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She first saw those piercing green eyes, that saw deep into her soul, only minutes before her world came crashing down around her. He was nothing more then a shadow through her camera lens before he became her saviour and she was indebted to him more then she would know.

He spent his life on the run, moving about from place to place, running from those who chased him, running from the danger he possessed. Now, however, he was running out of time, her life was over before she knew it, but he would make it right, or at least he would try to. But you can't out run death.

Winter's Shadow is a love story that takes you through history revealing a past of family betrayal, passion, murder, monsters, magic and love. Blake makes the intimate sacrifice for love and in return Winter has the rest of her very long life to morn his gift. A dark, dangerous and original story of demon's and love that is a brilliant debut novel.
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LarissaBookGirl | 1 andere bespreking | Aug 2, 2021 |
I have not read the books in this series, so this was my first exposure to the world of Hearle's Winter Saga. I loved it. This worked beautifully for me as a prequel. It gives me background on the Duchamp family and on the universe these books take place in. And it introduced me to Claudette who is, frankly, terrifying in her logic and rationale. I'm very excited to take a look at the rest of the series.
tldegray | 1 andere bespreking | Sep 21, 2018 |
It was hard to rate this simply because I don't think it is meant to be read without having already read the series that it precedes. I think that had I known Claudette as part of the narrative of the series, I would have understood and liked her more. As it was, I spent the first half of this novella confused about whether I was even supposed to like her or not. I have a feeling that she might not be a "good guy" in the series. She seemed quite the sociopath at moments. The world building also suffered from the short format. How quickly Claudette buys in to the whole thing was a bit off too, not to mention why their parents weren't straight with them on what they were from the beginning. Since Claudette almost gets trapped/killed/something when she travels for the first time and then kills a guy (note the lack of remorse there), you'd think her parents would be more concerned with her knowing what she is/can do. Otherwise, she might have just disappeared one day and not come back.

Probably not going to check out the series. The writing and plot just weren't my cup of tea.

ARC courtesy of Momentum Books, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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GoldenDarter | 1 andere bespreking | Sep 15, 2016 |
I’d wanted to read Winter’s Shadow for a while now, when I heard that the Paranormal Wasteland’s blog was doing a blog tour of this book I signed up immediately. Winter has been assigned the task of taking photographs of Pilgrim’s Lament, one of the oldest church buildings in Owl Mountain for the school paper. Winter had taken a couple of great shots and was almost done until she sees a beautiful man standing outside the church. Winter feels herself being drawn to the stranger, whilst distracted by this alluring stranger, Winter manages to trip over a piece of timbre and then bangs into a column of the church causing the roof of the old church to collapse. As everything begins to fall around her, Winter thinks her days are numbered, there’s no way she can escape now, but she finds herself lying outside the church still in one piece. The strange man had saved her, but how could he have saved her so quickly? Since that eventful day strange things have been happening, Winter’s sure she can see dark shapes and shadows lurking about and things which she’s sure she’s seen before either in her dreams or on the TV and she always seems to have a sense of foreboding and what is Blake the mysterious stranger hiding?I really was looking forward to reading Winter’s Shadow, but I just couldn’t get into it, I nearly gave up a few times, but decided to trudge along. I found Blake infuriatingly secretive and was interested in finding out what the deal was with him. The pace of the story did pick up ever so slightly in the second half of the book, but sadly not enough for me to increase my ratings for this book. I also think that one of the reasons I didn’t enjoy this book as much is because my enthusiasm I once had for paranormal books has simmered down considerably from before. Thank you to Paranormal Wastelands and M.J Hearle for giving me this opportunity to read this book. If you’re interested in reading this book, you can still sign up here… (meer)
Jasprit | 1 andere bespreking | May 11, 2012 |



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