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One Can Make a Difference: Original stories by the Dali Lama, Paul…

door Ingrid Newkirk, Jane Ratcliffe

Andere auteurs: Barbara Adams (Medewerker), Sean Astin (Medewerker), Kevin Bacon (Medewerker), Brigitte Bardot (Medewerker), Neal Barnard (Medewerker)49 meer, Carol Buckley (Medewerker), Sue Coe (Medewerker), Susan Cohn (Medewerker), Pierre Dulaine (Medewerker), Armida Fernandez (Medewerker), Kathy Freston (Medewerker), Sharon Gannon (Medewerker), John Gardner (Medewerker), Andy Granatelli (Medewerker), Temple Grandin (Medewerker), Peter Hammarstedt (Medewerker), Ru Hartwell (Medewerker), Larry Harvey (Medewerker), Henry Heimlich (Medewerker), Dana Hork (Medewerker), Rebecca Hosking (Medewerker), Robin Kevan (Medewerker), Dennis Kucinich (Medewerker), Heidi Kuhn (Medewerker), Raymond Kurzweil (Medewerker), Lady Bunny (Medewerker), Bonnie-Jill Laflin (Medewerker), Wangari Maathai (Medewerker), Lily Mazahery (Medewerker), Paul McCartney (Medewerker), Stella McCartney (Medewerker), Mark McGowan (Medewerker), Keith McHenry (Medewerker), John McLaughlin (Medewerker), Arthur Mintz (Medewerker), Moby (Medewerker), Aimee Mullins (Medewerker), Martina Navratilova (Medewerker), Willie Nelson (Medewerker), Petra Nemcova (Medewerker), Wade Rathke (Medewerker), Doris Richards (Medewerker), Rachel Rosenthal (Medewerker), Dave Seegar (Medewerker), Ravi Shankar (Medewerker), Al Sharpton (Medewerker), Russell Simmons (Medewerker), Anita Smith (Medewerker), Oliver Stone (Medewerker), The Dalai Lama (Medewerker), Helen Thomas (Medewerker), Cheryl Ward-Kaiser (Medewerker), Robert Young (Medewerker), Benjamin Zephaniah (Medewerker)

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When Ingrid E. Newkirk almost singlehandedly set into motion the largest animal-rights organization in the world, she knew that one person can make a difference. In her new book, Newkirk has collected the wisdom, stories, and insight of more than 50 activists and world-changers who have proven that one person can create a movement.… (meer)


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I was leery about accepting a copy of One Can Make A Difference, edited by Ingrid E. Newkirk, the co-founder of PETA. I remember very clearly the first time I received PETA literature in high school and it completely freaked me out. While I don’t agree with harming animals unnecessarily, I don’t agree with making people unwittingly look at mutilated bunnies just because they open up an envelope, either. That was the first and last piece of mail and, later down the road, email that I opened from that organization. Lauren at Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc. convinced me that this would be a good book and I’m glad that I followed her advice. One Can Make A Difference provides a great look at ways in people turn their passions into service.

This book starts with something as simple as learning to be comfortable in your own skin in order to serve as an example to others and ends with developing long term solutions for housing Native Americans. There are so many other interesting ideas brought forth within this book. I can’t say that they all spoke to me, but the key is to find something that sparks a passion in your heart. From there will come your inspiration to change the world, even if that world is just one person. I enjoyed the stories written by people whose service to others is well know, such as The Dalai Lama and Paul McCartney and by those who fly under my radar, such as Sean Austen, Oliver Stone, and Kevin Bacon. Best of all, not everyone featured was a celebrity. I got to meet Dana Hork and Anita Smith.

This book is structured such that each individual’s story opens with some brief biographical information about that person and his or her road to service. As much as I enjoyed the individual stories, I appreciated the biographical information equally. For example, I would have been completely lost in the very first story about Barbara (Bobbie) Adams. She is the woman who wore her Star Trek uniform to jury duty in Little Rock, AR. Without that information, I couldn’t have brought this woman to mind. While it may be easy to brush her off as a Trekkie, I was really inspired by her story. Her ideals may not be mine, but her strength of character and dedication to her convictions is both inspirational and admirable. I also found it nice that this book was organized in alphabetical order by the individual’s last name. Doing so put the emphasis on what the person was trying to accomplish, not who the individual is. Finally, there is source and, when appropriate, contact information for each of the individuals.

This will most definitely be my graduation gift from this point forward. Living a life of service, however one may find it – in a career, during one’s spare time, through one’s charitable giving, or as a result of one’s interests and passion – is one’s most important legacy. Reading this book is to discover how each person can honestly and creatively make a difference. ( )
  LiterateHousewife | Sep 30, 2008 |
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AuteursnaamRolType auteurWerk?Status
Ingrid Newkirkprimaire auteuralle editiesberekend
Ratcliffe, Janeprimaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Adams, BarbaraMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Astin, SeanMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Bacon, KevinMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Bardot, BrigitteMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Barnard, NealMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Buckley, CarolMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Coe, SueMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Cohn, SusanMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Dulaine, PierreMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Fernandez, ArmidaMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Freston, KathyMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Gannon, SharonMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Gardner, JohnMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Granatelli, AndyMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Grandin, TempleMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Hammarstedt, PeterMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Hartwell, RuMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Harvey, LarryMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Heimlich, HenryMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Hork, DanaMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Hosking, RebeccaMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Kevan, RobinMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Kucinich, DennisMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Kuhn, HeidiMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Kurzweil, RaymondMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Lady BunnyMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Laflin, Bonnie-JillMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Maathai, WangariMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Mazahery, LilyMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
McCartney, PaulMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
McCartney, StellaMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
McGowan, MarkMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
McHenry, KeithMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
McLaughlin, JohnMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Mintz, ArthurMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
MobyMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Mullins, AimeeMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Navratilova, MartinaMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Nelson, WillieMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Nemcova, PetraMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Rathke, WadeMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Richards, DorisMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Rosenthal, RachelMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Seegar, DaveMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Shankar, RaviMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Sharpton, AlMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Simmons, RussellMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Smith, AnitaMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Stone, OliverMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
The Dalai LamaMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Thomas, HelenMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Ward-Kaiser, CherylMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Young, RobertMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
Zephaniah, BenjaminMedewerkerSecondaire auteuralle editiesbevestigd
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When Ingrid E. Newkirk almost singlehandedly set into motion the largest animal-rights organization in the world, she knew that one person can make a difference. In her new book, Newkirk has collected the wisdom, stories, and insight of more than 50 activists and world-changers who have proven that one person can create a movement.

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