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Maxie Chambliss

Auteur van My Big Girl Potty

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Maxie Chambliss is the illustrator of more than sixty books for children including Baby Can by Eve Bunting. She has illustrated several books by Joanna Cole including My Big Girl Potty, My Big Boy Potty, I'm a Big Sister, and I'm a Big Brother. (Bowker Author Biography)

Werken van Maxie Chambliss

My Big Girl Potty (2000) — Illustrator — 119 exemplaren
My Friend the Doctor (2005) — Illustrator — 49 exemplaren
Going Up? (1991) 9 exemplaren
Vamos Al Dentista (1997) 1 exemplaar

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Sami Suma (1998) — Illustrator — 17 exemplaren
The Shaggy Little Monster (Little Simon Shaggy Book/100133) (1986) — Illustrator — 7 exemplaren


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Chambliss, Maxie



#1498 in our old book database. Rating: Good

I probably read this book dozens if not hundreds of times during potty training, and it is so well done, I never got tired of it. Twenty-some years down the road, it now has nostalgic appeal.
villemezbrown | 9 andere besprekingen | Oct 2, 2023 |
A nice little tool for walking an anxious child through what happens during medical examinations. It has attractive art and an upbeat script.

My five-year-old liked this book a lot when we first got it, though she did prefer Pooh Plays Doctor (a/k/a Pooh Visits the Doctor) and The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor.

I was a little thrown though by this contradictory advice in the "Note to Parents" in the end: "Let your child be in control: Encourage your child to help the nurse and doctor by staying still." Is the child in control, or is the child submitting? Given the recent scandal with the gymnastics doctor, maybe teaching our daughters to stay still for doctors is not the best option.… (meer)
villemezbrown | 6 andere besprekingen | Jun 14, 2023 |
The best of all the potty-training picture books that I've read (I've read a lot). The interactive questions at the beginning draw my toddler in. "This is Ashley, a girl just about your age. She likes reading books and playing with toys. Do you like doing those things too?" And we can elaborate easily with other questions. My toddler responds "yes!" with enthusiasm to each of the questions, so we can easily elaborate additional questions as we go along. Ashley gets a new potty; "do you have a potty, too?" "Yes!" Ashley is wearing big girl panties; "do you get to wear big girl panties too?" "Yes!" Etc.… (meer)
adaq | 9 andere besprekingen | Dec 25, 2019 |
this book talks about what a doctor visit may look like and what may happen, it talks about going to the doctor to stay healthy.
JenaMcNeley | 6 andere besprekingen | Aug 21, 2017 |

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