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Lillian Beckwith (1916–2004)

Auteur van The Hills Is Lonely

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The Hills Is Lonely (1959) 363 exemplaren
The Sea for Breakfast (1961) 226 exemplaren
The Loud Halo (1964) 170 exemplaren
A Rope - in Case (1900) 149 exemplaren
Green Hand (1969) 126 exemplaren
Lightly Poached (1973) 123 exemplaren
Bruach Blend (1978) 107 exemplaren
Beautiful Just! (1975) 103 exemplaren
About My Father's Business (1971) 83 exemplaren
A Shine of Rainbows (1984) 57 exemplaren
The Spuddy (1974) 55 exemplaren
An Island Apart (1992) 42 exemplaren
A Proper Woman (1986) 34 exemplaren
Hebridean Cook Book (1976) 22 exemplaren
A Hebridean Omnibus (1976) 16 exemplaren

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Gangbare naam
Beckwith, Lillian
Officiële naam
Comber, Lillian LLoyd
Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK
Isle of Soay, Scotland, UK
Isle of Man
Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England
World Wildlife Fund
Peel Pantomaniacs
Korte biografie
Mrs Comber – who wrote under the name Lillian Beckwith – lived in Kirk Michael with her husband Ted and was famous for writing novels based on her life in the Hebrides.

Her daughter Betty Hopson, who lives in Ballaugh, said her mother was born Lillian Lloyd, in Cheshire, in 1916. She married Ted Comber in 1937 and the couple moved to the Isle of Skye in 1942. 'They bought a croft and her books were based on hers and Ted's experiences while living there. The Hills Is Lonely was published in October, 1959.'

The family moved to the Isle of Man in 1962. When she came here in the 1960s, she and her friend Muffett Tarrant founded the Peel Pantomaniacs,' said Mrs Hopson.

'She wrote the scripts to the pantomimes, they were very original interpretations of traditional stories, with a very local emphasis, lots of in-jokes. She directed as well.'

Mr and Mrs Comber were involved with fund-raising for the World Wildlife Fund and Mrs Comber loved beach combing, poetry, entertaining and cooking. She was gifted and complex and ordinary. She was quite famous but she didn't want to flaunt it over here, she just wanted to be Mrs Comber.



Beckwith continues with her self-deprecating, fish-out-of-water Hebridean series. Here, her character further embeds herself in her adopted Bruachite community, pointing out the absurdities (some of which she has proudly adopted herself) with loving humour. She captures perfectly the distinct lyrical cadences of Bruach speech and the sensible rough charm of Bruach routines. Daily life in Bruach is full of contradictions, isolation coupled with close-knit impromptu ceilidh, down-to-earth remedies with the superstitious, the outward brashness to outsiders that belies the deep rallying care they would offer when need be. I'm so glad I've the rest of the series to look forward to.… (meer)
kitzyl | 5 andere besprekingen | Feb 27, 2024 |
My second in the Hebrides series, but chronologically the first. As the English narrator moves to the remote Hebrides Island of Bruach, comedic farces arise as well a deep sense of community belonging.

Cultural differences in idiosyncrasies and rituals and dialects are presented humorously but with both sides being equally the butt of the joke. Who is truly ridiculous anyway? The older local one whose home is only accessible via a big but easy-to-them leap upwards over a rock wall during high tide or the younger out-of-towner struggling to get over the wall as the older one leaps back and forth with their luggage with the agility of a mountain goat.

We are such creatures of habit that a lot of what seems matter-of-fact to us would seem ridiculous to someone else. Fair play to Beckwith for portraying both sides as amateur anthropologists studying a new culture with such humorous affection.
… (meer)
kitzyl | 10 andere besprekingen | May 21, 2023 |
Book seven of seven and I am sorry the series is over. I have read her other standalone books but these seven are the gems of my collection and I am so glad I managed to read them one more time. So many books, so little time is become a horrid truth in my life. I have to pick and choose careful what I am going to give my precious time to.....these books were not a minute wasted. Cover is Bonnie the cow and the tinker
Karen74Leigh | 1 andere bespreking | Sep 16, 2022 |
Book six, as good as book one. A wonderful series. I doubt very much that the world she created and the people she observed exist today. Her books are a window into a life long gone but eye opening and heartbreaking all the same.
Karen74Leigh | Sep 14, 2022 |



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