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A Battle Guide to Defeating Evil
John Ramirez, once a prominent satanic priest, underwent a profound transformation to embrace Christianity and become an evangelist. His mission is to empower believers to overcome the devil, and he has authored eight influential books to date. Starting with his 2012 debut, Out of the Devil’s cauldron, he has continued to enlighten readers with titles like Unmasking the Devil, Armed and Dangerous, Destroying Fear, Exposing “the Enemy, Combat Prayers to Crush the Enemy, Conquer Your Deliverance, and his latest, Fire Prayers.
Born in Puerto Rico and raised in a poverty-stricken neighborhood in New York City, John's early life was marked by resentment towards his father and his neglect of the family. He was initiated into a satanic cult (Santeria and Spiritualist) and became a high-ranking priest in New York City, wielding powerful witchcraft and exerting control over entire regions. His journey from Satanism to Christianity has made him a sought-after evangelist, leading thousands away from dark practices like Satanism, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and spiritualism.
John's writings are more than only books. I found them more to be like guides filled with wisdom, and Fire Prayers on subjects such as repentance, spiritual warfare, breaking satanic barriers, overcoming witchcraft-induced obstacles, and achieving self-deliverance. A lot for some readers to consider, perhaps, bound I find this stuff amazing. Ramirez also provides prayers for specific life situations like academic success, moving into a new home, and enhancing spiritual discernment. With a strong evangelistic tone, John's words serve as a beacon, guiding believers to triumph in their battle against Satan. I found all of this to be not just informative but also empowering and inspiring.
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ZoeRog | 4 andere besprekingen | Aug 10, 2023 |
In -Fire Prayers- by John Ramirez, readers are introduced to a thought-provoking exploration of spiritual warfare from an intriguing perspective. While it may not be an absolute standout among the books I have encountered, Ramirez's work provides a valuable and distinctive take on the subject matter.
The book delves into the realm of spiritual battles and offers insights into the author's personal experiences and beliefs. Ramirez's unique perspective adds depth to the narrative, challenging readers to consider different aspects of faith and the spiritual realm.

-Fire Prayers- excels in its ability to provide practical guidance for individuals seeking to navigate spiritual warfare. Ramirez offers readers a collection of prayers, insights, and strategies that can be applied in their own spiritual journeys. The book's practical approach enhances its accessibility, making it a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and inspiration.
While -Fire Prayers- offers a unique perspective on spiritual warfare, it is worth noting that some readers may find certain ideas and beliefs presented in the book to be challenging or unfamiliar. It is important for readers to approach the material with an open mind and evaluate its content based on their own beliefs and convictions.
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AWilliamz | 4 andere besprekingen | Jun 19, 2023 |
Former Satanic member turned evangelical preacher writes a book on how to combat witchcraft and Satan.
While i am happy that Ramirez has found spiritual redemption, and is trying to help other people "combat the enemy", I feel that religion is highly personal, and his words don't resonate with me. However, I hope that some people may find comfort and guidance in this book and with these prayers.
Lots of chapters, suggestions and various prayers to help you address various spiritual issues.… (meer)
rmarcin | 4 andere besprekingen | Jun 15, 2023 |
“We need to ask the Lord to give us spiritual eyes that see Him and spiritual ears that hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.”

The author offers a unique perspective on the importance of prayer in combating the enemy's attacks on our God-given destinies. The book stresses the need for Christians to arm themselves with the weapons of heaven and fight the good fight of faith. He provides powerful teachings on how to use prayer as a spiritual weapon and build arsenals that can destroy Satan's kingdom.

Through personal stories and insightful teachings, the author demonstrates how prayer can be used to defeat the enemy and fulfil our prophetic destinies. The book is filled with practical strategies and powerful prayers that will equip readers to face the enemy head-on and emerge victorious.

"Fire Prayers" is an inspiring and enlightening book that will leave readers feeling empowered and equipped to take on the spiritual battles of life.
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Greenery | 4 andere besprekingen | May 26, 2023 |


½ 4.4