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Three Sisters: A Novel door Heather Morris
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Three Sisters: A Novel (origineel 2021; editie 2021)

door Heather Morris (Auteur)

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Titel:Three Sisters: A Novel
Auteurs:Heather Morris (Auteur)
Info:St. Martin's Press (2021), 416 pages
Verzamelingen:Autographed Copy

Informatie over het werk

Three Sisters: A Novel door Heather Morris (2021)

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It will take more than the soil of a new earth under their fingernails to feel safe again.

What is in a promise? For Cibi, Magda and Livi it was the will to survive unspeakable horrors, grief, guilt and more. So much has been written about Auschwitz, Birkenau and other concentration camps but to hear the details from those that experienced it and survived is almost surreal. The author did not try to sugarcoat the details. It certainly made me want to hold those dear to me very close. Join this family as they relate what it was like to be Jewish during WW2.

This amazing tale of wits and courage was received through St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley. These impressions are my own and were in no way solicited. ( )
  Eamace | Oct 18, 2021 |
Against all odds, three Slovakian sisters have survived years of imprisonment in the most notorious death camp in Nazi Germany: Auschwitz. Livia, Magda, and Cibi have clung together, nearly died from starvation and overwork, and the brutal whims of the guards in this place of horror. But now, the allies are closing in and the sisters have one last hurdle to face: the death march from Auschwitz, as the Nazis try to erase any evidence of the prisoners held there. Due to a last minute stroke of luck, the three of them are able to escape formation and hide in the woods for days before being rescued.
  HandelmanLibraryTINR | Oct 14, 2021 |
Three Sisters, Heather Morris, author; Finty Williams, narrator
On the eve of an operation which might take his life, a father asked his three little girls, age 3, 5 and 7, to make a promise to him. His wife watched with tear filled eyes. Each of them, even the youngest, agreed to always stick together and take care of each other. With what awaited them, their promise was put to the test. Would they be able to keep it? Only time would tell.
In the third book of the series, Livia, Magda and Cibi, listed in order of age, from younger to older, struggle to keep their promise to their father during the time of the Holocaust and after. Each of the young Jewish women possesses a different strength of character, but each had character. They came from a loving observant family. Their path from Slovakia to Israel was fraught with danger, caprice, misfortune, and serendipity. The survival of Jews was dependent on luck, time and place, rare kindness and compassion. The existence of resentment and hatred toward innocent people because of one’s own personal failure and greed was rampant in Germany. The silence of the world in the face of that hate and barbarism was even more prevalent and incomprehensible.
The detailed descriptions of the lives of those who lived through that bloody stain on history’s doorstep is intense and broad. In every book in this series there is something to learn, about that hateful period of time and those hateful people who pursued and participated in Hitler’s effort to create the Third Reich, their dream, which was truly a nightmare for its victims. Those who survived, carried the scars and memories with them for the rest of their lives, and this book, along with the first two, highlight not only their courage, but their continued ability to find a scrap of hope and even optimism, in the face of the most horrible of circumstances. That was what helped some of them to make it through with barely a spark of life left within their bodies. The guilt of the survivor’s is palpable, however. Who can know why some survived and some didn’t, some were able to hide and some were caught, some went meekly and unsuspectingly to their deaths and some fought back to little or no avail. Some behaved reprehensibly. Eventually, though, David slew Goliath, but it was a long time coming.
In every book about the Holocaust, I learn something new about the Hellish time. I had never heard of the punishment they were subjected to called The Hole, nor had I ever read about the difference between the number of numbers tattooed on the arms of those in Auschwitz and how it affected the life or death of the victims. To tell more of this story would rob future readers of the unique learning experience achieved from reading the three novels in this series. Because they are written as novels, they are easier to take, but the reality is that the barbarism described actually did occur. The book’s importance is in the need to remember that such evil exists so that we are never as complacent again, so that we never stand by silently while others are abused because it advantages us over them. Sadly, we may be witnessing such apathy, once again, today, in our own backyards. During the war, their own kind turned on them in order to survive, some were depraved, some never knew the depths to which they would descend in order to survive, some showed supreme courage and some did not, but all were victims of the depravity of others. No one was totally innocent, except the victims who had no choice; the perpetrators and complicit certainly did. The existence of G-d was often questioned, and I imagine, still is today, but Israel raised generations of soldiers who will never be lambs led to the slaughter again.
So, the book examines “survivor’s guilt”, belief in G-d, and man’s inhumanity to man, thoroughly, because even after the war ended, it continued without pause, but it ends with hope and optimism for a better and kinder future. The books in the series tell the complete story of days that will live in infamy, and of days whose memory will hopefully prevent a recurrence, for evil personified was, and is, not imaginary. ( )
  thewanderingjew | Oct 12, 2021 |
Just like the other two that Heather has written, this one is SO good! I flew through this in about a day. Based on a true story of three sisters who made a promise to their father before the war, and they did everything in their power to hold true to this promise. I still just cannot believe these true stories and what happened to these poor people. Cibi, Magda, and Livia all eventually end up in the concentration camps and fight for their lives every single day, not having any idea how other family members are doing, but living off of the faith and hope that they will all day be reunited again, and the promise they made their father. It really is quite amazing these three survived. ( )
  Chelz286 | Oct 10, 2021 |
Before their father passed away, he made his three daughters make a promise. Livia, Magda, and Cibi must do everything in their power to stay together. They each take this promise, and they do stay together, for the most part. Then WWII happens and the three are separated. Two are able to stay together in a concentration camp. But the third is saved from their fate because of a Christian doctor. However, after a few years, they all three end up together in Auschwitz. The horrors they have seen and experienced live with them throughout the years to come.

This story is heart wrenching in so many places. How these three survived is an amazing tale. They survived because of kindness of others or just by chance and sheer luck. And their tale does not stop after Auschwitz. They continue to live not far from each other and share in their trials and tribulations.

Heather Morris has done it again. I am amazed at the research which went into this novel. And the narrator, Finty Williams did an excellent job, perfect inflection and voices. She really brought the story to life!

Need a dang good novel that you will think about for days after…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review. ( )
  fredreeca | Oct 10, 2021 |
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Cibi, z”l—-Magda—-Livia 
Thank you for your strength and the hope you clung to during history’s darkest hour—-to create a life in a new land with loving families, to inspire us all.
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The three sisters, Cibi, Magda and Livi, sit in a tight circle with their father in the small backyard of their home.
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