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The LibraryThing Early Reviewers program ("LTER") gives LibraryThing members the chance to receive and review copies of new and forthcoming books from select publishers and authors. No purchase is necessary in order to participate or win.

This page covers the rules for members to receive books. For the rules for giving away books, see Rules for LibraryThing Early Reviewers Giveaways.

Member Eligibility. LTER is open to individuals who have a non-publisher membership with LibraryThing.

Giveaway Sponsor. The sponsor of a LTER giveaway is the publisher, author or publicist who is offering the book to readers. LibraryThing provides the platform where the giveaways are offered, but is not the sponsor of any giveaway, and has no direct involvement in the distribution of books.

How to Enter. In order to enter a LTER giveaway, you must:

  1. Complete the registration form at https://www.librarything.com/ner/settings.
  2. Click on the Request button for the giveaway(s) which interest you, on a LTER list page, such as https://www.librarything.com/ner.

Entry Limitations. You can request as many books in a batch as you would like, but you can only request each book once per household. If you have multiple LibraryThing accounts, only one can participate in LibraryThing Early Reviewers. If multiple members of the same household all have accounts, only one can enter for any specific giveaway.

You can opt in to win up to 4 books per monthly batch, although you are not guaranteed that number of wins. Your eligibility to win additional books depends upon your Reviewing Score. Additional books are picked from among the books you requested from that month’s batch. By opting to receive additional books, you are agreeing to read and review all books won.

You may request books between the time when the new batch appears on the LTER list page—2pm Eastern time on the first business day of the month—until the time and date listed under "Deadline" on the same page - 6pm Eastern time on the 25th (or the next business day).

The Selection of Winners. Giveaway winners are selected by LibraryThing. Our decision is final. We use an algorithm based on a combination of factors, including:

  • The reviewer's history with LTER
  • The contents and organization of the reviewer's LibraryThing account
  • Other factors not revealed or not yet determined
  • Random chance
  • Bibliomancy

Reviewing Guidelines. You are not obligated to leave a positive review, and can express your opinion freely.

You are not obligated to post your LTER review on any other book reviewing website, although you are welcome to do so if the offerer requests it, and you feel so inclined.

You are not legally obligated to review books you receive through the LTER program. But failure to write a review will strongly affect your chances of winning future giveaways.

A LTER review must be posted to LibraryThing, must be at least 25 words, and must be a recognizable review. It should reflect your response to the book, and should not be a summary alone, an excerpt from a publisher's blurb or other review, a string of nonsense words, etc. LTER reviews may not include a URL. (This condition is new as of January 7, 2022.) If you delete the LTER book from your library, the review will also deleted and you will no longer get credit for it.

LTER reviews must conform to the LibraryThing Terms of Service.

The Fine Print

By clicking on the acceptance box when registering with the LTER program, you agree to be bound by these rules and conditions—which shall be final—and to waive any right to claim ambiguity in these rules and conditions.

Members must be at least 13 years of age to participate. Participating in such a contest must be legal for them in the United States and where they are resident.

When entering a giveaway, you attest that you are eligible to participate, and that you meet all of the requirements stipulated in these rules and conditions.

You also affirm that you are requesting books for yourself—or for the dependents in your care—rather than for any other program or purpose, and that it is your intention to review them.

Recipients of books who submit reviews to LibraryThing hereby grant LibraryThing, the book's publisher and its author perpetual, transferable, non-exclusive permission to use of the review, together with their member name, for purposes of entertainment, advertising, promotion or publicity without additional compensation, except where prohibited by law.

LibraryThing, the publisher and the author reserve the right to edit reviews for clarity or language or to use only excerpts from them. Neither LibraryThing nor the publisher is under any obligation to publish a review.

The entrants release, discharge, and hold harmless LibraryThing, the publisher, the author and their affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, attorneys, lackeys, representatives and agents, including advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies, from any and all liability or damages arising from the administration of LTER and the use or misuse of any book received, including, without limitation, the following: late, lost, incomplete, delayed, misdirected or unintelligible entries, and any printing, typographical, administrative or technological errors in any materials associated with LTER. LibraryThing and its partners assume no responsibility for defective books, for books damaged, stolen or lost in transit, nor for the non-delivery of digital books.

LibraryThing is not responsible for the content of reviews.

All results are final and non-negotiable. The book is for the recipient's own personal use and may not be sold. The recipient is responsible for all federal, state and local taxes.

LTER books are not available for purchase. Their estimated value is approximately $20.

Employees of LibraryThing and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in LTER.

Authors, publishers, agents, publicists and individuals with a similar interest in the success of a given title, as well as their immediate families, are forbidden to participate in giveaways of that title.

LibraryThing, and LTER publishers, authors and publicists may only use the personally identifiable information obtained from the entrants in accordance with its privacy policy and these Rules and Conditions.

LibraryThing will not sell any personally-identifiable information to any third party. Your mailing address will only be used to ship the LTER books.

LibraryThing reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend LTER entirely or with respect to one or more books for any reason at any time. LibraryThing may prohibit you from participating in LTER or winning a book if, in its sole discretion, it determines that you have or are attempting to undermine the operation of LTER in any way, including by cheating, employing other unfair practices, abusing other entrants or the representatives of LibraryThing, publishers, or authors, or otherwise violating any of these rules or LibraryThing's Terms and Conditions.

Any dispute arising from participation in LTER will be determined according to the laws of Maine, and the entrants consent to its jurisdiction over them and agree that its courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all such disputes. This contest is void where prohibited by law.

For the LibraryThing user names of the winners of an Early Reviewer book, mail your request to LibraryThing, 286 Spring Street, Portland, ME 04102, with a self-addressed stamped envelope, at least one month, but no more than three months, after the date specified for the drawing on the LTER page.

To receive a copy of these Rules and Conditions, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to LibraryThing, 286 Spring Street, Portland, ME 04102. But, are you okay?