 page book is loaded with Nesta thinking of herself as a vile, unlovable, horrible person. I understand it's important to see the pain that Nesta is in, but It's utterly repetitive and totally overboard. Basically her crimes are that she didn't go hunting and is rude. And by God the narrative punishes her for this. Unlike other characters who engage in sexual assault, murder, torture, mind assault, abuse of authority and are still held up to be paragons and face no consequences. (Cough, Rhysland, Cough)

Nesta and Cassian's relationship starts to take off and Nesta also develops two friendships. Emerie is and Illyrian female who runs her own shop. Gwyn is a sexual assault survivor/priestess who resides in the library complex. It's actually Nesta who coaxes her two new friends into training with Cassian and herself at the House of Winds and her friendship with these two women starts to bloom.

Meanwhile it is revealed that Freya is pregnant and that she will likely die in childbirth. Which Rhysland and the inner Circle decide to keep from Freya so as not to upset her. This seriously happens. I never believed Rhysland's fake feminism schtick from the prior two books and this one reveals him to be the misogynist I always suspected. And the Inner Court isn't even trying to pretend that Freya is his equal anymore either. It isn't respectful or loving to hide a serious medical conditioning from someone. This is 100% wrong. And yet the narrative tries to pretend that this is somehow a loving thing to do to someone. It isn't. It's infantilizing and insulting. But totally not surprising for this series. The badass Freya from book one is totally gone. She's just a bored socialite, keeping busy with her charity work, planning parties, constantly shopping and readying to have her baby. Living the exact life that was so abhorrent to her when Tamiln suggested it in book two. But I digress.

Across the continent a human queen who was also turned into Fae by the cauldron is trying to acquire a magical trove to return her youth and take over Prynthia. There is so little characterization, I honestly can't even remember this queen's name. She's just a standard Maas villain. No real description or motivation given. Just a generic big bad, because, plot. So Nesta is dragged from house arrest to attend this meeting with the IC, where the threat is laid out. Only someone who is tied to the cauldron can locate the Deathly Hallows. Sorry, magical trove. Elain half-heartedly volunteers, which no one takes seriously because Elaine is useless. So of course Nesta steps up. Yep, the girl they have spend the entire novel slut-shaming and villifing must once again put herself in extreme danger for their benefit. But Nesta succeedes, after nearly being killed. And is promptly returned to house arrest. Cause gratitude is not a thing in the IC.
About this time it is discovered that Nesta has the power to imbue items with magical properties. The IC decides not to tell Nesta this 'cause she can't handle it'. Yay, feminism! Cassian to his credit is against this, but like a loyal dog he follows orders. This blows up spectacularly when Nesta discovers that the truth, that they knew she had this power, discussed it behind her back, took a vote amongst themselves and kept this from her. She confronts her former friend Amren and Freya. Nesta points out to Freya that the IC has as little respect for her as they do for Nesta and tells Freya the truth about her pregnancy. Should this news have been delivered better? Of course. But Freya is entitled to know her own medical situation. Of course Nesta is the one villainized though and Cassian has to whisk her away because Ryhsland is now threatening to kill her. They spend a week hiking, training and have sex. Rhysland calms down and Nesta is returned to house arrest.

Yet another magical Hallow/Trove is retrieved by Nesta and she continues to find actual compassion and understanding with her two new friends. Plus there's a lot more sex with Cassian. Which shows off his amazing time-management skills. Cassian has been made a courtier/spy by Rhys, a role to which he is totally unqualified and unsuited for. But that's what you do in a functioning government. Hand out delicate, complicated, highly important positions to your unqualified friends. As though being the general of the army on the verge of a war somehow leaves you with loads of free time to do all this and simultaneously shephard your girlfriend and her friends through hours long, daily, physical training sessions.

Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie end up kidnapped and forced to participate in the Hunger Games. Ahem, Blood Rite. I'm sorry, but this was such a blatant rip-off of the Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins could sue for copyright infringement. The three of them survive, because there are never any real stakes in these books. The former human queen makes her move and is dispatched in something like four pages. Cassian and Nesta accept their mating bond. Nesta literally kneels to Amren and begs forgiveness for being rude to her. At this point I wanted to throw the book on the ground and back over it in my car. Freya goes into labor and right as she and her son are dying Nesta makes a deal with the caldron to strip her of most of her powers in exchange for their lives. Because I think the author realized that Nesta is now the most powerful character is this series and that is not allowed. See Amren and Freya for proof of this. Feminism! Rhys asks Nesta to forgive him and apologizes for all the crap he did to her. Kidding! He forgives her and buys her a bunch of crap like clothes and jewelry she doesn't want or need. Cause yeah. She and Cassian are mated and it is revealed that part of the deal Nesta made with the Caldron includes the ability to have a baby with Cassian. And so we leave Nesta, her evolution into Freya 2.0 complete. ( )
  queencersei | Feb 18, 2021 |
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