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A Summer to Remember: A Novel door Erika…
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A Summer to Remember: A Novel (editie 2021)

door Erika Montgomery (Auteur), Carly Robins (Reader)

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Titel:A Summer to Remember: A Novel
Auteurs:Erika Montgomery (Auteur)
Andere auteurs:Carly Robins (Reader)
Info:Macmillan Audio (2021), Edition: Unabridged
Verzamelingen:Read, Jouw bibliotheek


A Summer to Remember: A Novel door Erika Montgomery

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3.5 Stars

Frankie sells Hollywood memorabilia, her store and love of this was handed down to her by her Mother, who passed away in a tragic accident. She doesn’t know who her father’s been a closely guarded secret for 30 years. She finds some sealed letters that she feels must be delivered and heads to Hollywood, in search of the recipient and, hopefully to find her father.

Story drew me in from the beginning, but didn’t gel as nicely as I had hoped. Quick read, perfect for a lazy day on the beach. Loved the references to old movies and Hollywood personalities. A good debut novel, look forward to reading this author again.

Thanks to Ms. Montgomery, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for this ARC. Opinion is mine alone. ( )
  LoriKBoyd | May 15, 2021 |
What a fun first novel. I am looking forward to more great stories from this author. It’s a love story, a mystery, a story of secrets and betrayals, of long-forgotten friendships. And of a woman looking to see where she belongs.

It was always just Frankie and her mother, running their movie memorabilia shop on Hollywood Boulevard, and they had a fine time doing it, just the two of them against the world. But now Frankie’s mother is gone and Frankie may lose the lease for the shop. Suddenly it’s not her and her mom enjoying the Hollywood glitz and glitter, the movie quote and gossip, but just 30-year old Frankie missing her mom, wondering what she is going to do, and thinking maybe she would have liked to have more family after all. So when a package arrives containing a mysterious photograph Frankie starts to wonder about the life her mother had before Frankie was born, and if it just might be possible to find her father, to have a family. So off she goes to Cape Cod with nothing but the photograph and some hunches.

Frankie feels at home on the Cape, both with the place and with the people she meets. But will the secrets she uncovers make it possible for her to stay or necessary for her to leave? Will she find family – and love – or will the truth ruin her?

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for providing an advance copy of A Summer to Remember via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. It’s a wonderful story, with interesting characters and a good mystery to keep you guessing and a sweet romance running throughout. All opinions are my own. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it without hesitation. ( )
  GrandmaCootie | May 12, 2021 |
I’ve been looking forward to an upcoming beach trip and this book was the perfect read for the days leading up to the trip. Set in a small coastal town, the story includes all the atmosphere of coastal living, as well as the events that give the town its uniqueness.

Every year the town holds a coastal film festival that got its start from two famous movie stars that lived in the area. The story revolves around the film festival and the film stars and their friends who helped along the way.

One of those people was Maeve, who disappeared from the coastal town at a pivotal time. She ends up in Los Angeles, owns a memorabilia shop and raises a daughter to adulthood. After her death, her daughter Frankie finds some unopened letters with the instructions to give them to who is meant to have them. This leads Frankie to take a trip to the coast of Cape Cod and attend that year’s film festival while she’s there.

Of course, her journey uncovers some family secrets, leads to a romance and gives her a sense of family that she has missed out on all these years. Frankie knew her mother was really happy in the town and she feels a comforting connection.

Many thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to read an advance copy and give my honest review. ( )
  tamidale | May 4, 2021 |
Frankie owns a movie memorabilia shop in Hollywood with her mother. Her mother had worked in the biz and collected a lot of stuff over the years. But after he mother passes away, she is given some letters and a photo that opens up a lot of questions. Frankie never knew her father or her about mother’s past. She had no idea that she was friends with a former movie star. One of the letters is addressed to the son of said stars, who wants no part of the letter. She decides to travel to the east coast and hand him the letter and maybe learn more about who her father may be. A delightful story of secrets, family, love and nostalgia. The characters are unforgettable and this is an easy and quick book to immerse oneself into. ( )
  grumpydan | Feb 25, 2021 |
The SECRETS we keep!! I had a difficult time getting interested in A summer To Remember. In my opinion three fourths of the story dragged on and on. I almost quit reading it. But as I told my husband "I promised a review in exchange for the book. If I don't finish I can't give an honest opinion", Wow I'm glad I did, the final chapters were exceptional. I cried the through the final chapters The story reveals how the secrets we keep have consequences to all persons involved. I definitely recommend reading this novel by Erika Montgomery Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to express my honest opinion in exchange for the book ( )
  nwavra | Jan 18, 2021 |
1-5 van 6 worden getoond (volgende | toon alle)
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