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Long Live the Queen (President's Daughter)…
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Long Live the Queen (President's Daughter) (editie 2008)

door Ellen Emerson White (Auteur)

Reeksen: The President's Daughter (book 3)

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1918113,255 (4.26)5
The President's daughter is a victim of kidnapping by terrorists.
Titel:Long Live the Queen (President's Daughter)
Auteurs:Ellen Emerson White (Auteur)
Info:Feiwel & Friends (2008), Edition: 1, 311 pages
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Long Live the Queen door Ellen Emerson White

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Such a visceral and compelling account, both in the violence and pain of the kidnapping and the aftershocks and depression of recovery. White writes phenomenal dialogue and her characters, both heroes and villains, are well written and convincing. Meg's struggles with PTSD are all the more believable since the events of the kidnapping are vividly portrayed. While this book does contain significant violence and sexual threat, the triumphs of this character are the real focus of LONG LIVE THE QUEEN. I've read both the original and the "updated" version, I'm not sure it was necessary to revise the pop culture and technology references.

2/6/2012 - Chatting with a coworker about books we read over and over again, of course this series came up. Imagine my surprise when she immediately recognized my description (and her surprise when I was able to tell her White had written a new Meg book since our high school years). Of course, that excitement sent me back for a re-read. I know it's wish fulfillment in the most basic sense, Meg is as strong and capable as I could ever hope to be, but I still love this book.

3/3/2013 - I gave this book to my niece for Christmas and just got around to giving her my pitch for why she should read it. I don't know if I convinced her (I'm of the mind that it's better to make the book available and let someone fall into rather than build up a big sell and force them in), but just seeing LONG LIVE THE QUEEN on the shelf planted the seed. I found myself plucking my copy off the shelf and settling into a chair to enjoy. Love this book. I'm happy to find more and more of the series is available on eBook, reading LONG MAY SHE REIGN on my phone as I type this. There is something different about having eBook access to a book I've formerly only enjoyed in the quiet of my home. I'm happy to have as many White books in as many forms as I can... but part of me wishes I were curled up in my living room reading right now. ( )
  Capnrandm | Apr 15, 2013 |
Well this book took a turn I was not expecting. I saw the brace on her arm & leg on the cover, but I was not expecting this. I didn't love this one AS much because I really like the political stuff and this one doesn't deal with it as much, but I still love it.

Basically I read this book and just make a million West Wing references in my head. Obviously Meg=Zoey Bartlet & Preston = Dulé Hill. ( )
  Rincey | Mar 29, 2013 |
Meg's family has faced some pretty rocky times in the last couple of years. Her mother, now Madame President Powers, is still recovering from an shocking attack (albeit out of the public eye) and Meg's family seems to now be, not-surprisingly, closer and more tight-knit than ever. Meg's biggest worry is finishing up her senior year while trying to avoid the ever-present reporters who follow her families' every move when the unthinkable happens: Meg is brutally kidnapped by terrorists and forced to endure more than she ever imagined. Meg isn't sure why she was taken or even where, but she knows the terrorists have no plans to let her live. Which quickly becomes her only goal.Meg goes through some truly horrific stuff in this novel. She's beaten down and left so physically and emotionally scarred, she knows her life will never be the same again. Unexpectedly, I found myself repeatedly in tears while reading because I had unknowingly become so dang attached to Meg, I understand why some scenarios were more painful than others. Ellen Emerson White knew she couldn't start off the series with a story like this, but since she's built up a character (Meg) supported by incredible secondary characters with such believable interactions that I was completely drawn into this story. I could feel and understand every single person's pain because I'd been with them all for so long, I just got it.So if I thought White House Autumn was taking a risk dealing with a presidential attack, then Long Live the Queen has to take some kind of award for even daring to discuss a teen who is taken hostage by terrorists. I do have one thing to say about Ellen Emerson White, that woman is fearless. Fiercely fearless. She doesn't shy away from any of the tough questions or the questionable emotions, she faces each dead-on with a calm and precise determination. Terrorists, kidnapping, Vietnam - I mean is there anything this woman can't do - and do well?For this third installment, I find it noteworthy that the artwork was chosen to mimic James McNeill Whistler's classic painting Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother. I can't fault their taste - there is something inherently classic about Whistler's work, I totally dig it. Of course it is tongue in cheek with the hanging picture of the White House in the background and it definitely allows you to see the bright blue leg and hand brace Meg is now sporting. As for the Queen herself, Meg's attitude seems to be almost passive, which after reading this novel, I can assure you is anything but, which is a none too subtle reminder that Meg is under constant scrutiny all the time and that even when she's feeling wretched and depressed, she's still putting on her 'public' face and doing what she has to. ( )
  mmillet | Dec 14, 2009 |
Meg's herself is torn apart when she is kidnapped by people who have no intention of letting her live. The start of this was a little odd, as Meg's relationships offscreen had changed since the previous book. I felt disconnected from her schoolmates, but then, so does she. Overall this was harrowing and unpleasant, but well done. ( )
  francescadefreitas | Aug 5, 2009 |
After the attack on her mother in "White House Autumn", Meg's life is just starting to get back to normal - well, as normal as being the daughter of the first female President of the US can get. Then a brutal attack at her school - Meg has been taken prisoner by a man who obviously plans to kill her. Updated to go with a new entry in the series. Very timely considering the 2008 election primaries. Grabs you and doesn't let go - Meg is an excellent character, with a strong will to survive. ( )
  eviltammy | May 6, 2009 |
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For my editor, Jean Feiwel, who has always been swell.
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It was almost dark, but Meg kept her sunglasses on because they reminded her of skiing.
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The 2008 edition is slightly edited to update it for the Internet age.
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The President's daughter is a victim of kidnapping by terrorists.

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